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Other sources of energy supplies and distribution

Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland | Published March 21, 2017

The market dialogue aims to gain interest, attitudes and conditions of market on the said list on screen. Central to this is the question of how can be mined and exploited the potential of EOW. Through dialogue with the market wants Delfland in contact with interested market, even given the fact that the Delfland (yet) know exactly which parties are interested, let alone known to Delfland. It therefore wants the Delfland obviously ensure a level playing field and organize a market dialogue on 04.13.2017.

This market dialogue is not part of a contract. At the same time if possible - also in line with the market dialogue - the Delfland Water Board decides to ask a question of the market, possibly in the form of a tender. In that case, the Delfland relevant information ...

Subject market consultation. Not yet determined.

Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland | Published March 23, 2017
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Through this market consultation will examine the Delfland if there are parties who are able and willing to carry out a feasibility study into the opportunities to maximize revenue by placing solar cells and wind turbines on the premises of the Delfland gain on solar and wind energy.

Feasibility Report.

Offshore services

Rijkswaterstaat Centrale Informatievoorziening | Published March 9, 2017
76520000, 38115000, 38121000, 32230000

Project Assignment: Five operating platforms in three wind energy areas along the Dutch coast equipped with sensors and information.

The platforms are equipped with various types of sensors, most of which are called under existing agreements RWS, being directors deliveries. The remaining sensors are part of the EU procurement, namely:

- Nautical Radar;

- Bird Detection System;

- LiDAR;


In addition, RWS CIV intends to spend on the site integration. The site integrator in implementing responsible for, in cooperation with RWS-CIV designated sensor suppliers, working yield of the sensors on the platform and possibly wind turbines. The expected associated services: orchestration, assembling and testing of the sensors and other services, including management deliveries.

RWS-CIV holds, both from its strategic goals and the principles of the project onto the next sc ...

To be determined.

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