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Haulage and Treatment of Organic Waste (Green and Food Waste).

Wigan Council | Published November 20, 2015
Consortium: Ecoganix Ltd and Ward Recycling Ltd
90500000, 90000000, 90510000, 90512000, 90513000, 90514000

The service being procured by Wigan Council (the ‘Authority'), a waste disposal authority for the purpose of the UK Environmental Protection Act 1990, is the collection of organic waste from the Authority's waste reception point and the subsequent transport, treatment and marketing of kerbside collected co-mingled organic waste. It would be expected that the compost produced would be to PAS100 and 110 standard. The scope of the contract shall include: (a) The transport, treatment and diversion from landfill of kerbside collected organic waste from the Authority's waste reception point; (b) The management, treatment, disposal, removal, sale and transportation of all compostable/recyclable materials, recovered materials, energy, process residues and rejects; (c) The provision of all appropriate infrastructure and services including (but without limitation) where appropriate the transport between the Authority's waste reception point and main treatment facility(ies); (d) The provision of adequate contingency arrangements in the event of non-availability of a facility or service; (e) The provision of all necessary measures for an effective management control system including the preparation and maintenance of the Service Delivery Plan, Quality Assurance systems, environmental management systems, health and safety management systems, performance tests, and monitoring and reporting arrangements; (f) The obtaining of all consents and permits relating to the treatment facilities; and, (g) Maximising energy and heat recovery where appropriate. The actual amount of organic waste collected by Wigan Council is approximately 20 000 tonnes per annum. The pricing schedule for this service will request bidders to provide prices in different lots, each lot being a different contract period. It is likely that these will be 5, 10, 20 and 25 year contract lengths. Bidders will be able to decide which lots they would like to submit prices for. The number and nature of lots will be finalised and provided in the Invitation to Tender documentation. No constraints will be placed upon bidders in the provision of facilities or services to meet the requirements of this contract provided that the Authority's aims, objectives and targets with regard to this service are met and solutions offered demonstrate that they fully comply with current and foreseeable legislative and directive requirements, especially those applicable to waste management activities.
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