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Tender assistance bus technology in renewable energy

Ruter As | Published December 22, 2016  -  Deadline January 23, 2017

Routes have prepare a comprehensive plan for the transition to renewable energy in the entire bus fleet on the desire environmental, cost and risk profile.

Routes seeking providers who can assist in the implementation and monitoring of measures in the plan, including through acquisitions routes will carry.

Meta Study of demand flexibility and energy storage

Nordic Energy Research (Nordisk Energiforskning) | Published December 16, 2016  -  Deadline January 23, 2017

The purpose of the study is to:

• explore information available on demand flexibility in a Nordic perspective and emphasize the main findings that can lead to concrete actions

• make an inventory of existing barriers, potential and value of demand flexibility in the Nordic market.

1003601 Project New National Museum — K502 Central Processing/Automation

Statsbygg Hovedkontor [The Directorate of Public Construction and Property Head Office] | Published December 22, 2016  -  Deadline February 16, 2017

The central processing system shall be executed in accordance with applicable public regulations and

Provision and in consultation with local authorities. All electro installations shall satisfy relevant

EU/EEA directives, applicable European standards or Norwegian standards, if the European standards

do not exist. All regulatory requirement in accordance with ‘Regulations on electrical low voltage installations’ (FEL)

With NEK 400:2014 shall be adhered to.

Technical regulations for The Planning and Building Act shall be fulfilled where requirements are set for the

Electro technical installations.

Particular emphasis will be placed on energy/climate/and operationally favourable system solutions.

Materials, equipment, components and execution are selected in accordance with this.

The electro technical installations are described in eight different contracts named K401 Elkraft [Electric Power], K4011.

Lighting (including outdoor), K501 Security, K5011 Network, K502 Central Processing Automation, K503 ICT Equipment, K5031 AV equipment and K601 Lifts. There are also individual electro-technical works

described in contract K201 Altering of Infrastructure, K204 Framework concrete works and K701

Outdoor works.

This contract, K502 with associated drawings and documents, includes the following:

— Supply of distribution for managing, regulating and monitoring of operational installations.

— Supply of auxiliary control boards and other equipment in electro distributions.

— Supply of sensor and actuators in technical installations.

— Supply and assembly of exchange equipment for Central Processing System.

— Installation and programming of the overall central processing system.

— Testing and commissioning of technical installations.

1003601 Project New National Museum - K502 SD / Automation

Statsbygg Hovedkontor | Published December 20, 2016  -  Deadline February 16, 2017

SD unit carried out in accordance with applicable government regulations and

regulations and in consultation with local authorities. All electrical installations must meet appropriate

EU / EØSdirektiver, current European standards or Norwegian standards - if European

no. All regulatory requirements acc "Regulations on electrical low voltage" (FEL)

with IEC 400: 2014 shall be followed.

Technical regulations under the Planning and Building Act to be met where they put demands on the

electrotechnical installations.

It should be particularly emphasized energy, environmental, climate -and operationally favorable system solutions.

Material, equipment, components and workmanship are selected accordingly.

The electrical installations are described in a total of 8 different contracts designated K401 Electric Power, K4011

Lighting (including an outdoor pool and.), K501 Security, K5011 Network, K502 SD / Automation, K503 ICT equipment, K5031 AV equipment and K601 Elevator. In addition, some electrical work

described in contract K201 Restructuring infrastructure, K204 Structural concrete work and K701


This contract, K502 with accompanying drawings and documents, include the following:

• Delivery of distributions for control, regulation and monitoring of operating technical systems.

• Delivery of substations and other equipment in electrical distribution.

• Delivery of sensors and actuators in technical systems.

• Delivery and installation of switching equipment for BMS.

• Installation and programming of paramount BMS.

• Testing and commissioning of engineering systems.

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