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Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits

ProRail BV | Published April 22, 2017  -  Deadline May 22, 2017
31210000, 32410000, 32420000, 32440000

Framework consists of system acceptance, delivery and maintenance of equipment (below) substation automation (traction energy). A more detailed description can be found attached job description.

See Appendix job description.

River regulation and flood control works

Rijkswaterstaat Grote Projecten en Onderhoud (GPO) | Published March 25, 2017
45246000, 45246400, 71300000

During a brainstorming session with the principal representatives of Room for the River, the market vision team of RWS and the project Crèche Reduction Pannerdensch channel is looking for potential opportunities that can provide a better project outcome in the context of the market outlook. All ideas were welcome. The ideas are sorted by "potential" and "energy." Then it proceeds further in three chances. The Project expects to capitalize these opportunities in close cooperation with the market. The Project therefore aims at removing any barriers and applying incentives for the market. The market consultation will focus on the identification of these barriers and incentives. The market consultation is the first step in the advance market commitment.

See the already completed field regarding the short description.

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