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Alliander N.V. | Published March 23, 2017
65000000, 65300000

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It is the vision of Liander N.V. and Alliander N.V. that, in the future, grid operators should be in a position to match the energy supply and demand with one another. To that end, the Client wishes to gain experience with flexibility markets, as referred to in USEF specifications. For that reason, in the roadmap for realisation and implementation of a market of this kind, the project foresees flexibility market development in two phases:

A development and test phase, during which a cooperation is entered into by a maximum of five (5) Tenderers to develop the market. Testing and validating market processes, as well as an initial flexibility trading form part of this phase. The underlying Tender applies solely to this phase.

An operational phase, during which the developed market can be entered by an unlimited number of Tenderers. Awards for this phase are made through a separate project. Aw...

Tenderers are asked to present an itemised action plan, by means of which flexibility in electricity consumption in the area of Nijmegen Noord can be unlocked before January 2018 and which, by means of a market in accordance with USEF specifications, can be used to lower the stress on the local grid. At the very least, the flexibility must be available during the winter months between 17:00 and 20:00 hours.

Tenderers have the intention and the resources to carry out the presented Action Plan as from the time at which the Cooperation Agreement is entered into and following the approval of the investment proposal that has been drawn up as an alternative to grid upgrade.

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