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Recovery of insulating liquids and depolarization passivation insulating liquids Oil power transformer.

ČEZ, a.s. | Published October 24, 2014

Regenerace izolačních kapalin a depolarizace s pasivací izolačních kapalin výkonových olejových transformátorů

DELIVERY HV power transformers

ČEZ Distribuce, a.s. | Published February 20, 2015  -  Deadline April 2, 2015

Public tender for the planned investment projects, planned repairs and ensure removal of critical condition HV power transformers to ensure safe and reliable operation of the distribution system. The result JŘSÚ contract will ensure the supply of power transformers, HV with selected candidates. The subject of public contracts awarded through negotiated procedure with publication is closing one of the Framework Agreement at most three contractors, possibly with fewer suppliers, if they qualify less than three bidders, or properly submit bids less than three candidates. Opening the envelope can participate in a maximum of two representatives from each candidate. Date and place of opening of the tenders will be listed in the invitation to tender. If this contract is a negotiated procedure according to Act no. 137/2006 Coll., On Public Procurement, as amended plan, which takes place in two stages. First, contractors applying to participate in the tender procedure, which delivers authority within the period specified in point IV.3.4) of this notice along with the documents proving the qualification according to the qualification documentation contracting. Subsequently, the suppliers who meet the qualifications invited to tender processed according to the tender dossier submitter. The deadline for submission of tenders will be specified in the invitation to tender sent to the relevant suppliers. Sponsor reserves the right to negotiate the bids according to § 30 and 31 of the Act. The contracting authority in accordance with § 84 para. 5 of the Law reserves the right to annul the tendering procedure. Qualification and tender documentation incl. all attachments is published unlimited remote access profile authority: Contractor here for a free registration to download documentation.


ČEZ Distribuce, a.s. | Published February 19, 2018
KONES CZ, s.r.o.

Reconstruction TSN21, 26 and TSN6

Severočeské doly a.s. | Published December 8, 2014

The contract was reconstruction of the existing habitat TSN6 (civil works) for the installation of new distribution transformer 35 / 6kV ozn.TS66 including a new power transformer 35/6 kV for power 6,3MVA along with cable distribution vn, because of the abolition of the existing station with power TSN21 sources, 26. As part of this contract are also addressed in the following sections: Vision and optical finishing tracts. The delivery also includes other activities related to the implementation of the contract in question.

TKV transformer T5

Veolia Energie ČR, a.s. | Published March 4, 2015

The offer under the name of "TKV transformer T5". The subject of the performance is complete, orderly and timely completed Work, which include the exchange of power oil, water-cooled transformer T5 with power tap-changer for a new power transformer oil air cooling and power switch branches, including all necessary related equipment, modifications and involvement in the thermal power plant technology in the form of "turnkey". Until December 31, 2014 was the official sponsor name "Dalkia Czech Republic, as" from January 1, 2015 has been changed to "Veolia Energy Czech Republic, as" other identifying information have not been changed.

Conversion of the energy center CUA

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze | Published February 21, 2014

The subject of the public contract is the demolition of the original building energy center and the subsequent construction of a new building Justification effectiveness of public contracts for the purposes of the preliminary announcement of the contracting authority shall contain at least: a description of the needs to be met by meeting procurement: Modernization and increase power transformer with the establishment of space for the backup power source. description of the subject contract: new substation incl. demolition of the original building energy center. description of the relationship between the subject of the contract and the client's needs: reliable supply of electricity in sufficient quantities (the subject of the public contract is based on the client's needs). Expected date of fulfillment of public contracts: 11/2014

Home for the elderly Seniorpark, Meziříčí - Stage I - additional works I.

Zlínský kraj | Published August 4, 2015

742/3/100/100/11/10 started to implement the project "Home for the Elderly Seniorpark, Meziříčí - Phase I". These additional work is necessary to realize that they can be properly completed original works, and can not be technically or economically separated without it was not caused by the client (the entity) loss. Additional work consisting in carrying out the following works: Move retention tanks designer at design based on the documentation of existing networks, structures, objects presented by network administrators from the available documents stored in the archives of the Building Authority and the available documents stored on users of adjacent buildings (Hospice Citadel and Diakonie CCE - Centre Meziříčí), of which did not show that that sewer is used. PP during earthworks but there were adverse weather conditions (rain), which resulted in rozmoknutí foundation base and excavated soil. PP and also inapplicable excavated soil to backfill around the building because "nezhutnitelnosti". In connection VN processing PD was DSO - CEZ Distribution specified connecting point for connecting the facility in an existing substation. Based on the checks carried out on the spot and realized personnel supply company ČEZ Distribution, was found insufficient capacity in a given hotspot. Power transformer Project Documents object was to DS Seniorpark designed low loss transformer with nominal output of 400 kV.


Severočeské doly a.s. | Published February 24, 2014  -  Deadline April 7, 2014

The contract is the reconstruction of the existing habitat TSN6 (building part) for the installation of new distribution transformer 35/6kV ozn.TS66 including a new power transformer 35/6kV a capacity of 6.3 MVA along with cable distribution voltage, due to the abolition of the existing station with power source TSN21, 26th Under this contract will also be addressed in the following sections: - CCTV - Adjustment of the optical tracts. Part of the fulfillment of the other activities associated with the implementation of the above contract. Applicants whose bids were received by the deadline for submission of bids, the authorized person of authority. The deadline for opening bids will be given a written invitation to tender, the conditions for opening the tenders will be provided in the tender documentation. Sponsor reserves the tender procedure at any time during cancel referring to § 84 paragraph 5 of the Act 137/2006 Sb. as amended. Qualification documentation and tender documents (except documents, drawings and internal regulations of the contracting authority, which will be sent to candidates together with the invitation to tender) will be posted on the profile of the contracting authority (URL): Deadline referred to in paragraph IV.3.4 concerns the request for participation. The deadline for submission of bids and the deadline for the opening of the tenders will be fixed in the invitation to tender. This call will be sent to participants who meet the qualifications established for this contract.

Routine maintenance on electrical equipment opencast mines.

Severočeské doly a.s. | Published October 8, 2015

The purpose of the contract is to provide the desired function of electrical equipment mining, distribution and assistive technology Surface Mine Bilina Mine Nástup Tušimice while maintaining all equipment operating parameters, such is its safety, then especially dependability, reliability, availability, durability and economy of operation given technical conditions and the requirements of the power grid. The contract security routine maintenance, repair and emergency repair of electrical equipment mining, distribution and assistive technology Surface Mine Bilina Mine Nástup Tušimice (mainly of machinery - excavators and loaders series TC1, TC2 and TC3 (TC-technological unit) , long-distance belt conveying width 1200, 1600, 1800, 2000 and 2200 mm, technology crushing coal, coal preparation plant, equipment petrol stations union power transformer stations with installed capacity of up to 10 MVA, stable transformation and distribution stations, office space, shops and other facilities ). The best offer is the offer of an association called ,, Society of electro TO SD "whose members are: • PRODECO, as, ID: 25020790, headquartered Mining 437 Bridge Suburb, Bílina 418 01, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Usti nad Labem, Section B, File No. 989 • MARTIA as, ID: 25006754, headquartered Limit 2854/4, North Terrace, 400 11 Usti nad Labem, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Usti nad Labem, Section B, File No. 866 • Elektroprim - Koutník, as, Identification Number: 25688812, registered office, Baarova 58/3, 140 00 Prague 4 - Michle, entered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, Entry 5510
Nov 1, 2013

Předmětem veřejné zakázky je kompletní dodávka systému chlazení zkušebního proudu vzduchu aerodynamického tunelu 3mLSWT. Odůvodnění veřejné zakázky a) Popis potřeb, které mají být splněním veřejné zakázky naplněny: Mezi nejdůležitější součásti výzkumné infrastruktury VZLÚ, a. s. patří nízkorychlostní aerodynamický tunel 3mLSWT s měřicím příslušenstvím. Jedná se o tunel nízkých rychlostí s měřicí sekcí 3 m. Tunel se využívá pro aerodynamický výzkum, např. výzkum laminárního proudění, výzkum řízení odtržení, výzkum vlivu námrazy, podpora vývoje výpočetních metod aj. Při aplikovaném výzkumu a vývoji se tunel využívá pro měření modelů letadel a jejich částí, měření modelů kolejových a silničních vozidel, s dynamometrem pro měření vrtulí, zkoušky větrných elektráren, zkoušky nejrůznějších výrobků na odolnost proti zatížení větrem (antény, stany, prvky fasád, apod.), jako podpora vrcholových sportovců (cyklisté, sáňkaři, apod.), pro stanovení okrajových podmínek pro výpočty CFD atd. Cílem veřejné zakázky je instalace chladícího systému do proudovodu aerodynamického tunelu za účelem stabilizace teploty měřícího proudu vzduchu. Instalací systému chlazení dojde k výraznému potlačení růstu teploty v měřicím prostoru během dlouhého měřicího běhu, čímž se téměř eliminují problémy s teplotními kompenzacemi měřicích zařízení a přístrojů, což usnadní zpracování a vyhodnocení výsledků a usnadní montáže v měřicím prostoru tunelu a dále umožní dosažení vyššího Reynoldsova čísla pro měření. b) Popis předmětu veřejné zakázky: Předmětem veřejné zakázky je kompletní dodávka systému chlazení zkušebního proudu vzduchu aerodynamického tunelu 3mLSWT. Zakázka obsahuje návrh chladícího systému, projektovou dokumentaci, dodávku a instalaci prvků chladícího systému, dodávku a instalaci vyjímatelného chladiče do proudovodu aerodynamického tunelu včetně konstrukčních prvků upevnění a dodávku a instalaci řídící elektroniky zakončené uvedením do provozu. Rozhranní zakázky je definováno napájecím transformátorem a zástavbovými podmínkami v proudovodu aerodynamického tunelu. c) Popis vzájemného vztahu předmětu veřejné zakázky a potřeb zadavatele: Veřejná zakázka je nezbytně nutná k zajištění vědecko-výzkumných činností. d) Předpokládaný termín splnění veřejné zakázky: 4Q 2015

Výzkumný a zkušební letecký ústav, a.s. | Published November 1, 2013

The subject of the public contract is a complete supply of cooling air flow test wind tunnel 3mLSWT. Justification procurement a) Description needs to be compliance with public procurement achieved: The most important part of the research infrastructure VZLÚ, as are low-speed wind tunnel with 3mLSWT test accessories. This is a low-speed tunnel with a test section 3 m tunnel is used for aerodynamic research, such as research laminar flow separation control research, research on the effect of icing, support the development of computational methods, etc. When applied research and development, the tunnel used for the measurement models aircraft and their parts, the measurement model rail and road vehicles, with a dynamometer to measure the propeller testing wind turbines, testing various products for resistance to wind load (antenna, tents, facade elements, etc.), as support for elite athletes (cyclists, toboggan etc.) to determine the boundary conditions for CFD calculations, etc. The aim of procurement is to install the cooling system to proudovodu wind tunnel to stabilize the temperature measuring air flow. By installing the cooling system will significantly inhibit the growth temperature in the measurement area over a long measurement run, thus almost eliminating problems with temperature compensation measuring equipment and apparatus to facilitate the processing and interpretation of results and facilitate installation of the measuring area of ​​the tunnel and to achieve higher Reynolds numbers measurement. b) Description of Procurement: The procurement is a full supply of cooling air flow test wind tunnel 3mLSWT. Contract includes designing the cooling system, project documentation, delivery and installation of the cooling system, supply and installation of removable cooler to proudovodu wind tunnel design elements including fixing and supply and installation of the control electronics ending commissioning. Interface contract defined power transformer and zástavbovými proudovodu conditions in the wind tunnel. c) Description of the relationship between the subject of the contract and the client's needs: A public contract is necessary to ensure the scientific-research activities. d) Expected date of fulfillment of contracts: 4Q 2015
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