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Miasto Gorzów Wielkopolski | Published September 17, 2016  -  Deadline October 26, 2016

1. The contract is for the supply of electricity with a total estimated volume of 41,294.15 MWh in the period from 01.01.2017 to 31.12.2017, of:

1) The premises and facilities - 28,096.15 MWh;

2) For the purposes of road lighting - 13,198.00 MWh.

These data are indicative. The Contractor shall take into account the fluctuations of electricity consumption at the level of (+/-) 10%.

2. The contract is the supply of electricity with specific, in accordance with applicable regulations, quality standards - Act of 10.4.1997 Energy Law and regulations, in particular Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 4.5.2007 on the detailed conditions for the operation of the power system.

3. The order will be given in two parts:

1) Part I of the contract - Supply of electricity to the premises and,

2) Part II of the contract - Supply of electricity for road lighting,

4. The total number of measurement systems clearing the consumed electric energy 2 876 pcs.

5. Distribution services will be provided on the basis of separate agreements between authorities (consumers / taxpayers) a distribution system operator (DSO).

Natural gas

Miasto Gorzów Wlkp. | Published September 24, 2016  -  Deadline November 2, 2016

1. The contract is for a complete delivery - including sales and distribution services - methane natural gas E symbol in the period from 01.01.2017 to 31.12.2017, with a total projected volume of 16,758,638 kWh to 152 collection points.

A detailed list of collection points is attached as Appendix 1 hereto.

In order to determine the projected gas consumption in kWh adopted conversion factor of 11.20 for the estimated amount of 1,496,307 m³.

2. The above forecasted natural gas consumption is indicative and may differ from actually collected during the period of the contract amount of gas. Reducing or increasing the amount of gas does not lead to the authorities (gas consumers) any consequences, except for having to make payment for the amount of gas actually collected and transmission services in accordance with the applicable Tariff Operator.

3. The contract is the delivery of high-methane gas through the distribution network of Polish Gas Company Sp. z oo with specific, in accordance with applicable regulations, standards and quality of service transmission. Delivery and distribution services provided on the basis of a comprehensive agreement will be carried out under the conditions specified by the provisions of the Act of 10.4.1997 Energy Law and its implementing provisions of the Act and in accordance with the provisions of the Tariff OSD.

Quality parameters of gaseous fuels are regulated by the Energy Law, implementing regulations (in particular the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 2.7.2010 on the detailed conditions for the operation of the gas system) and Polish standards.

4. Fuel gas will be delivered to collection points described in detail in Appendix 1 hereto column "Address the point of consumption."

5. Details of the tariff group, the estimated annual gas consumption by month calendar contractual power in relation to specific collection points are described in Appendix 1 hereto.

Koźmin Wielkopolski: Comprehensive supply of methane natural gas (group E) for the Municipality of Koźmin Wielkopolski in the period 10.01.2016 r. To 31.12.2017 r.

Gmina Koźmin Wielkopolski | Published July 25, 2016  -  Deadline December 31, 2017
The contract is a comprehensive supply of high methane natural gas (group E) amounting to 1 815 640 kWh, including - consumption points with contracted power up to 110 kWh / h - 784 071 kWh - consumption points with contracted power above 110 kWh / h - 1 031 569 kWh energy Law, the civil Code and the regulations issued on their basis in the period from 01.10.2016 r. to 31.12.2017 r. the gas group E, at a pressure of not less than 1.6 k.Pa should be provided round the clock for points delivery - acceptance listed in Appendix 7 to the Terms of Reference, which is a unit of gas appliances used to connect the internal network, owned by the Employer of the gas network system operator. Should ensure continuity of supply without any interruption in the supply of and have a provision guaranteeing continuity of supply. Ownership of the gas passed to the purchaser after measurement at the outlet of the gas meter. The projected gas consumption is indicative, because you can not determine in advance the amount that will be delivered to the Purchaser and not of the part of Employer's obligation to purchase gas in the stated amount. In order to operate the right option is the submission by the Employer a written declaration of intent concerning the use of this option within a certain range by him. Settlements for the distribution of gas will take place on the basis of current indications of the measurement system. The addresses of the collection of the tariff, data contracts, fuel and other necessary information is provided in Annex No. 7 to the SETC. The contractor undertakes to carry out the procedure for amending the seller of gas, according to the Maintenance and Operation Manual Distribution Network (IRiESD) in the provision and use of gas fuel distribution services data contracts are contained in Appendix 7 hereto. 900). The Contractor shall make power changes ordered at the request of the Employer by submitting a request to the Operator, the Employer shall provide for this purpose the necessary data and determine the deadline for changes after the election of the Contractor, but not earlier than the effective switching supplier. Purchaser after the emergence of the Contractor shall provide the necessary data to carry out the procedure for switching to electronic versions of Excel immediately after signing the contract. After the selection of the Contractor will be concluded several agreements.
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