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Technically third party assessment of projects that rescanned through new technology applications

Enova SF | Published March 30, 2017  -  Deadline April 27, 2017

Enova wants to collaborate with an external company that can make technical third party assessment of projects that rescanned through programs that include new technology: - Piloting of new energy and climate technology in the industry - Demonstration of new energy and climate technology  - Full scale innovative energy and climate technology Tech third party assessment of projects in construction and energy and transport may also be appropriate, but industry-related projects will be the majority of the missions. The mission will be carried out through an ongoing agreement where Enova contacts selected consultant when needed for the evaluation of such projects.

Study "With low-emission in sight: Drivers, barriers and risks for Norwegian industry"

Enova SF | Published April 8, 2017  -  Deadline May 4, 2017

Norwegian Industries, hereinafter understood that the mainland industry and the petroleum industry (O & G), account for over half of Norway's greenhouse gas emissions and for significant portions of the power usage. Meanwhile, large parts of the sector well positioned opposite the green shift through its high level of expertise, access to renewable energy and stable policy frameworks. Under the heading "With low-emission in sight: Drivers, barriers and risks for Norwegian industry» Enova wants a thorough review of what will form the framework in which way the industry can and will act. The vision is for Norway to have a competitive and climate-neutral industry with the world's leading energy and climate technology. That Norwegian energy and climate technology takes Norway and the world to a low-emission. Low carbon society is here to understand in a 2050 perspective. Meanwhile, in 2030 the checkpoint on the road. Particular points following directions out: - Innovation and technology towards a low-emission - both for core processes and systems - Effective use of resources, including raw materials, energy, power and expertise of the Contractor must be able to demonstrate thorough industry knowledge, knowledge of various segments technological framework and knowledge of the industry's decision-making within the relevant areas. Good network in the industry and relevant organizations, communities and key suppliers is a prerequisite to provide a well grounded product. The work will be summarized in a written report, the Norwegian, covering method, input data, analysis and conclusions related to the individual topics and sectors. Basis be included in the delivery. The contract is estimated to have a volume of ca. 850 hours. For further information on contract scope and content, refer to the specification in the tender Part 2, Appendix 1.
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