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Request for Information: Alternative Renewable Energy Bus Powertrains

Ruter As (Forsyning) | Published February 19, 2015
60112000, 60000000, 60100000

Request for Information: Alternative Renewable Energy Bus Powertrains

Energy - Energy Monitoring System EOS

Posten Norge AS | Published March 20, 2017

Client shall acquire a web-based energy monitoring system (EMS) for its locations in preferably Norway and Sweden, but also Denmark and Finland may be appropriate. The client wants preferably one supplier. EOS system will monitor, record, report and analyze energy consumption and impact history of the property portfolio from a variety of different energy sources.
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Energy labeling of buildings energy assessment of technical facilities and buildings

Førde kommune | Published March 20, 2017

Forde municipality should undertake energy efficiency of its buildings and searching for energy advise donor in this regard.

Management and supply of electric energy

Hordaland fylkeskommune | Published March 17, 2017

Supply and management of electrical energy - a framework agreement

CT multi energy

Sykehuset Innlandet HF | Published March 22, 2017

1 piece. CT multi-energy, installation and training.

Rammeavtale energy efficiency consulting

Birkenes kommune | Published March 14, 2017

The acquisition includes the provision of energy efficiency advice from a team of up to 5 people within
the following areas:
- Electronics,
- Automation,
- Plumbing,
- Ventilation,
- SD,
- BIO,
- Measurement,
- Operational support,
- Energy management,
- Heat pumps,
- Heating plants,
- Building envelope / Simienberegninger,
- Energy labeling,
- Other topics within the field of energy efficiency.
Assistance will primarily consist of assisting the principal in the design of specifications, possibly
designing complete specifications. Other consultants may also be applicable. Such counseling can
consist of including project management, general counseling or other related services in the art.
Assistance may further include abstracts recognition and execution of inspections.
The aid does not cover commercial assistance in connection with procurement processes.

Frydenlund school energy wells

Røyken Eiendom AS | Published June 4, 2017

Complete energy well park to pump established on Frydenlund school. 28 wells at 300m

Baltic energy and technology scenarios

Nordisk Energiforskning (Nordic Energy Research) | Published March 16, 2017

It aims to explore different scenarios for how the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) can achieve its climate and energy in the most efficient manner. The study will use modeling tools Balmorel, Times, Markal, Message or a combination of these or other relevant modeling tools. The study conducted in collaboration with identified Baltic scientists / institutions as described in the tender documents.

Energy consultancy household in Baerum

Bærum kommune | Published March 13, 2017

Bærum, hereinafter called the principal, invites to competition in connection with the signing of contracts for the purchase of energy services to private homes in Bærum.

Offer 451116 E2 Energy Central

Forsvarsbygg | Published January 31, 2017

Energy Centre in the Air Force station, Gumpen uses ia fossil oil for heating buildings in the camp. The Ministry of Defence has given NDEA commissioned to phase out fossil fuels such as building heating. NDEA want on the basis of tenders for demolition and creation of new energy plant in Gumpen camp. The work includes the creation of heat, reserve power plants, exterior ditches with pipes and more.

New energy plant in Rådhus- Sivdamområdet Time municipality

Time kommune | Published October 9, 2015  -  Deadline November 11, 2015
45331100, 45300000, 45331000, 45331110

Buyer wishes through this competition to enter into a contract for the establishment of new energy plant based on biopellets. New energy plant will connect the existing distribution network, and serve as base load for local heating plant on Rådhus- Sivdamområdet.

Energy in Western Nordic and Arctic, data collection and scenario analyzes

Nordic Energy Research (Nordisk Energiforskning) | Published March 30, 2017

Western Nordic and Arctic referring to Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Svalbard, Jan Mayen and the Arctic Ocean around these countries.
The aim of the project is to explore the energy system in the region towards 2035. It will collect data for potential renewable energy resources in the area, infrastructure, demand and relevant political factors. Data will be published. They should also be used in scenario analyzes, which may prove possible cost-effective paths towards a sustainable and competitive communities in the region.

Assistance in the analysis of opportunities and costs of using renewable energy on Ruter boat communication

Ruter As (Forsyning) | Published September 1, 2015  -  Deadline October 15, 2015
71000000, 71300000, 71318000, 71330000, 71350000

Assistance in the analysis of opportunities and costs of using renewable energy on Ruter boat communication.

Dalane Energy

Waco Forsikringsmegling AS | Published February 2, 2017

Purchase of personal and general insurance for Dalane Energi AS and associated companies

100,226 Gardermoen fl st and RTV Trandum, energy conservation measures - Energy in the form of circulating hot water at Gardermoen fl st and RTV trandum

Forsvarsbygg | Published January 15, 2017

NDEA focusing on the purchase of environmentally friendly energy and invite private players to collaborate on heating of the military buildings and facilities at Gardermoen Air Station and Romerike technical workshop Trandum.
NDEA to conduct a competition for the supply of remote / local heating in a long-term agreement to Gardermoen Air Station and RTV Trandum. The energy will be produced by an external supplier either from existing plants (district heating) or from local plants (district heating) which is established at / Defence property adjacent to Gardermoen Air Station.
Using existing plants (district heating) requested deliveries respectively Gardermoen Air Station and RTV Trandum.
By establishing local plants (district heating) at / near Defence property adjacent to Gardermoen Air Station, it is desirable that this energy center also can supply the nearby campsite RTV Trandum.

Madla - energy conservation phase 3 - reconstruction of heating plant

Forsvarsbygg | Published April 4, 2017

• Establishment of two new heat pumps instead of the existing heat pump
• Establishment of a new system for heat absorption from the sea
• Various adjustments to heating plant at BMS and piping
New heat pumps:
Heat pump solution re-established with two new heat pumps with a total output of 1100 kW, adapted mapped needs. Energy ratio of the heat pumps will be about 80-85% of the total enrolled energy. Two heat pumps will increase the security of supply of clean and economical energy sources by monitor. production of heating and cooling. The solution will limit the use of refrigerant (glycol) to a separate very limited circuit in heat exchange related to sea water line with an exchanger.

Market research - innovative and energy-efficient solutions for rehabilitation

Oslo kommune Boligbygg Oslo KF | Published September 2, 2017

There is great need for new energy-efficient solutions for the rehabilitation of existing buildings, including homes. Residential want to be involved in developing the business, and wants to bring the latest technology solutions to the Norwegian market. We hereby invite you to provide input for a research project in cooperation with the EU and SINTEF, where among other facade elements with possible integrated technical solutions to be developed. Solutions must be cost effective, time saving and must be installed with minimum disruption to residents. The concept will be transferable to other comparable rehabilitation.

Transport and energy recovery of residual waste

Romerike Avfallsforedling IKS (ROAF) | Published August 1, 2017

Roaf need to enter into a contract with the supplier of transport and enerigutnyttelse of residual waste from households. Residual waste is sorted in ROAF their sorting. Sorting plant is designed so that the food waste, as households added in green bags, sorted out first before the residual waste is sifted and sorted regard. the waste plastic, metal and cardboard / paper. There will still be a significant proportion of residual waste after sorting to energy recovery. ROAF have carried fuel analysis, and the result is attached. Follo clean has awarded ROAF monopoly on their household waste by October 2017. Following clean introduces exactly the same sorting solution that ROAF which means that residents of Follo starts with sorting of food waste in green bags and plastic together with municipal waste.

FOR 013-2017 Research based evaluation of the action program "New energy around Damsgårdssundet"

Bergen Kommune | Published March 28, 2017

The provision applies to the preparation of a research-based evaluation of the action program "New energy around Damsgårdssundet." The evaluation report will provide answers about whether the expectations of the action are fulfilled and goals of it is achieved. It should also provide answers to whether such action is a good way for Bergen municipality to ensure that land use plans are realized.

Inner Salten Energy, plumbing works

Indre Salten Energi AS | Published August 2, 2017

Body of office wing.
Body of wardrobe and dining
warehouse tent