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Tenant Energy Advice Service Procurement Supplier Event

BRISTOL CITY COUNCIL | Published January 11, 2016

Bristol City Council’s Housing Delivery service will shortly be procuring a new contract to offer advice to council tenants around energy issues and will be holding a supplier’s event on 19th January 2016 10am-12noon (registration from 9:30am) at Netham Pavillion to provide more information about this opportunity. Bristol City Council has 27,500 social housing homes. Their tenants are generally amongst the poorest households (over 70% of tenants receive Housing Benefit to help pay their rent) and have been further affected by reductions in welfare benefits. They have a high proportion of older tenants, large families and tenants with vulnerability issues – making warm, energy efficient homes crucial. When asked for their priority for investment in their homes, most tenants placed energy efficiency top. Much of the Council’s housing stock was built 50-80 years ago, or built using non-traditional construction methods and over half the stock is flats. All of these factors makes it a challenge to transform them into energy efficient homes. Housing Delivery has made significant investment into energy-related improvements/repairs to homes (cladding, improved heating systems, heat metering, etc.), however they are aware of situations where tenants are not getting the most from energy improvements due to a lack of understanding or awareness of how to use them. Therefore, Housing Delivery will shortly be procuring a targeted energy advice service for tenants to include: • ‘Proactive’ advice to complement investment in energy measures to ensure tenants make the best use of improvements. • ‘Reactive’ advice to tenants who are having financial difficulties (possibly as a result of welfare benefit reform) to ensure they are getting the best value for money from their energy bills. The advice service will be freely available to all tenants without an eligibility criteria, however the main focus will be on targeting advice at the most vulnerable tenants. The tender process is expected to begin in February 2016 and more information about the opportunity will be shared at the supplier’s day and via the Proactis procurement system. As part of the tender process, applicants will be asked to answer questions about how they would use their expertise in the energy field to provide a valuable and accessible advice service to tenants, and how they would ensure successful joint-working with other council services. To register your attendance please follow this link and provide the information requested:

Maintenance of Siemens Desigo Building Energy Management System

LEASEGUARD GROUP LIMITED | Published February 9, 2016  -  Deadline March 21, 2016

Provision of Servicing, Training and Maintenance of Building Management Systems for Siemens Desigo Building Energy Management System.

Soft Market testing exercise for a Cornwall 'energy company' or similar entity.

CORNWALL COUNCIL | Published November 24, 2015

Cornwall Council is looking to explore options for the creation of an energy company or similar entity for Cornwall that will allow Cornwall to deliver local benefits derived from the increased levels of generation. This Soft Market Testing Alert Notice is an indication of potential future procurement activity and is subject to change. This notice makes no commitment to procure anything and responding to it is not part of any pre-qualification or selection process. The energy market is changing. Increasing numbers of independent suppliers are entering the market. Consumers, communities and local authorities across the country are also starting to have a greater influence over how energy is produced and supplied. Over recent years Cornwall has experienced significant growth in decentralised energy generation and sees the renewable energy sector as a significant opportunity for long term economic growth. At the heart of this growth is the concept of a local energy market – a structure which permits increasing participation in the generation, supply and consumption of energy. The Council is conducting a soft market assessment to find out more about the level of interest within the various business sectors for meeting these requirements, what solutions might be developed to meet the Council’s aspirations and on what terms. We are interested in hearing from businesses with the operational and commercial expertise to develop and potentially run an energy company or similar entity capable of meeting Cornwall’s needs. This could, for example, be in the form of a consultancy, joint venture or arm’s length capacity type organisation. This opportunity is also being concurrently advertised within the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). Please ensure you read the attached Supporting Information document before progressing to respond to the attached Questionnaire.

Request For Quotation for Pool Energy Centre Feasibility Study 2015

CORNWALL COUNCIL | Published August 12, 2015  -  Deadline September 10, 2015

Cornwall Council is undertaking a two phase commission to revisit the opportunity of an energy centre and heat network in Pool. Phase 1 of the commission • Stage 1 - Review and refresh previous studies in order to produce an up-to-date understanding of the data, assumptions and modelling informing the potential for a heat network within the Pool environs; • Stage 2 - Identify scheme options to enable the Council to decide which projects to progress to detailed technical feasibility and financial modelling; Phase 2 of the commission • Stage 3 - Develop a detailed feasibility and financial model of the Council’s preferred scheme, supported by initial scheme design; • Stage 4 - Produce business model options and business case to enable the Council to develop its business case for delivering the Pool heat network.

Calculating the Cumulative Administrative Burden of Energy and Climate Change Reporting Requirements on UK

UK SHARED BUSINESS SERVICES LIMITED | Published November 30, 2015  -  Deadline December 16, 2015

The overall aim of this work is twofold. First is to calculate the cumulative administrative burden of the carbon reduction policies outlined in Table 1 on UK businesses. Second is to examine the business energy and climate change reporting landscape legislation holistically to understand the overlapping burden of the several different schemes, and provide recommendations on how processes could be improved and simplified. Possible examples of simplification include making the following changes across the schemes: removing possible duplication of effort, aligning reporting periods, standardising reporting units, standardisation of documentation submissions and verification requirements and the sharing of data, so business only has to submit information once, and not each time per differing scheme.

Heat Mapping and Energy Master Planning (2)

North Devon District Council | Published January 7, 2016  -  Deadline December 2, 2015

Heat Mapping

The provision of services for a valuation of a UK Government energy asset and business

UK SHARED BUSINESS SERVICES LTD | Published May 7, 2015  -  Deadline May 26, 2015

The details in relation to this services contract are of a confidential and sensitive nature. To gain full access to the specification and the full details of this requirement UK SBS require a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to be signed which is attached to this notice. About UK Shared Business Services Putting the business into shared services UK Shared Business Services Ltd (UK SBS) brings a commercial attitude to the public sector; helping our customers improve efficiency, generate savings and modernise. It is our vision to become the leading provider for our customers of shared business services in the UK public sector, continuously reducing cost and improving quality of business services for Government and the public sector. Our broad range of expert services is shared by our customers. This allows our customers the freedom to focus resources on core activities; innovating and transforming their own organisations. Core services include Procurement, Finance, Grants Admissions, Human Resources, Payroll, ISS, and Property Asset Management all underpinned by our Service Delivery and Contact Centre teams. UK SBS is a people rather than task focused business. It’s what makes us different to the traditional transactional shared services centre. What is more, being a not-for-profit organisation owned by its customers, UK SBS’ goals are aligned with the public sector and delivering best value for the UK taxpayer. UK Shared Business Services Ltd changed its name from RCUK Shared Services Centre Ltd in March 2013. Our Customers Growing from a foundation of supporting the Research Councils, 2012/13 saw Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) transition their procurement to UK SBS and Crown Commercial Service (CSS - previously Government Procurement Service) agree a Memorandum of Understanding with UK SBS to deliver two major procurement categories (construction and research) across Government. UK SBS currently manages £700m expenditure for its Customers, our growth projections anticipate this will rise to £1bn in 2013/14. Important information From the 2nd April 2014 the Government is introducing its new Government Security Classifications (GSC) classification scheme to replace the current Government Protective Marking Scheme (GPMS). A key aspect of this is the reduction in the number of security classifications used. All potential suppliers should make themselves aware of the changes as it may impact on this Requirement. The link below to the website provides information on the new GSC:

Expression of Interest - For Main Contractor Works - University Of Exeter - Penryn Campus (REEF Building)

FALMOUTH EXETER PLUS | Published December 4, 2015  -  Deadline December 11, 2015

The purpose of this document is to establish whether as a Main Contractor you wish to accept or decline the opportunity to express your interest in this competitive tender. The project consists of the design (from RIBA Stage 4 onwards) and construction of a Renewable Energy Engineering Facility (REEF) subject to the agreement of final contract price, on behalf of Exeter University, at their Penryn Campus, Falmouth, Cornwall. The purpose of the project is to ensure that University of Exeter STEM education infrastructure in Cornwall can meet the demands of both the recent and proposed growth in student numbers and the requirements of research-led and industry-facing science education. In essence, it will enable the research model of multidisciplinary science to be realised in education and attract increased student recruitment. The Renewable Energy Engineering Facility is a facility where students can experience directly how the knowledge gained in lectures or the laboratory is applied to a number of clean energy technologies in a real-world facility. Elements of the facility may also be shared with other campus users. This new flagship facility will enable expansion of University of Exeter’s capacity at the Penryn Campus for individual and small group research projects and industrial networking and collaboration. Users will the complete Renewable Energy teaching programmes including BSc Renewable Energy and BEng/MEng Energy Engineering.

H1740 Heating Support Services

Stroud District Council | Published February 2, 2016  -  Deadline April 22, 2016

A support contractor to Stroud District Council Heating Services (Housing) to provide a range of central heatingsafety check, servicing, repair and replacement for a range of fuels including: renewable energy, gas, oil, LPGand solid fuel, some or all of which may be internalised during the term.

Invitation for the Opportunity To Tender for Private Rented Sector House Condition Survey

Cheltenham Borough Council | Published September 17, 2015  -  Deadline October 16, 2015

Cheltenham Borough Council is seeking to commission a comprehensive survey of the private rented sector housing stock within six wards in their administrative area: estimated private rented properties within these six ward areas – 4,000 estimated residential properties within these six ward areas – 18,500 In order to obtain high quality information to form an accurate and representative profile of private rented sector housing conditions in their districts. This will include Decent Homes, Housing Health and Safety Rating, disrepair, energy efficiency and socio-economic data.

Commercialisation Road Mapping - Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Road Mapping Exercise

UK SHARED BUSINESS SERVICES LIMITED | Published November 18, 2015  -  Deadline December 7, 2015

Detailed objectives are: • Inform future policy in the UK power, industrial and buildings sectors, by quantifying the potential impact on emissions from the introduction of hydrogen and fuel cell solutions in these sectors, potential benefits on the energy system as a whole, barriers to be overcome, and future actions to overcome these barriers. • Benchmark, and, where appropriate, boost visibility among analysts and investors, of current UK activity, capabilities, projects, companies, products and services, sales, installed capacities, market conditions, value propositions and opportunities, within an international context. • Assess market needs, technologies, and business capabilities, and thereby identify options for R&D, innovation, commercialisation for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. • Quantify the growth potential for different hydrogen and fuel cell market segments under different scenarios, illustrating economic, energy, CO2, transport, and other wider or strategic benefits, including one scenario corresponding to “Business as Usual”. • Facilitate communication and build shared understanding of the impacts of choices and value for money among diverse public and private stakeholders, maximising stakeholder support and co-ordination where possible, within the sector and between the hydrogen and fuel cell sectors and related sectors. • Highlight choices in the period 2016-2020 that would maximise the gross value added to the UK economy, in the period to 2025 and beyond, from the hydrogen and fuel cell sectors, clarifying organisational challenges, feedbacks and interdependencies. • Quantify the support required to realise UK economic, energy, and environmental benefits, clarifying feedbacks and/or other interdependencies with international activities. • Identify opportunities to strengthen the capacity for innovation, learning, and feedback, including periodic assessment and updating of Roadmaps

Mundesley Boarding House Heating and Hot Water Replacement

Council Of The Isles Of Scilly | Published March 18, 2016  -  Deadline April 15, 2016

The Council of the Isles of Scilly as owners of Mundesley Boarding House are planning a comprehensive upgrade and enhancement of the heating and hot water systems of the property. Mundesley Boarding House provides residential accommodation for up to 30 young people during term time. The objective of the heating and hot water upgrade is to replace the existing oil fired wet system with a new electrical / thermodynamic system to ensure that the building operates to its greatest energy efficiency whilst maintaining satisfactory conditions for the occupants. The Council is seeking to contract with a suitable supplier for the design and installation of the electrical/thermodynamic system.

UKSBSRE150629 - Oxygen Enabled Floats for Argo Project

UK SHARED BUSINESS SERVICES LTD | Published December 10, 2015  -  Deadline January 5, 2016
Planet Ocean Limited

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), through its centre/survey the National Ocenaographic Centre (NOC), invites tenders for the supply of Oxygen Enabled Floats fo UK Argo. The UK Argo program will procure a batch of floats equipped with dissolved oxygen sensors. For the purposes of planning delivery deadlines, we anticipate ordering approximately 7 floats Essential 1) Delivery for floats to be received into NERC procurement system before the end of the UK Financial Year on 31 March 2016. 2) Floats must be capable of executing a standard Argo mission cycle of profiles to 2000 dbar 3) Floats must have dissolved oxygen sensors (Aanderaa 4330 OR SBE63 ODO) 4) Please provide details as to the battery type, battery pack configuration and nominal storage energy in kJ. Where applicable manufacturer to provide details for floats with Alkaline batteries, allowing user to upgrade to Lithium batteries after delivery, to extend float lifetime. 5) Please provide details on the number of float cycles achievable with indicated stored energy. 6) Please provide details of the warranty being offered. The Warranty shall quote schedule of credit for floats that fail to reach 100, 125, 150 cycles. Supplier may specify example mission parameters that would achieve those lifetimes, including number of levels sampled, and mode of CTD sampling (eg spot sampling or CP). Note: The evaluation will consider the ‘cost per guaranteed cycle’ across the batch of floats, as well as the initial purchase price of each float. Other 1) The float needs to make measurements of oxygen in air at the end of each profile. Please state how many surface oxygen samples will be measured suitable for sensor calibration. 2) Please propose details on the number of depths sampled and telemetered ashore for a 2000m profile that would enable the float to achieve the performance 3) Please state depth of shallowest level sampled and best available near-surface resolution.

UOE/2015/024/UEMS/WH - Supply of Seven x Bench Top X-Ray Units and 6 x Assorted Kits

University of Exeter | Published May 13, 2015  -  Deadline May 28, 2015

Lot 1 The University wishes to procure Two Bench-Top X-Ray Units and One Dosimetry Kit (“Goods”) to be sited in South Cloisters in St Luke’s campus. This will primarily be used for training student radiographers (with an intake of 63 per year from 2015/16), but also for research as the need arises. The Two Bench-Top X-Ray Units are expected to cover all relevant subjects in the field of X-Ray Physics. • One X-Ray Unit will be a Direct Computer-Assisted Control set-up for imaging appropriate materials; and • One X-Ray Unit will be required to demonstrate Dosimetry in the field of radiography and will consist of radiation-proof X-Ray Apparatus with the following features: o Direct Computer-Assisted Control, o Data Acquisition; and o Evaluation with the necessary functionality to measure absorption due to the inverse square law, ionising energy, energy dose and equivalent dose. This should be a self-contained experimental set-up. Lot 2 The five Bench Top X-Ray Units will need to provide the following capabilities as a minimum: • to facilitate the training of undergraduate students in experimental physics through a series of set experiments covering x-ray physics, atomic physics and crystallography; • to provide a tool for more advanced undergraduate projects that require material characterisation; • to enable demonstration of physics concepts to members of the general public. Lot 2 is formed of 6 sublots and bidders will be bidding for packages that consist of 1 x-ray machine (Lot 2.1) and a corresponding add on (Lots 2.2-2.6), the University intends to purchase all 5 package options, but reserves the right to purchase each package from separate candidates after evaluating both the technical and commercial aspects. • Lot 2.1 – 5 x Bench Top X-ray units • Lot 2.2 – 1 x Bragg Crystallography • Lot 2.3 – 1 x Duane-Hunt Law • Lot 2.4 – 1 x Laue crystallography • Lot 2.5 – 1 x Debye–Scherrer crystallography • Lot 2.6 – 1 x crystallography and materials analysis projects


FALMOUTH EXETER PLUS | Published February 14, 2016

Our Reference: 806FXPlus LED Testing Document - Market testing exercise Falmouth Exeter Plus is reviewing their current lighting arrangements on the Penryn and Woodlane Campuses in Cornwall. As a result Falmouth Exeter Plus may be initiating a procurement exercise within the next eight to fourteen months in order to source supplier(s) to provide an energy efficient lighting solution- This market testing document is specific to Led lighting Fixtures. Prior to this exercise, Falmouth Exeter Plus wishes to engage with the market in order to appraise itself of current practices, techniques and new technologies in this area and appraise the portfolio of suitable products in the market place. Information Submissions should be made to by Monday 29th February 2016. Requests for further information Any companies wishing to discuss this further should in the first instance contact the Buildings Manager as below: Anna Foster – Buildings Manager E-mail contact: FXPLUS Procurement.

Polden Corner Residence Building - Main Contractor

University of Bath | Published February 18, 2016  -  Deadline March 16, 2016

The University of Bath requires a contractor to undertake the construction of a new Post Graduate Accommodation building adjacent to the Polden Court accommodation on the main campus. The project, which is currently being designed, will incorporate 293 en-suite rooms, car parking, energy centre and a gym. Associated facilitating works, temporary works, external works, drainage and services will also be required. Due to the time constraints the University wishes to progress the works in Lot 1 at the earliest opportunity whilst the remainder of the building is being designed. Lot 1: Circa £1m - £1.8m Ground works; retaining structures and basement up to transfer slab. Lot 2: Circa £18m - £20m Remainder of the build and associated external works. This project is subject to planning and available funding. To view this notice, please click here:

Provision of Outside Catering Services

COTSWOLD DISTRICT COUNCIL | Published October 29, 2015  -  Deadline November 18, 2015

Cheltenham Borough Council are looking appoint a supplier who has the commitment, energy and enthusiasm to give a personal service, as tenants, to run the catering facilities at their outside catering establishments at the following locations: 1. Montpellier Gardens Café, including Tennis Courts 2. Central Cross Drive Café, Pittville Park 3. Pittville Park Boathouse, including Boating, Golf Course, Skate park, Tennis Courts and Fishing (also includes responsibility for maintenance and up keep of the Cheltenham Borough Council owned fleet of boats) 4. Pittville Park Play Area Refreshment Kiosk The period of the leases/contract will run for 5 years, with the possibility of a two year extension period, subject to periodic reviews to ensure that the supplier continues to provide value for money and best value service.

Solar Photovoltaics on Council offices

Tewkesbury Borough Council | Published October 23, 2015  -  Deadline October 30, 2015

Tewkesbury Borough Council is a forward thinking authority who is looking to install renewable energy technologies on suitable buildings owned by the Council, taking advantage of the government financial incentives to reduce the council’s carbon footprint. This initial tender is for the supply and install of an estimated 80kwh photovoltaic system at the council offices site, Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. GL20 5TT. Further suitable sites, including domestic properties and a leisure centre maybe identified at a later phase and will be covered by a separate ITT. Due to the changes in the feed in tariff (FIT), time is of the essence and the system must be commissioned and FIT registered to take advantage of the current tariffs. We have been advised that planning isn’t required although the installation upon the flat roof must not exceed 1 metre higher than any part of the roof. The successful contractor is required to obtain the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) approval for the installation.

Activity Plan Services for the Luxulyan Valley HLF Project

CORNWALL COUNCIL | Published December 23, 2015  -  Deadline January 27, 2016

The Luxulyan Valley project is a combined heritage restoration and renewable energy project located in rural Cornwall. Alongside the heritage restoration works will be an ambitious activity plan that will create more opportunities for people to engage with the valley’s historic and natural heritage. Audience development and targeted learning and participation activities are central to achieving this. Cornwall Council is seeking a quotation for consultancy services for the Round 2 Heritage Lottery Fund application. The consultancy services required are: 1. Activity Plan Consultant to lead on the creation and drafting of the Activity Plan. 2. Learning Consultant to develop an education and learning programme targeting children, young people and adults. 3. Interpretation and Exhibition Design Consultant to develop the interpretation and strategy proposals and prepare the Exhibition Plan for an exhibition at Wheal Martyn Museum. The Luxulyan Valley is located in the east of Cornwall and an important site within the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site.

CP1225-15 For the supply of Street Lighting LED Luminaires

Devon County Council | Published February 15, 2016  -  Deadline January 6, 2016
DW Windsor Ltd

Devon County Council requires a framework agreement for the provision of LED luminaires to replace existing lighting (to be carried out by DCC?s Street Lighting maintenance Contractor) in order to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. The lighting to be replaced is of mainly high wattage equipment (90w, 100w, 150w, 250w, 400w) on designated A and B roads and other major roads, typically at 8 metre and 10 metre mounting heights and some at 12 metres. There will also be a number of lower wattage items (45w, 60w, 50w, 70w) to be replaced in generally residential areas at 5 metre and 6 metre mounting heights. The estimated value of the contract is £10,000,000, while every effort has been made to provide an accurate figure this must only be considered to be a guide and may be subject to variation during the period of the contract. The agreement will include the supply of materials, relating to the replacement of existing lights in the County of Devon.