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Offer 451116 E2 Energy Central

Forsvarsbygg | Published January 31, 2017

Energy Centre in the Air Force station, Gumpen uses ia fossil oil for heating buildings in the camp. The Ministry of Defence has given NDEA commissioned to phase out fossil fuels such as building heating. NDEA want on the basis of tenders for demolition and creation of new energy plant in Gumpen camp. The work includes the creation of heat, reserve power plants, exterior ditches with pipes and more.

Transport and energy recovery of residual waste

Romerike Avfallsforedling IKS (ROAF) | Published August 1, 2017

Roaf need to enter into a contract with the supplier of transport and enerigutnyttelse of residual waste from households. Residual waste is sorted in ROAF their sorting. Sorting plant is designed so that the food waste, as households added in green bags, sorted out first before the residual waste is sifted and sorted regard. the waste plastic, metal and cardboard / paper. There will still be a significant proportion of residual waste after sorting to energy recovery. ROAF have carried fuel analysis, and the result is attached. Follo clean has awarded ROAF monopoly on their household waste by October 2017. Following clean introduces exactly the same sorting solution that ROAF which means that residents of Follo starts with sorting of food waste in green bags and plastic together with municipal waste.

Market research - innovative and energy-efficient solutions for rehabilitation

Oslo kommune Boligbygg Oslo KF | Published September 2, 2017

There is great need for new energy-efficient solutions for the rehabilitation of existing buildings, including homes. Residential want to be involved in developing the business, and wants to bring the latest technology solutions to the Norwegian market. We hereby invite you to provide input for a research project in cooperation with the EU and SINTEF, where among other facade elements with possible integrated technical solutions to be developed. Solutions must be cost effective, time saving and must be installed with minimum disruption to residents. The concept will be transferable to other comparable rehabilitation.

Framework agreement ventilation: service, repair, filter and energy assessment

Buskerud fylkeskommune | Published December 1, 2017

BFK Property shall enter into an agreement with one or more suppliers for service and repair / maintenance of ventilation, supply of filter for ventilation, energy assessment of ventilation and an option for the channel's.
The procurement is divided into 4 geographical zones. It can be offered on any number of zones. The election of one supplier per zone.
The framework agreement is two years. The client has the option to extend the contract by 1 year + 1 year, total duration of up to 4 years. NB! Alternative offers are not permitted.

Inner Salten Energy, structural work

Indre Salten Energi AS | Published August 2, 2017

Body of office wing.
Body of wardrobe and dining
warehouse tent

Inner Salten Energy, plumbing works

Indre Salten Energi AS | Published August 2, 2017

Body of office wing.
Body of wardrobe and dining
warehouse tent

EEA 007-2017 Acquisition and operation of energy monitoring system (EMS), New call

Bergen Kommune | Published June 2, 2017

Applicant for this procurement is Bergen municipality by Etat for construction and real estate (EBE). The procurement will be managed by the Department of Finance, competition and ownership / Etat for construction and real estate.

TY-17-01: EOS System

Tynset Kommune | Published May 1, 2017

Tynset to buy into energy monitoring system (EOS). Main objective of the procurement is to establish a Web-based energy monitoring system that displays climate and energy accounting for collected test results from municipal buildings.

Våler in Østfold, EPC project

Våler kommune | Published May 2, 2017

The client wants to enter into the energy saving contract with an energy entrepreneur, a process of planning and implementation of energy efficiency measures, where an undertaking accounts for the entire project, implementation and monitoring process and guarantees savings and profitability. The concept implies that an undertaking given incentives to leverage their expertise and creativity to stitch together a package of measures with the greatest possible savings and profitability principal. Indoor climate in all rooms should be at least as good as before the implementation of measures

Consulting for Climit program

Norges forskningsråd | Published September 2, 2017

Norwegian Research at the Division of Energy, Resources and Environment (ERM) invites tender procedure regarding the agreement for purchase of consulting services for Climit program. See tender documents.

System Test of battery electric buses in downtown Oslo

Ruter As (Forsyning) | Published January 26, 2017

All public transport in Oslo and Akershus will be running on only renewable energy in 2020.
Routes have adopted a target image for a transition to renewable energy for the bus fleet, up to 2025. Electric propulsion is expected to be dominant in the future, and routes now laying the foundations for the electrification of the bus fleet. Based on the current available solutions in the market, look fast charge on the stand as the most suitable operating concept for bus operations in Oslo. Further information of the knowledge base for Ruter ratings available at:

Framework agreement Excavation Services

Lyse AS | Published November 2, 2017

Lyse is a Norwegian industrial group in the energy and telecommunications and associated infrastructure. Light is owned by 16 municipalities in Southern Rogaland. The business includes production and sales of energy and telecommunications products, and construction and operation of infrastructure. The Group's head office and main market in South Rogaland, but also provides services in a national market where Light delivers broadband services to business partners. For more information check:
Light Elnett AS will now carry out a competition to conclude framework agreements for excavation services.

TY-17-02: Heat pump Fåset school

ABAKUS AS | Published June 1, 2017

Tynset shall By Fåset school will be installed heat pump based on energy wells heating solution. It should be placed in existing heating plant and associated with existing heating source based on oil and electric boiler.
For the scope and specifications of the heat pump installation, refer to the accompanying description.

activated charcoal

Returkraft AS | Published January 25, 2017

Return Kraft is a thermal energy plant for the production and sale of renewable energy in the form of electricity and district heating, and is sized to accommodate all household waste and most of the industrial waste that occurs in the counties. The plant burns about 130,000 tonnes of waste per. year.
Return Kraft incinerator is a grate-fired plant supplied by FISI Babcock Engineering in Germany.
Return Kraft wants to enter into a contract with the supplier of Supply of Activated Carbon to the plant.
Return Kraft wants to conclude an agreement for the period 07.13.2017 - 13.07.2019 with option for a further two years (1 + 1 year) if the return Kraft wish.

Architect and analysis assistance area plan for Melhus center

Melhus kommune | Published February 2, 2017

In connection with the preparation of the area plan for Melhus center and feasibility study for the station there is a need for architectural / planning aid and assistance for analysis. There is a need for:
1. Simple place analysis as a basis for a more well-founded range plan, with visibility of Gaula in the center.
2. Architect and plan assistance
3. Superior traffic analysis
4. Noise Study
5. An assessment of the area stability / landslide risk assessment for the entire planning area
6. Superior water and wastewater plan including stormwater solutions
7. Superior energy plan with the use of available renewable energy sources, with emphasis on groundwater.
8. Personal assistant / report in preparing the feasibility study for public transport hub / station.

General maintenance of buildings and grounds

Oslo kommune, Energigjennvinningsetaten | Published January 27, 2017

This procurement applies to all buildings and associated outdoor areas as client disposes of its facilities at Haraldrud Energy Recycling and Romerike biogas plant. The assignment includes construction services for general maintenance / rehabilitation and similar missions of buildings and outdoor areas as well as minor additions.
The scope of the services to be procured is expected to be approximately NOK 8.7 mill. Per year. This amount is an estimate based on historical data and the client gives no guarantees for a future volume and commits thus not principal.

Offer 451117 - E3 Under centers and radiators

Forsvarsbygg | Published January 31, 2017

Energy Centre in the Air Force station, Gumpen uses ia fossil oil for heating buildings in the camp. The Ministry of Defence has given NDEA commissioned to phase out fossil fuels such as building heating. NDEA want on the basis of tenders for demolition and creation of new substations for local heating network in Gumpen camp. The contract also includes the replacement of radiators in all buildings associated with local heating network.

Policies for sustainable bioenergy ( "Bioenergy sustainability policy")

Nordisk Energiforskning | Published May 2, 2017

The European Commission has put forward a proposal for a new directive on renewable energy for the period 2021-2030 (30 November 2016). The proposal includes sustainability criteria for all types of bioenergy regardless of end use.
The project objective is to provide analyzes of some key components of the proposed EU policy to facilitate national processes and contribute to mutual understanding of the consequences of the proposed policy for the Nordic countries.

ILAB - New Process Plants T-41 - Construction V1 Røra Add

Stiftelsen Industrilaboratoriet | Published September 1, 2017

The Industrial and Laboratory (ILAB), the principal, is a research foundation established in 1989 whose purpose is to facilitate research in aquaculture
The project mainly includes the establishment of a new processing plant for the production of animals for Thormøhlens Gate 41, Marineholmen. The processing plant established in industrial premises as adapted to new activities.
Entreprise V1 Røra Add safeguards rørtekniske work associated support systems to resirkulasjonsanlegg for production of laboratory animals (RAS Construction).
This mainly concerns:
- Energy Plants for heating / cooling of process water in RAS construction including cooling unit, electric boilers, components and piping. Piping performed in PE.
- Røra Add oxygen plant until oxygen panels. Piping executed in stainless steel.
- Piping for dilution water to process plants. Performed in PE.
- Piping for seawater safety at processing plants. Performed in PE.
- Piping for wastewater to seawater. Performed in PVC

Undergrunnsprogrammet- Analysis of stakeholders and needs

Norges geologiske undersøkelse (NGU) | Published January 25, 2017

Geological Survey sees an increasing need to digitize and streamline work processes related to the collection of data on the Norwegian underground, such as:
• Results from the geotechnical investigations.
• Results from drilling for groundwater and energy wells.
• Results from core analysis of mineral industry, consultants, entrepreneurs and researchers.
• Results from the geophysical measurements.
• Interpretation of experts and compilation of data sets in 3D and 4D.
This procurement is about identifying stakeholders, identify their needs and prioritize these needs within Subways program at NGU.
A detailed description of the Metro program and an overall assessment of the conditions for the overall cost and new assessment is in the tender documents and three (3) attachments.
Questions should be addressed to:
Project leader: Hans de Beer, with a copy to