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BRIHLO Energy Africa Mozambique

Department for International Development (DFID) | Published September 20, 2016
BRIHLO Energy Africa Mozambique.

NASBM Energy Framework

The National Association of School Business Management | Published October 5, 2016
NASBM Energy Framework.

Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Network Rail Infrastructure Limited | Published October 8, 2016
Energy Efficiency Initiatives.

Energy Portfolio Services Framework

Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust | Published October 8, 2016
Energy Portfolio Services Framework.

Energy Performance Certificates

Corporate | Published September 20, 2016  -  Deadline October 27, 2016
Quotations are requested for the provision of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

Preliminary Market Consultation (PMC) Energy and Carbon Project Energy Service Company

North East Lincolnshire Borough Council | Published October 8, 2016
Preliminary Market Consultation (PMC) Energy and Carbon Project Energy Service Company.

Energy Framework Agreement — St Mungo's

St Mungo Community Housing Association | Published September 20, 2016
Energy Framework Agreement — St Mungo's.

Delivery of the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator

Keele University | Published October 15, 2016
Delivery of the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator.

Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd | Published October 8, 2016
The Energy Initiatives to be offered should include (but not limited to):

Incubation Support Services to the BEIS Energy Innovation Programme

Department for Business, Innovation & Skills | Published September 22, 2016
Incubation Support Services to the BEIS Energy Innovation Programme.

Energy-efficiency consultancy services

North East Lincolnshire Borough Council | Published October 8, 2016
The draft objectives for the ESCo are to: translate the council's energy vision and aims into reality, facilitate and deliver projects with community interest, promote a low carbon economy, achieve CO2 emission targets, contribute to achieving the council's priorities, achieve cashable savings, exploit energy technologies and developments, meet our sustainability and environmental criteria, enable energy cost reduction and increase business competitiveness, reduce the number of people in and vulnerable to fuel poverty, support local employment and increase levels of business investment and sustainability, respond to change and take early advantage of commercial opportunities, maximise opportunities for future partnerships, including Greater Lincolnshire and provide the right level of skills, expertise and resources

Electricity, heating, solar and nuclear energy

NI Water | Published September 21, 2016  -  Deadline October 21, 2016
Northern Ireland Water wish to appoint an Economic Operator who can supply renewable energy to Dunore Point Water Treatment Works at a rate that is less than electricity provided from the grid.

Joint Venture For Energy and Sustainability

Eastbourne Borough Council | Published June 1, 2016  -  Deadline December 31, 2016
The commercial opportunities that would be available for each of the sustainability sectors listed below are based on what EBC and other participants want to achieve over the next 20-30 years. A list of potential starter projects have already been identified and can be found in the MOI. The JV arrangement may involve services, works or supplies being developed and delivered and commercial opportunities taken forward in a number of sectors, summarised below:
Energy – efficiency, generation, supply, demand and distribution, R&D
• Transport – cleaner transport and vehicle usage
• Fresh food production - next generation commercial greenhouses linked with energy generation
• Fresh fish or protein production - sustainable fish or protein farms linked with energy generation
• Waste - collection and circular economy
• Water – supply and adaption
The final Joint Venture (JV) structure and commercial terms is something that EBC wishes to develop during the negotiation process. EBC’s preferred option is to implement an incremental partnership drawing on the approaches developed by joint venture models such as the Hub concept that was developed by the Scottish Futures Trust. However, unlike the Hub model, rather than form a company at the outset for the JV element of the arrangements, the initial proposal is to have a contractual JV which may, if the parties agree, be incorporated during the course of the arrangements. The intention is to put in place a Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) which acts as the umbrella or top-level governance arrangement in terms of the relationship with the selected joint venture partner as well as setting out the process in relation to the delivery of projects, supplies, works and services. The SPA is therefore anticipated to set up multiple layers of involvement to cover these different elements.
EBC is willing to discuss the benefits of setting up a joint venture company at the outset with Potential Partners during the procurement process.
The primary purpose of the initial contractual Joint Venture would be to develop business cases and once a business case is developed it could be taken forwards through separate project agreements and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). The basis of the exact arrangements for each project would come out of the business plan process – these might be an extension of the JV in nature or might be more works/services/supplies based or involve concessions.
The JV will provide (or arrange for the provision of) “Partnering Services” in relation to the needs of the JV Areas primarily to provide and deliver (or manage the provision or delivery through its supply chain)of a mixture of energy and sustainability works, services and supplies (“Transformational Projects”) the beneficiaries of which may be the public participants named in this notice or the wider public and commercial organisations. It is anticipated that the Transformational Projects may be delivered through a range of contract and financial structures and may include special purpose vehicles established by the JV and participants in the JV arrangements.
The Partnering Services to be provided by the JV may also include but will not be limited to: Partnering and Collaborative Working; Estate Management; demonstration of Continuous Improvement in Value for Money; Property Development; Supply Chain Management; Funding; Regeneration and Community Involvement; Strategic Estate Planning and Service Planning.
Further details on the structure of the arrangements, the Hub model and scope of projects and Partnering Services can be found in the MOI obtainable from the address in section 1.3 of this notice (

Energy and Water Management and Supply

Directorate of Estates and Development | Published September 27, 2016  -  Deadline October 25, 2016
This tender seeks to establish agreements for the provision of broker services in respect of the procurement of Electricity, Natural Gas and Water, together with related back-office/associated services.

Associated services will include, but are not limited to:

• The procurement of energy and water supply contracts on behalf of the University (via OJEU)
• Specialist market intelligence (daily/weekly/monthly)
• Provision of cost/consumption data in-line with budget planning timetable
• Monitoring & benchmarking of contract performance to budget/market averages
• In-year forecast data to assist with accounting process
• On-going University Support/Dedicated Account Manager

For full details please refer to the associated documentation and the tender attached to this notification. Bidders are asked to follow the instructions in the introductory letter, and submit a suitability assessment questionnaire in the first instance. The tender documentation is provided for information purposes only, to inform the Bidder's decision on whether or not to bid.

Contact details for Roger Ruffles :
Email -
Tel No - 01782 734124

C825 — Supply of Renewable Energy at Dunore Point Commencing March 2017

NI Water | Published September 21, 2016
C825 — Supply of Renewable Energy at Dunore Point Commencing March 2017.

YPO - 000716 Low Energy Lighting & Radiant Heating Systems

YPO | Published July 20, 2016  -  Deadline September 25, 2021
YPO - 000716 Low Energy Lighting & Radiant Heating Systems

Delivery of the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator

Directorate of Estates and Development | Published October 18, 2016  -  Deadline January 6, 2017
The Keele University Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) will be Europe’s only at scale R&D

facility of mixed energy vector supply and demand in a real-world living laboratory setting. The

SEND will be part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Programme 2014-

2020 and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The demonstrator will be delivered under a single owner / operator model across power, gas, heat,

water, waste and telecom utilities to provide a real community based demonstrator. The SEND will

provide real world demand across domestic, commercial and industrial end users at the scale of a

small town of 5,000 residents and a working population of 12,000.

The demonstrator will provide a test bed for new technologies, enable demonstration, business models and

behavioural studies. This tender is for the contractor to; (i) complete the final demonstrator design; (ii) to

upgrade the existing utility network; (iii) removal of old utility infrastructure where required; (iv) the construction

or refurbishment of new utility infrastructure and; (v) introduce and upgrade the control system for the SEND.

Provided that all bidders invited to participate in the tender process agree subject to Reg.29 of the Public

Contract Regulations 2015, the University reserves all rights to shorten the timescales for receipt of tenders to

10 days.

The University reserves all rights in this competitive procedure with negotiation for it to take place in successive

stages in order to reduce the number of tenders to be negotiated by applying the award criteria specified in the

contract notice.

Energy Accelerator Project Development Services

West Yorkshire Combined Authority | Published August 3, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
The Energy Accelerator will provide expert technical, financial, commercial and specialist legal advice directly to Project Sponsors from the public and private sector who require project development support to develop projects through to financial close in the following low carbon sectors:
• District heating networks;
• Commercial and domestic energy efficiency retrofits including integration of renewable energy sources into the built environment (e.g. solar PV);
• Low carbon transport and street infrastructure.

An initial pipeline of approximately 50 projects has been identified across the Leeds City Region, ranging in support requirement value from c£5k to c£500k. However, while it is expected that the actual number of projects supported may change during the three year course of the programme, the overall total value of support provided will not change. The procured suppliers will be expected to play an integral role in identifying and developing new projects.

WYCA expects that the Energy Accelerator will be required to meet contractual obligations relating to the leverage of project development support to capital investment reaching financial close. The procured suppliers will be expected to take a lead role in developing projects from initial appraisal for support through to financial close, and will be required to meet key performance indicators relating to leverage and other factors. While the final decision to support projects rests with WYCA, WYCA will make these decisions relying on recommendations made by the suppliers.

It is expected that project development support will be broad in scope including, for example, technical surveys and advice to identify appropriate technologies and support implementation design, financial and commercial advice on viability and commercialisation of projects, procurement support, and specialist legal advice to support projects to contract stage (note that legal contracting itself is outside of the scope of the Energy Accelerator). It is expected that the financial advice required will vary from project to project but may include financial modelling and appraisal and identification and introduction of commercial funding opportunities.

The estimated value (excluding VAT) of the services over three years is in excess of £5,000,000, and is currently expected to be delivered in the following lots:
• Lots 1-3 - Commercial Sector Leads: 3 Lots at £380,000 to £430,000 each
• Lot 4 - Technical Cross-Sector Lead: 1 Lot at £310,000 to £360,000
• Lot 5 - Technical, Financial, and Specialist Legal Support – 1 lot valued at up to £3,400,000. This is expected to constitute a pool of specialist expertise supplementing the Commercial and Technical Leads, to be drawn on using a series of Task Orders over the duration of the contract.

It is expected that these Lots will be contracted on an incentivised structure based on key performance indicators to be developed through the Invitation to Tender.

WYCA expects that the Commercial and Technical Lead roles will be full-time and will be co-located with a WYCA Programme Management Team for the duration of the contract.

WYCA currently anticipates that Lot 5 (detailed delivery of advice and support) will most likely be procured as a consortium of advisors.

Lots 1-3 will provide commercial account managers to individual project sponsors managed by WYCA employed Programme Lead and will be responsible for identifying, commissioning and managing specialist support required from Lots 5 in conjunction with the Technical Cross Sector Lead.

Lots 1 to 4 may be procured as individual suppliers, or as part of the consortium for Lot 5. WYCA will make the decision on the final model of delivery based on value for money and the quality of nominated candidates.

It is intended that consortiums will therefore be able to enter two tender variants: one for Lot 5 only, and one for Lot 5 and Lots 1 to 4 together. Where a consortium tenders for Lots 1-5 inclusive, it will be required to provide responses for each Lot individually.

WYCA is calling for expressions of interest from suppliers who should submit their details on no more than one side of A4 stating what contribution they would be able to make to the programme.

C825 - Supply of Renewable Energy at Dunore Point Commencing March 2017

NI Water | Published September 21, 2016  -  Deadline October 21, 2016
Northern Ireland Water wish to appoint an Economic Operator who can supply renewable energy to Dunore Point Water Treatment Works at a rate that is less than electricity provided from the grid.

Trident Utilities and Grand Union Energy Procurement Framework

Grand Union Housing Group | Published October 5, 2016

This invitation to tender is being issued in order to establish a EU and OJEU compliant framework for the procurement of electricity and natural gas supply contracts.

The contracting authority will be Grand Union Housing Group and the framework is to be made available for use by a range of Housing and other Public Sector organisations as highlighted within the submission.

Trident Utilities are an energy consultant who provide a wide range of energy related services and have been appointed to manage the framework on behalf of Grand Union Housing Group for the four year duration.

The framework is split into lots as detailed within the submission and each lot will be awarded based upon an evaluation of supplier submissions and in accordance with the criteria outlined.

Note: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the my-Tenders Web Site at