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Industrial lasers

PRO-FUND Sp. z o.o. Sp. kom. | Published January 19, 2017  -  Deadline February 28, 2017

The contract is for a new laser cutter - 1 piece with the specifications set out in detail in the section "Description of the contract."

The contract is for delivery of a new laser cutting - 1 piece by. the following specifications:

Type resonator - CO2

Power Resonator [kW] - a minimum of 6

XY sheet size (mm) - 6 x 000 2 000

Automatic pallet changer / tables - Yes

CAM software in Polish - Minimum 2 server licenses

Cutting high pressure - Yes

Automatic cleaning nozzles - Yes

Automatic adjustment of beam focus - Yes

Maximum positioning speed (XY axes simultaneously) is not less than: (m / min) - 60

Positioning accuracy in the workspace Pa (VDI / DGQ 3441) maximum (mm / m) - ± 0.1

Repeatability (positioning scatter) in the workspace Ps (VDI / DGQ 3441) -maksimum (mm) -

± 0.05


10 mm

Cooler - Yes

Filtering system - Yes


- Touch screen size minimum 15 "- Yes

- Support in Polish - Yes

System security heads laser from damage forfeiture collision - Yes

The maximum total power consumption of no more than (kW) - 75

The machine body is welded steel - Yes

Construction crane (two axles beam head) - Yes

Operator access to the head from a short side - Yes

Loading material with the shorter side - Yes

Compliance with CE - Yes

The machine with the ability to install the rotary axis for cutting tubes and profiles with minimum diameter of 300 mm - Yes

Additional information about the object of the contract:

- Laser cutter will be delivered at the cost of the Bidder

- Within the price of laser cutter which is the subject of the contract, the Bidder for the basic instruction in the operation and programming of the machine

- Within the price of laser cutter which is the subject of the contract, the Bidder is a free online service purchased cutter

12 months on all parts and components laser cutter without limit of hours of work

Start execution of the contract: immediately from the day of signing the contract.

The final term of the contract up to 31/05/2017

1) The offer should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of this inquiry in writing on a typewriter, computer or other permanent and legible technique.

2) The offer must contain at least the following:

- The date of preparation

- The full name of the tenderer

- Address or registered office of the tenderer, phone number, and tax identification number

- The value of the offer presented on a net and gross

- Validity of the offer

- terms of payment

- A reference to the conditions for participation in the proceedings

- A reference to how the subject of the order

3) The reference to environmental solutions, used in the device, for example. Energy consumption, water consumption, use of recycled materials ect.

If the right to represent the person signing the tender does not result from registration document, the offer must be accompanied by power of attorney in the original or a copy certified by a notary.

5) The offer must be accompanied by all the necessary documents / statements and the valuation made based on the description of the order

6) The offer must be made in Polish.

7) The offer with attachments must be submitted in a sealed envelope, sealed the company seal Bidder, the Employer's address, and write: "The offer for the inquiry number 1 / 1.4.1. / 2017 in the framework of the project" Implementation of innovative services in the company PRO-FUND providing a significant increase in the company's competitiveness on the European market. ".

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