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Kielce: Execution of five-year control of the technical condition of the pumping station Grabin gm. Łoniów and the annual roadworthiness inspection pumping kępa chwałowska gm. Dwikozy, pow. Sandomierz

Świętokrzyski Zarząd Melioracji i Urządzeń Wodnych w Kielcach | Published July 14, 2016  -  Deadline July 14, 2016
BIURO PROJEKTÓW BUDOWLANO - INŻYNIERYJNYCH Katarzyna Malicka, ul. Skarbka z Gór 126 lok. 22, 03-287 Warszawa, kraj/woj. mazowieckie.

I. Description of the contract and the place of performance of the contract CPV code: 71630000-3 - Services Technical inspection and Sandomierz. These development should be performed in triplicate on paper, plus electronic version on CD or DVD code by CPV - 71630000-3 Services Technical inspection and testing 1. Pumping Grabin Characteristics The underground is made of a reinforced concrete box, the overground part a brick. The plot of 0.164 ha, access road to the pumping station of slag 915 m2. Fencing wire mesh 112 m 1700 m3 building power transformer station with a capacity of 15 / 04kV pole reinforced concrete gantry. 1. Pumping station equipped with 2 pcs. Submersible pumps KSB Amacan PA4 700-470 / 60 6UTG1 with a capacity of 907 l / s each, Main switchboard. Discharge pipes of steel pipes fi 600 mm. The minimum water level at the reservoir is 149.10 m above sea level elevation of a 148.00 m above sea level. 1 Section 2 of the Building Act should include checking the technical condition Winna also include the study of electrical and lightning protection in the state of efficiency of connections, fittings, and security measures to protect against electric shock. Pumping kępa chwałowska Characteristics Water reservoir measuring 20 × 20 = 400 m2 building pumping stations with dimensions of 17.0 x 6.5 m., With brick and concrete elements, the roof covered with tar paper on glue. The plot of 0.77 ha, fenced with wire mesh with a length of 117 m., And a height of 1.5 m. In the hall, the pumps are installed pump type 60P-18 in the amount of 2 pcs., With a capacity of 2,800 m3 / h each SVe315M68 engine type, the power of 110 kW. 1z engine power of 1.5 kW. The outflow of pumping 400 m., The insured at the outlet with concrete slabs. Power Distribution Transformer Station is located inside the building. Gantry al-5, with a lifting capacity of 5t lifting height of 8.0 m. Footbridge working out to clean the bars. Characteristic ordinates: - the level of the pump No. 1 - 137.30 m above sea level - the level of the pump No. 2 - 138.00 m above sea level - the level of off pumps - 136.40 m above sea level - ordinates of the area next to the building - 140.70 m Guilty cover the study of electrical and lightning protection in the state of efficiency of connections, fittings, and security measures to protect against electric shock. Scope of the study should include: - the descriptive part, a) specifications, the history of the pumping station, the purpose and scope of the examination, b) description of the pumping station, c) evaluation of the pumping station (building, buildings, equipment Water, equipment and facilities), d) conclusions and recommendations (determining the places critical to determine how to improve the state). - Graphic part containing: - part of the Geodesic a) the pumping stations and devices on the map situational - altitude on a scale of 1: 1000 - photographic documentation. Controls should be developed in accordance with the principles of technical knowledge, European Union standards and technical requirements, .: 290) 469 as amended.), U. of 2013. 1232 as amended. d.), 199 as amended. d.), U. 579). 1059, as amended. d.) The Contractor should take into account on an ongoing basis in the development of changes in legislation and the principles of technical knowledge.

Expansion and reconstruction of the administrative building of the district office in Opoczno ul. Flower 1a.

 | Published September 19, 2014  -  Deadline October 10, 2014
45213150, 45111100, 45112710, 45233120, 45333110, 45332000, 45311200, 45232221

1 The contract - the execution of works as the expansion and reconstruction of the existing administrative building of the district office in Opoczno Street. Floral 1a, to the extent necessary to obtain in accordance with provisions of the building permit for use and the use of the building for its intended purpose along with land development and execution of the plot connections. 1.1. The material scope of the contract includes the execution of: 1.1.1. expansion and reconstruction of the existing administrative building of the district office together with internal installations: wod.- can. What, mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning, electrical, structural networks, the signaling system and robbery, and access control, fire alarm system, 1.1.2. connections: water supply, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, power transformer station with a container-subscriber and heating with district heating, 1.1.3. removal of power line collisions and lighting of the access road to the parking spaces, 1.1.4. meetings of public roads, 1.1.5. internal communication paths with strings for pedestrians and parking places, 1.1.6. outdoor lighting object, 1.1.7. landscape architecture along with the terrain and planting vegetation. 1.2. Characteristics of the planned investment: 1.2.1. Location of the property and land investment area with an area of ​​657.49 m2 8 is partly built on the existing administrative building in the area. Parking spaces for visitors will be located on a plot of 1.10, and the northern part of the site. Design of the expansion of the building will be connected to the network: water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, electricity through containerized transformer station, thermal energy, ICT. The balance of the area: The area of ​​the project area 8657.49 m2 100.00% - Built-up area (all) 23.41% 2026.26 m2 - Building area (newly designed facility) 18.51% 1602.36 m2 - Building area (existing facilities) 423.90 m2 4.90% - paved surface area 3571.97 m2 41.26% - 935.65 m2 Strings hiking 10.81% - Strings driving 2,636.32 m2 of 30.45% Number of parking spaces - 80 + 6 MP for people with disabilities. The facility is designed to be accessible to the physically disabled entirely. - Land biologically active 3 35.33% 059.26 m2 - Parking spaces (surface openwork) 913,61m2 10.55% - Greens 24.78% 2145.65 m2 architectural assumptions. The expansion houses the office rooms of workers, social rooms, a conference room for more than 50 people, archives, sanitary facilities and customer service centers. The existing part of the building planned scope of works includes: - a partial reconstruction of the basement rooms of the levels, ground floor and 1 and 2 floors, - reconstruction gear staircase connecting the ground floor and i1 will be made separating the stairwell with smoke damper assembly, - the exchange of the total hole window, - reconstruction of mechanical ventilation channels and lighting in the eastern part of the 2nd floor - cover the facade above the entrance slatted blinds aluminum along with the renewal of all the facades - the demolition of semicircular elements parapet on the roof, - the total exchange of roofing. Surfaces and volume: - Building area: building designed 1 586.91 m2 building existing: 423.90 m2 - Floor area: building designed: 4 861,75 m2 existing building: 1 272.48 m2 - Total area: building designed: 5 593.16 m2 building existing 1 695.60 m2 - Net volume building designed 23 235.90 m3 existing building: 6 155,00 m3 1.2.3. Assumptions construction-materials epoxy flooring, joinery aluminum, glass composite shade green facade, balustrades fills with laminated glass, handles, stainless steel satin finish. Equipment building in internal installations. - Crushing. Cold and hot water - inst. Sanitary sewage system - installation at - the substation - crushing. Mechanical ventilation - air conditioning selected rooms - crushing. P. Fire - crushing. Electric sockets wtyczkowych230 / 400 V AC - crushing. Teletype computer - inst. supply for air conditioning, ventilation and load technology -

Replacing corroded light poles in the lane street Romuald Traugutta, internal road within the axle. housing Warsaw and within pedestrian streets connecting Jan Kiepura and the Polish Army in Końskich in terms of the investment project - reconstruction of street lighting in the city Horse in the framework of the modernization of street lighting.

 | Published June 17, 2014  -  Deadline July 2, 2014

The contract is for replacement of corroded light poles in a lane street Romuald Traugutt internal road within the axle. Warsaw housing and within walking connecting streets Jan Kiepura and the Polish Army Horse power transformer stations: 1 SO park B 2 C T4 3 Warsaw Located lighting columns defines situational map - altitude (Appendix 3a, 3b, 3c) . Poles to be removed are circled in red on the map. Due to the fact that it is necessary only for a specific replacement of existing light poles can not be allowed modification of the existing cable line. The contract scope includes: a) dismantling 5 pieces of existing lighting fixtures and 5 units of street lighting columns along the pedestrian walkway connecting streets Jan Kiepura and the Polish Army, b) 7-piece dismantling of existing lighting fixtures and 7 pieces of street lighting columns in a lane Romuald street Traugutt c) dismantling 5 pieces of existing lighting fixtures and 5 units of street lighting columns in a lane roads in the inner axle. residential Warsaw, d) transport 17 units of poles and luminaires 5 units derived from dismantling the place indicated by the Employer and the poles and luminaires for installation from the point of storage to the place of building such a lane street Romuald Traugutt and pedestrian route connecting streets John Kiepury and the Polish Army, e) installation of newly purchased 5 pieces of composite lighting columns in a lane internal roads within the axle. residential Warsaw, f) installation of electricity and poles from the dismantling part of the revitalization of the city Horse - City Park and the construction of provincial road 727 in a lane street Romuald Traugutt and within walking connecting streets Jan Kiepura and the Polish Army, g) electrical connection and execution measurements. In the magazine Foundry Street 5 - Thermal Energy Plant in Horse must download 5 columns of type park with luminaires and 7 columns of type road with jibs and foundations. Before installing the column type park should be cleaned and makeup with primer and epoxy topcoat in graphite (RAL 7021). Downloaded fixtures and lenses must be cleaned and checked for technical efficiency before installing and connecting. Please install the new fuse pole plate with terminals and current transformers fuse. Columns of type of road with concrete foundations should be installed in a lane street Romuald Traugutt and install on their existing fixtures. Tapered composite poles should be installed in a lane internal roads within the axle. Warsaw housing and install on their existing fixtures. Before installing the luminaires should be reviewed, cleaned and any minor repairs. After the work must restore the disturbed surface. Technical requirements for composite columns: a) composite cone pole on the foundation reinforced with glass fiber, b) top diameter - min 60 mm, c) the diameter of the lower portion of the top min. - Min150 mm, d) height - min 3 me) gray (RAL 7035) NOTE: Each Contractor shall view the site in order to verify the conditions prevailing on the site and the conditions related to the execution of work under the contract and obtain any additional information necessary and useful for the assessment of work by eliminating the possibility of claims arising from incorrect Contractor calculate the price or omission of components necessary to perform the contract 1.If in the Terms of Reference or annexes was named the manufacturer's name, trademark, patent or origin in relation to specific materials, equipment, etc. The Purchaser requires that treat this indication as exemplary and allows for the use of the materials of the contract, equivalent devices with parameters not worse than indicated in the technical documentation. 2.Dopuszcza equivalent solutions described by standards, approvals, technical specifications or reference systems, referred to in art. 30 paragraph. 1-3 Public Procurement Law ..

The supply includes a comprehensive service involving the provision of transmission services or the distribution of electricity and the sale of electricity to the building of the City Hall Ice in Nowy Targ ul. Parkowa 14 in the period from 1 January 2014. 31 December 2014 ..

 | Published November 26, 2013  -  Deadline December 6, 2013
09310000, 65310000

1 The contract is for the supply of electricity including comprehensive service involving the provision of transmission services or the distribution of electricity and the sale of electricity to the building of the City Hall Ice in Nowy Targ Street. Park 14 in the period from 1 January 2014. 31 December 2014 2 Location and type of delivery: a) terminal busbar power transformer in the No. 2 15 kV 50 Hz (with acceptable deviations defined in the Energy Law) substation No. 6131-rink-at ul. Park 14 in Nowy Targ - City Hall Ice b) Contractual capacity at power factor tan fi 0 = 0.4 is 350 kW, 104 kW minimum c) Measurement of supplied electricity is accomplished by measuring and billing system (called Arona) installed substation (multiplying the 600), whereby: - ​​CT 20/5A - are the property of the Employer - voltage transformers 15/0, 1 kV - are the property of the Employer - active energy meter with indicator 3 tariff maximum power and reactive energy counters - are property of the Employer. 3 Financing: VAT invoice payment deadline is 14 days from the date of issue of the proper billing month, but no later than 7 days from the date of their delivery. In the event that any a / deadlines fall on a day off from work, the term payment of the fee shall be postponed to the first working day following the day off from work. The payment date is the date of posting of cash receipts to the bank account of the Contractor from the Employer. 4 The list of receiving electricity from giving current electricity consumption, applied tariffs and contractual capacity is Attachment No. 3 hereto. 5.Wykonawca to be joined by a draft agreement, which in their decisions will contain important terms and conditions regarding the subject matter of the contract contained in the terms of the contract - for acceptance by the Purchaser. 6 Sales will take place through the distribution network belonging to the Distribution System Operator, ie TAURON distribution based in Krakow. 7 Supply of electricity and the provision of distribution services will take place under the conditions specified in the Act - Energy Law of 10 April 1997 (unified text: Dz. U. 2012, pos. Póź.zm. 1059), the implementing rules for the Act, in particular the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 4 May 2007 on the detailed conditions for the operation of the power system (Journal of Laws No. 93, poz.623, as amended), the Tariff for electricity seller, the Tariff for electricity distribution services appropriate Distribution System Operator (DSO Tariff), Operation and Maintenance Manual Distribution Network (IRiESD) and generally applicable legislation. 8 Settlements for the distribution of electricity shall be held on the basis of current indications metering and billing for fees under Tariff Distribution System Operator. 9 Settlement for the sale of electricity will take place on the basis of unit prices specified in the price form attached as Annex 2 to the ToR. 10 Unit prices for electricity will be fixed for the whole duration of the contract, except for the changes due to changes in statutory tax rates and other changes resulting from the overriding provisions of law which does not affect the energy provider. NOTE! In order to avoid misunderstandings in the preparation of tenders and execution of the order it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the tender - the location of electricity supply - before the deadline for submission of tenders ..

Supply and replacement of power transformers in 2015. For the project "Reducing energy loss by exchange transformer PGE Distribution SA Branch Zamosc" - 2 pcs. (16000 kVA - 1 pc. 110/30/15 kV for transmission to station 110/30 / 15 kV Jaroslaw, 16000 kVA - 1 pc. 110/30/15 kV for transmission to the station 110/30/15 kV Hrubieszów).

PGE Dystrybucja S.A. | Published August 19, 2014  -  Deadline September 24, 2014

Nazwa przedmiotu zamówienia: Dostawa i wymiana transformatorów mocy na 2015 r. na potrzeby projektu „Ograniczenie strat energii poprzez wymianę transformatorów w PGE Dystrybucja S.A. Oddział Zamość” – 2 szt. (16000 kVA – 1 szt. o przekładni 110/30/15 kV dla stacji 110/30/15 kV Jarosław, 16000 kVA – 1 szt. o przekładni 110/30/15 kV dla stacji 110/30/15 kV Hrubieszów). Zadanie nr 1 Dostawa i wymiana transformatora mocy 16 MVA 110/30/15 kV dla stacji 110/30/15 kV Jarosław – 1 szt. Zadanie nr 2 Dostawa i wymiana transformatora mocy 16 MVA 110/30/15 kV dla stacji 110/30/15 kV Hrubieszów – 1 szt. Uwaga: Transformatory dla Zadań nr 1 i nr 2 będą transformatorami spełniającymi te same wymagania techniczne zgodnie z poniższym szczegółowym opisem przedmiotu zamówienia. Szczegółowy opis przedmiotu zamówienia: A. Zakres zamówienia: 1. Wykonawca dostarczy nowe transformatory do wskazanych stacji i dokona posadowienia transformatorów na gotowych stanowiskach. Przed posadowieniem nowego transformatora Wykonawca dokona przestawienia transformatora wymienianego (zdemontowanego wcześniej przez Zamawiającego) ze stanowiska w miejsce wskazane przez Zamawiającego znajdujące się na terenie stacji. 2. Wykonawca wraz z nowym transformatorem dostarczy pełną dokumentację techniczno-ruchową (odrębnie do każdego transformatora). 3. Wykonawca przeprowadzi wymagane próby i wykona niezbędne pomiary transformatorów opisane szczegółowo w niniejszej specyfikacji. B. Wymagania techniczne dla transformatora: Transformator powinien: a) pochodzić z bieżącej produkcji producentów transformatorów, b) być stosowany w energetyce (wykazać referencje dostawy co najmniej 1 sztuki transformatora o podobnym wyposażeniu i tej samej mocy w energetyce zawodowej), c) posiadać odpowiednie certyfikaty dopuszczające do stosowania na rynku polskim, d) mieć zapewniony serwis na terenie Polski.

Reconstruction ul. Chemists and connector st. Chemists and Rejoicing in the Golden Slope along with the renovation of the technical infrastructure

 | Published February 7, 2014  -  Deadline February 24, 2014
45111200, 45111300, 45231300, 45232130, 45233140, 45233220, 45233222, 45233290, 45311000, 45316110

The contract is for Reconstruction ul. Chemists and connector st. Chemists and Rejoicing in the Golden Slope along with the renovation of the technical infrastructure, the task of budget Reconstruction ul. Chemists, connector and st. Rejoicing in the Golden Slope along with the renovation of the technical infrastructure proposed improvement works will be carried out within the limits of parcels 348/2, 324/4, 285/2, 361, 346, 349, 241, 350, 347, and 247 partially precinct Zloty Stok. The contract does not include st. Joyful, the implementation of which is expected in the second stage. The street that will be carried out only works on the connection of water supply, drainage and street lighting networks. The scope of the project includes replacement and reconstruction of water supply network with connections and weapons, storm water drainage inlets along with new street and weapons, demolition of the old bitumen, concrete, construction troughs under the new structural layers of the road, conventions and sidewalks, construction of new structural layers - foundation of broken aggregate 0/63mm mechanically stabilized grub. 25cm on strings horsemen, foot driving, parking and descents and grub. 15cm on the sidewalks, cement and sand ballast grub. 3cm in a ratio of 1:4, the wearing of thick concrete blocks. 8 The entire construction of streets and exits will be framed 15x30cm concrete curbs, erected on the concrete bench with resistance of concrete C 12/15, 15x20cm concrete curbs erected on the concrete bench with resistance of concrete C 12/15 of faced with the elevation of the edge of the roadway and sidewalks paving rims 8x30cm arranged on the ballast cement and sand. The contract also includes the installation of ready shields śmietnikowych of steel with dimensions close to the proposed masonry. As part of the works related to reconstruction of street lighting installation, provided installation of new street lighting cabinets along with a new power transformer station, laying new power cables fault lighting circuits, installation of new poles and luminaires. NOTE: Any used in the documentation and other documents relating to the contract, specific names, types of equipment, building materials, manufacturers etc. have been identified as an example only. Only in this area is fully permissible change to the other equipment, materials, or technologies provided the conditions for determining equivalence, ie the fact that the proposed materials, equipment and technologies were not worse than included in the documentation. It means also that materials and equipment are to have comparable or better performance parameters in order to achieve the assumed investment effects that must be guaranteed. The scope of works to perform are: I. Preliminary work and securing the work site. -Safety work place of works in front of outsiders with the proper marking, surveying-related to the demarcation of the scope of work covered by the contract-organization of traffic in the event of closing streets and arranging travel and lead replacement with proper marking,-organization of construction . (Note: according to the agreement: export and disposal of waste, excess land, bringing electricity and water to the needs of the work, obtain approval to occupy the streets and sidewalks during construction and use of the property adjacent is the responsibility of the Contractor and are cost) . -The work of securing the existing trees and shrubs, (Note: in case of collision with existing trees to the duties the contractor must obtain a permit for its disposal in accordance with applicable laws and this is its cost). -Note: All works of conflict and related technical acceptances in respect of electricity infrastructure, telecommunications, heating, water supply, sewerage and road infrastructure must be in accordance with the guidelines prescribed in trade arrangements contained in the technical documentation. These works are the responsibility of the Contractor and are an expense. II. Work on storm water drainage and water supply system. Work for rainwater - earth (average 1.6m recess network). -Performance mechanical excavation and transport of excavated material to landfill - 1057.92m3,-manual execution of excavation and transport of excavated material to landfill - 264.48m3,-openwork strengthening the walls of trenches - 2644.8m2,-performance bedding and backfill with sand for pipelines - 247.95m3, -complete replacement of soil in trenches in a lane with a mechanical shuttle and densities of aggregates - 995.4m3. Dismantling works. -Removal of the concrete pipe in a trench about 400mm - 10.0m,-removal of earthen pipe in a trench 300mm - 60.0M,-removal of earthen pipe in a trench 200mm - 30.0m,-removal pipeline

Documenting and implementing design, supply, installation and commissioning of indoor MV with the reconstruction of medium voltage cables and the necessary works demontażowymi the transformer and distribution stations: OST-2 m Zbaszynek and ST-3 in the town of Poznan

PKP Energetyka SA Oddział w Warszawie – Usługi, Zakład Zachodni | Published August 16, 2013  -  Deadline September 27, 2013

1.Przedmiotem order is "Implementation of project documentation and the execution, delivery, installation and commissioning of indoor MV and MV cables and reconstruction works demontażowymi the necessary transformer and distribution stations: OST-2 m Zbaszynek and ST-3 in the town of Poznan" . 2.Zakres task for distribution transformer stations OST-2 m Zbaszynek: 2.1. Preparation of design documentation (executive and as-built) for execution, construction and delivery, and installation and commissioning of indoor MV and MV cables and rebuilding the necessary measurements. Design documentation is entirely confirm the requirements set out in paragraphs. from 2.2. to 2.4. this Schedule 2 and must be delivered in hard copy (3 copies) and electronic (DVD), before the implementation point. 2.2. 2.1.1. The requirements for implementing the project documentation: - drawing in Polish - drawings and diagrams will be consistent with the Polish standards and norms, including the symbols, signs, scales, etc., - the use of units of weights and measures by SI - consistency of terminology, text descriptions and symbols used, - contain no formal legal documents (certificates, approvals, decisions, approval, etc.) confirmed as a true copy, - contain a statement of the designer on the completeness of the documentation for the task, - contain no original signed and sealed design. Before preparing the project documentation executive, the Contractor must agree with the Employer details on the determination of fields, content title and logo. Design documentation must be agreed with the Purchaser. 2.1.2. Requirements for the as-built design documentation: Requirements are the same as for the executive design documentation referred to in point. 2.1.1. In addition, it must take into account the changes caused during assembly, which could not have been foreseen, and which have been agreed with the Employer and the designer. Complementing the as-built design documentation must be maintenance manual (DTR), which consist of a: - manual operation and maintenance of switchgear, - operating instructions and technical documentation for the movement of all the cameras and equipment - installation instructions and descriptions for all such apparatus and equipment - circuit diagrams of all primary and secondary MV fields. As-built design documentation and manuals must be delivered in hard copy (3 copies) and electronic (DVD) in preparing the acceptance of work between the representatives of the Employer and the Contractor. 2.2. Design, supply and installation of 7 - Field MV TLLLLLT in the system - according to Fig.1. 2.2.1. General requirements MV - maximum dimensions: length 250cm, width 120cm, height 150cm - made of tinplate painted (each side and the wall) powder coated gray (RAL 7023) - must be built on a base of up to 50cm enabling approach from behind at an angle from below, set data cables MV cubicles. Base of the switchgear must be a single unit. The front wall base must be divided into parts with lengths consistent with the lengths of each field. The individual parts that make up the front wall of the base must be removable and made of galvanized sheet steel powder coated (both sides) in gray (RAL 7023). - SF6 gas insulation. - Operating voltage - a minimum of 17.5 kV - voltage short-lived - at least 50 kV - Rated impulse voltage - 125kV minimum - 50Hz - Rated current busbar - a minimum of 630 - rated current half line L (including connectors) - 630 min - Rated short-time withstand current (1 sec) - a minimum of 16kA - rated current surge withstand - a minimum of 40kA - protection - a minimum of IP 3X - operating temperature from -25 º C to +55 º C. 2.2.2. Requirements for the fields of transformer T: Field T transformer is equipped with: - a switch fuse with rated current 200 A (with fuse elements chosen for the power transformer 400 kVA), switch trip coil 230 V AC. - Reactance insulators - bushings for connecting heads tabs (culvert 250A) - cable clamps - Mechanical interlock switch the drive off - lock switch (with the cover box) 2.2.3. Requirements for field line L: Pole Line is equipped with: - a switch rated at 630 A - earthing switch (three-position drive manual with circuit) - reactance insulators - bushings for connecting heads tabs (passage 630) - cable clamps -