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Nakło nad Notecią: Construction of the municipal road, call the Rose Street with the county road No. 1926C in appearance, Municipality Nakło nad Notecią

Gmina Nakło nad Notecią | Published July 25, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
It is designed following range of construction Street: 738 m2 foot roadway, sidewalk - access to premises 2 m2, entrance 11 m2 - a total hardened surface - 751 m2. Not) at km 0 + 122.70. The exact amount of works related to the construction project of the street contains a bill of quantities. Bydgoszcz - February 2016. Part of the technology. Adopted technical parameters: Class D (foot - road), road width of 6.0 m, a width entry - 5,0 m, width handle - 1, 0 m for exaltation in the / in the route is given the value of its main points (coordinates) on board elevation (Fig. 5). Part of the strip of land between the road and the border on foot plots designed as lawn - the range specified in przedmiarze. Not) at km 0 + 122.70. The elevation of the curb - sunk - 4 cm. 1 and 2). Design is the design: surface pieszojezdni - concrete paving blocks (gray) with a thickness of 8 cm placed on a 4 cm ballast cement - sand (1: 4), substructure concrete C12 / 15 with a thickness of 20 cm sand bed thickness of 10 cm, thickness construction of 42 cm; surface entry onto the property - concrete paving blocks (red) with a thickness of 8 cm placed on a 4 cm ballast cement - sand (1: 4), substructure concrete C12 / 15 with a thickness of 15 cm sand bed thickness of 10 cm, thickness of the structure 37 cm; reaching the surface (pavement) - concrete paving gray 8 cm thick laid on a 4 cm ballast cement - sand (1: 4), sand bed thickness of 10 cm, the structural thickness of 22 cm. Zramowanie designed surface: roadway: the type of concrete curb entrance 15x22x100 cm set on the concrete bench (C12 / 15) with resistance - dimensions Fig. 6/1; sidewalk and entrance -obrzeże concrete 8x30x100 cm set on the concrete bench (C12 / 15) with resistance - dimensions Fig. 6 / 2-3. Design is constant traffic organization (separate development industry). Felling of trees and shrubs - do not occur. For the realization of the tasks necessary to perform the work associated with: grading of adjacent land - lawn device (according to the range specified on the master plan - Fig. 1), altitude adjustment, demolition of the existing surface tłuczniowo - Track 244.5 m3 - calculation table rubble bill of quantities. Grading the area adjacent - 1.50 m set along the curb. Keeping road works should take place with the marking in accordance with applicable regulations. Solution collision with networks of underground on the existing power cable (at the entrance) should be set up bipartite protective tube type AROT (7 mb). Netia Network SA -not occur. DT / 86/2016 dated 02.15.2016 r. Securing the gas network - does not exist. Land preparation of documentation is not subject to the influence of mining damage. Technical description of the project to the constant traffic organization. Marking vertical - does not occur. Design has become an organization of movement: This is shown in the attached schedules adopted (ie. Today), and designed in this documentation ie. The target. Revision foreseen in constant traffic organization - the realization of the investment project reconstruction - 30 OCTOBER 2016 The signs must be placed at a height of 2.20 m. The list of planned vertical label: [Lp symbol pieces] 1 1 D-2, B-2 43 1 3 B-44 1, 4, A-7 1. The horizontal: line - P - 13. List of liquidated vertical label - no. Robots measuring the linear earthworks - the route of roads in the plain area - 369,00 m2. Sanitary - storm water drainage before a planned reconstruction of the road investor intends to improve the drainage of rainwater from the area, including the plans to make the reconstruction of storm sewer, in the framework of reconstruction designed inlets rainy with settlers. The present system is underground and does not interfere with other weapons. Designed inlets 6-iron street 650x450mm type heavy. The existing state of land: on the plots covered by the planned investment is water supply, energy, telecommunication engineering and drainage system, which as a result of the investment will be rebuilt. 0.7m. After the reconstruction of storm sewer perform as-built geodesic inventory. The scope of work to do has been defined in detail in a construction project and the bill of quantities, which includes: Annexes to the object of the contract: - construction project - Decision No ZRID / 2 dated 05.24.2016 Governor Nakło sign: WWA.673.4.2016.AM - bill of quantities, - the technical specifications of performance and acceptance of construction works - cost estimate,
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