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(NU/1195) Newcastle University Urban Observatory Sensors DPS

Newcastle University | Published July 20, 2016  -  Deadline August 18, 2020

Newcastle University invites bids to join a Dynamic Purchasing System it is establishing for the provision of a range of environmental sensor equipment for it's Urban Observatory project in the city. The Urban Observatory is a research project funded by Newcastle University as part of Science Central initiative. It seeks to understand how a city system functions and how different parameters interact. (E.g. heat island effect and green spaces, flooding and traffic congestion.) All the sensor data is open and available to the public via this portal ( ) and shown alongside other available open data sources. Further information can be found at: We want to build a network of ‘good’ (reliable, useable) data that is enables real-time decision making to create a more resilient city that can respond more dynamically to issues. (e.g. changing traffic management to cut air pollution or using now—casting on weather radar to forewarn NCL estates of incoming ‘toon monsoon’ or UTMC so they can divert traffic from certain flood prone areas or take measures to protect metro routes.) There will be 6 Sensor Lots on this DPS: 1. Environment 2. Weather 3. Transport 4. Energy 5. Water 6. Human Suppliers must indicate which Lots they are applying for in this initial DPS Round.
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