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Information on the "Balatonkenese Blind Bottyán beach in front of the construction of transportation facilities" Law amending the contract with procurement procedures as a result of

Balatonkenese Város Önkormányzata | Published April 24, 2015
Via Vomito Mélyépítő és Szolgáltató Kft.
45233228, 45233270, 45232451

Contractor is also responsible for the Balatonkenese, 4713, 3704 and 3705 u. immovable property recorded in the Veszprém County Government Office of Transport Inspectorate of the VE / ROAD / NS / 1a / 196/1 / 2014th construction of transportation facilities included in the decision of the case number issued, associated drainage works and green space planning. The construction works shall include in particular the following: - demolition of existing structures proper disposal of waste; - Road construction tasks: U are one way: One-way in the direction of the railway, 15.75 m long straight lines and right radius R = 9.15 m arc occurs over a length of 17.27, balív radius R = 5.20 m after a short straight section 3.18 m length, then the length of 34.47 m straight lines balív radius R = 15 m length, 7.08 m occurs, then right again straight short arc radius R = 3.93 m over a length of 30 m, and then the end section 0 + 144.16 coupon in straight lines. Due to the 4.50 m wide pedestrian transferring speed damping down and built a ramp lift and it will be safe for pedestrians to transfer of housing. The U-2 number of road cross sections 100.55 0 + 1 are connected to the U Avenue. The width of the streets, 3.00 - formed the recessed side facing the parking border between 5.50 m based on the other side edge based on priority, with the exception of the disabled parking facilities. Between the two is a priority road edges bordered green island being built, 1.50-2.00 m width, at the end of the island arcs rounding radius R = 1.50 and 3.00 m. Separated from the road and parking areas serving recessed edge. - Development of parks: • Parallel parking positions: 5.00 mx 2.20 m (2.10 m) 2 m long outages • 45 ° parking positions: 5.00 mx 2.30 m vertical dimension (line 3.25 m) • Handicap parking: 5.00 mx 3.60 m width of the road and parking positions housing built red brick stone, parking posts marking the anthracite-colored stones to be used. Parallel parking is built in 26, 45 and 3 pieces -osból 23 Handicap parking will be established, ie a total of 52 pieces. - Walking and bicycle road construction will start at the next ramp, pavement width of 2.50 m and the Isle widens near the beach fence from 3.50 to 5.20 m. 7.81 m long straight lines and right arc of radius R = 13 m, 11.81 m long occurs, then the long end section 106.08 m 0 + 125.70 today straight lines. The 0 + 000 - based on shared walking and cycling path between sections 0 + 125.70. - Rainwater drainage tasks: putting cleaning shafts is 11 and placed a piece Hauraton SKG 25 NG type or an equivalent oil trap system before the host. - Road signs outsourcing (existing signs beyond) guideline and pictograms and marking - Gardening Jobs 1 existing tree felling, 12 tree planting, organizing green areas - management of waste removal and placement - raising mine level (11 pcs) winner during construction tenderer Documentation III. taking into account the volume contained a statement made available to the public utility operator is obliged to act.
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