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Meal-preparation services

Mazowieckie Centrum Rehabilitacji Stocer Sp. z o.o. | Published February 10, 2017  -  Deadline March 20, 2017
55321000, 55322000

Portioning and distribution of meals to the patient belongs to the Purchaser. / A detailed description of the order is attached as Appendix 1 which is an integral part of this specyfikacji./. 

Provision of services feeding patients (catering)

Period of service: 36 months from signing the contract

(Implementation services in Warsaw at 16/20 Barska begin up to 90 days of signing the contract)

Range of services:

The service will be to provide daily production and delivery of meals for patients STOCER Mazowiecki Rehabilitation Center in Konstancin Jeziorna

Anne in Warsaw with an external kitchen production, 7 days a week Meals according to the earlier order made by the authorized person representing the hospitals will be delivered according to the agreed schedule of hourly branch to the kitchen on the premises:

Wierzejewskiego 12 in Konstancin - Jeziorna;

Long 40/42 in Konstancin - Jeziorna;

Barska 16/20 in Warsaw;

Envisaged number and range of diet is as follows:

Projected total number of meals at three centers for 36 months:

And Breakfast - 525600

Breakfast II - 162887

Lunch - 525600

Afternoon tea - 155275

Dinner - 525600

II kolacja- 39882

Specification therapeutic diets and special

1) basic diet

2) diet easily digestible

3) restricted diet easily digestible substances that stimulate the secretion of gastric juice

4) restricted diet easily digestible fat

5) diet bogatoresztkowa

6) easily digestible diet with altered consistency:

- mushy

- liquid

- Liquid enhanced

- For tube feeding or probe

7) diet ubogoenergetyczna

8) easily digestible diet bogatobiałkowa - 6 meals a day

9) restricted diet digestible carbohydrates and saturated fatty acids

10) easily digestible low-protein diet

11) Special diet (according to recommendations of individual doctors)

The value of the consumption of products in the preparation of meals (per person per day)

Calculate the required standards while maintaining an average weighted, ie .:

Energy 2600 kcal

protein 87g

Fat 70 g

Carbohydrates 405 g

Based on the publication of the Institute of Food and Nutrition "Fundamentals of Scientific Nutrition in Hospitals," Warsaw 2001

The price of the offer specify the cost per day adding up: the cost of raw materials minimum 7.00 PLN gross as input to the boiler settled in a decade, the cost of producing food, utilities, transport costs and others.

organization of nutrition

A method for providing meals

W / in containers must be approved allowing for contact with food and maintain proper temperature of food:

a) for food served hot: soup. hot drinks - temp. not lower than 75 0C,

b) II dish temp. not less than 65 0C,

c) for cold dishes - temperature not higher than 0C 4

Wierzejewskiego 12 (seven cookers branch)

Branch Name Number of beds

1- I-31

2 II -32

3 III -32

IV-4 -8

5 Va -11

6 V-36


Long 40/42,


1 Canteen 110

Barska 16/20 (6 cookers branch)

Branch Name Number of beds

1 Orthopaedic Trauma - I 35

2 Urazowo- Orthopaedic - II 42

3 Surgery 20

4 Internal Medicine 44

5 Rehabilitation 46

6 AIT 5

Contractor GN containers and termoporty describe each divided into: branches, diet and the number of servings.

The contractor will provide cookers and kettles to boil water in quantities of:


long 40/42

Detailed description of the contract in accordance with Annex 1 hereto.

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