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Street-lighting maintenance services

Comune di Amelia | Published October 28, 2015  -  Deadline January 22, 2016

The grant covers mainly the provision of services, as well as the execution of works of an accessory nature; The concession is also evaluating the possibility of development of alternative energy in the context of communal property. It will have a term of twenty years from the signing of the contract. The concession has as its object the execution of the following activities: - exercise and carrying out of all public lighting including the supply of electricity to the power network, - routine maintenance and scheduled-preventive and emergency of all facilities public lighting, - final design (to be presented in the competition) and execution before the delivery of the work and implementation of interventions aimed at increasing energy efficiency, adaptation to the rules against light pollution and safety and of all the installations of public illumination with consequent reduction in consumption and environmental impact, displacement of n. 12 light points from Via Lama Via Nocicchia and realization of n. 6 new lights in the suburbs and for lighting monumental improvement as offered, - possible construction of new public lighting (non-contractual work) to the Organisation contracting and to be performed by the dealer, prior authorization of the Contracting Authority on presentation of suitable cost estimate, to the extent permitted by law.
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