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Natural gas

KFKI Üzemeltető Kft. | Published November 16, 2016  -  Deadline December 20, 2016

Natural gas sales contract with the Institute for Management Ltd. site of natural gas supply for 12 months, with consumer connection points takeover of the Hungarian natural gas network is constantly available, according to the Hungarian standard in force (BS 1648: 2000). 2 / H-quality natural gas energy procurement, free-market conditions, according to , full supply of natural gas under the trade agreement, which includes the accounting system operating costs as well.

Delivery of natural gas energy to the contracting authority 01/01/2017. 6:00 am up to 01.01.2018. 55.5408 million MJ / year (annual gas consumption is nominal) amount of natural gas in order to obtain energy within the framework of full supply of natural gas for energy trading contract period from 6:00 pm.

The contracting of the nominal amount of gas consumption + 50% surcharge-free rate may vary. See the purchase option clause in section II.2.11).

The quantities set at 15 ° C and QL = 34.2 MJ / gnm³ +/- 5% of the reference shall be construed circumstances of the BS 1648 standard regulations.

The gas supply system includes charges related to natural gas and purchase state-imposed, against the rain contracting costs, fees, taxes and other contributions. These charges, taxes, levies a full accounting of the contractor responsible.


KFKI Üzemeltető Kft. | Published November 16, 2016  -  Deadline December 20, 2016

Sale of electricity to supply the Institute for Management Kft. Site of 12 months, 01/01/2017. 00:00 CET - 12.31.2017. during the period between 24:00 CET, within the framework of full board without scheduling obligation based power trading agreement.

General purpose of the sale of electricity 01.01.2017. 00:00 CET - 12.31.2017. during the period between 24:00 CET, 9700 MWh framework of the full board without scheduling obligation based power trading agreement.

The contracting a specified amount in a positive direction + 50% different.

The offer price to be submitted HUF / kWh measuring unit, rounded to three decimals.

The bid price includes the cost of electricity charges and balancing energy, cross-border capacity charges, the balance circle membership fee. The contract price includes the cost of any service broadcast invoicing as well.

The offer price does not include the system of user charges in 2007 LXXXVI. TV. energy, renewable energy sources and waste funds referred 147 §-in, energy tax, VAT, other taxes, levies, fees, charges and expenses, as well as the relevant prevailing legislation may arise under the relevant legislation set out has been generated electricity in order to facilitate the production of the transmission system operator compulsorily purchased by the electricity Trading (FIT) the amount and cost of regulation.

Natural gas

Budapest Főváros II. Kerületi Önkormányzat | Published November 30, 2016  -  Deadline January 5, 2017

Contracting authority in this procurement procedure as a result of the sale and purchase agreement to be connected to the Budapest City II. District Municipality and institutions named in place of consumption for the Hungarian transmission network is constantly available to purchase natural gas energy market competition 03.01.2017. 6:00 am - 1/3/2018. 6:00 pm period, within the framework of full supply contract without the obligation schedule.

The subject of the contract (supplies) in Budapest Capital II. Purchase of all local District Council natural gas energy.

Annual consumption is: a total of 1,326,076 m³ + 30% volume difference

expressed in m³ The value of the quantity of gas technology normal state, i.e. at 15 C and 101 325 Pa pressure understood.

Architectural design services

Városliget Ingatlanfejlesztő Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság | Published November 19, 2016  -  Deadline December 27, 2016

The system is aimed at exploiting the Széchenyi Spa thermal water run-off and groundwater attendant cooling system design tasks.

The system is aimed at exploiting the Széchenyi Spa thermal water effluent, groundwater and making the attendant cooling system design tasks.

Main elements of the system to be designed, respectively. the main tasks:

Szechenyi Baths run-off water recovery:

- Lifting unit to the Széchenyi Baths run-off water from the central reservoir delivering,

- Structural designs,

- Engineering plans,

- Electrical power supply and control engineering design,

- Printing business plan of the central buffer reservoir,

- Central buffer reservoir engineering objects and spaces,

- Structural designs,

- Engineering plans,

- Electrical power supply and control engineering design,

- Designing buildings supply lines;

2. kútvízhasznosítás:

- Sinkholes and water source wells and pipelines,

- Establishment of producing and drain well pair,

- Well tests, pumping tests and swallow,

- Hydrogeological modeling,

- Impact studies,

- Design of wells,

- Primary side wiring plan

- Electrical power supply and control engineering design,

- Designing buildings supply lines.

The implementation plans, the system must be prepared for each element of the necessary permits and contributions must be completed.

Job Description, History

The local building regulations prescribe the requirements laid down in the applicable building energy regulation "nearly zero-energy building" satisfactory building design and construction.

The point where calculations are required for the planned system (CO₂ savings, etc), calculated in both concept (a system for the use of ground source water run-off system and the Szechenyi Spa).

Technical data for each share of renewable buildings (heating power requirements and thermal and hydraulic parameters etc), the designer of each building engineering designer of conciliation.

Reconciliation of each building network providing primary side (water attendant) cooling power supply design parameters of the design task.

During the planning of the necessary consultations to include all of the administrative department concerned.

The approved design is complete, surrender all coated administration, by an expert approved construction plan package.

Facilities to be performed

Within the Park project this document, the following buildings, facilities engaged in:

- Hungarian Museum of Transport and Technology (KOM)

- New National Gallery (UNG)

- US House of Music (ZEN)

- Museum of Ethnography (NEP)

- City Park Theatre (SZI)

- Park Service Center (BAZ)

- Olof Palme House (OLO).

Scanning probe microscopes

Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Energiatudományi Kutatóközpont | Published December 10, 2016  -  Deadline January 17, 2017

purchase and installation of a low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope contract for the sale of 1, closed cooling circuits and high-quality optics with (SAA) is the subject of the Institute for Energy Research Centre.

purchase and installation of a low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope 1, closed cooling circuits and high-resolution optics with (SAA) with the Institute for Energy Research Centre of the main technical parameters are as follows:

- STM-1 probe,

- 1 x STM-vacuum chamber,

- 1 sample inlet sluice,

- 1 sample preparation chamber,

- Kifűtésére device of the vacuum chamber,

- Private, He-liquid cooling,

- Frame and vibration-free base,

- High resolution optics,

- Magnet (0.5 Tesla)

- Control electronics, computers and control software.

A detailed technical description of the subject matter of public procurement, including the procurement documents.

Contracting Authority points out that all manufacturers or origin of things specified in the procurement documents or specific procedure or to trade marks, patents, activity, person, types or a specific origin or any reference to the manufacturing process occurs solely in order to determine the subject matter of the procurement unambiguous nature of the in addition to name, the words "or equivalent" should be understood in any case!

other than those specified by the contracting products, tools and solutions in case megajánlása demonstration of equivalence of any appropriate means responsible bidder.

The specific products, tools, solutions to any doubt as to proof of equivalence fully bidder should dispel, which is a clear and verifiable evidence should provide that support its claims.

The product offered is valid licenses, certifications have to be placed on the market in Hungary and must meet the conditions set out in the relevant legislation.

Offeror's offer to declare obliged about it, and the potential to be fulfilled by the subcontractor / sub-contracting works, supplies, services, and their use by the contracting any part does not infringe any third party's copyright, patent, trademark, bringing the industrial design right or any other industrial property the right to protection is given.

The examination of the economic, technical and related aspects of the contract with the contracting authority has determined that a portion of bidding for public contracts is incompatible with the economic and technical reasonable basis.

Construction work

Semmelweis Egyetem | Published December 6, 2016  -  Deadline January 12, 2017

Construction contracts under the KEHOP-5.2.4-15-2016-00004 identification number of projects in the works to carry out the modernization of energy Kútvölgyi Clinical Array, which is the Hospital Clinic Building and the four-story wing of the facade thermal insulation, stone cladding, doors and windows and replacing the shade structures the modernization of the cooling system and the modernization of energy at a time, into strength necessary technical work to be performed includes option also includes a pie clinic building and the modernization of the economic wing of energy.

The detailed definition of the work to be done working drawings, specifications and budget proposals as part of the tender documents contain.

The Kútvölgyi Clinical Array (, 1125 Bp Kútvölgyi Road 4, 10733/6 hrsz, National Heritage registration number:... 15726) constitute a monument.

Basic package:

Contractor (AT) is responsible for the entire seven-storey Kórházép. and Rendelőint. For four-story wing on the following aspects:

Package 1:

- Facade insulation (flat roof hőszig.-gel): 12 600 m²,

- Mounted stone (including kőfedésű flat roof): 10 800 m²,

- Replacement of wooden windows and doors: 3000 m²,

- Aluminum doors and windows and curtain wall replacement: 1600 m²,

- Motorized blinds exchange: 1800 m²,

- Present a unique cooling system to replace a number of new VRV system,

- Lightning protection rsz. building.

Package 2:

- Façade World Cup. (Part bauxite) systems to improve surface 650 m²,

- Complex renovation of balconies,

- Smoke and heat extraction RWA rsz. building complete,

- Other professional, ancillary works.

Winning AT has a job in the meantime. It must be carried out on the basis of a detailed organizational plan and a weekly schedule he developed on the basis of organizational specification issued as part of the technical specifications.

30 days.

Phase Objective: within the alapcsomagon all the front surface of the heat island. carrying out the necessary preparatory work to place the kórházép. 100% of, and permanent housing to 50% in construction and facade replacement doors and windows, deadline: 180 days after the transfer of m.terület.

The evaluation criteria:

The aspects of this notice include the following points II.2.5 kieg.-gel:

The price includes additional criteria for award criteria:

, Tart.kerettel increased total net against serve for Basic package onto. (HUF), weighting: 40,

, Increased total net against tart.kerettel for Option 1 are from. (HUF), weighting: 5

, Increased total net against tart.kerettel for Option 2 are from. (HUF), weighting: 5th

If the price criteria AK reverse scaling, linear scaling method for applying qualitative criteria, scores of 1-10.

II. It includes chapters.

Main terms of payment and the applicable statutory provisions:

20 and 30-32. §-in shall prevail.

AK 5 billings and submission of the final bill allows one certified by recognized by the AT and AK-winning technical inspector, actually made the appropriate rate may amount to as follows:

Part 1 account: the implementation of 25% at the stage of completion, but no later than 45 days after the transfer of the m.terület,

After 135 days,

billings 4 to 180 days if the technical content specified in szakaszteljesítéshez realized,

In case of 70% to reach the stage,

final bill: Following the successful completion of the technical handover procedure.

§ 135 (7) of Art. in advance according to the first settlement részszámlából deduction is made.

The szerz.szerű and accounts drawn up in accordance with the law 100% KEHOP-5.2.4-15-2016-00004 no. framework, utófinanszírozással project, will be settled by bank transfer within 30 days of receipt.

5% of the appropriate degree of margin ends up.

The payment currency: HUF.

AK payments in the 2003 XCII. TV. (Art.) 36 / A. § 2011 and CXCV. TV. meet (APF.) according to the provisions.

§ 142. Subsection (1). b), it is obliged to pay VAT AK.

FIZ. conditions in the szerz.tervezet.

§ 136 (1) in bek., respectively. to § 143 (3) bek. was contained.

Building alteration work

Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem | Published December 9, 2016  -  Deadline January 11, 2017

complete reconstruction within the framework of a contract with the "Environment Energy Efficiency Program Eötvös College Nagytétényi travel.

The 11 289 m² of "A", "B", "C" and "D" student (school) buildings full master builder, crafts, mechanical and electrical renovation:

- 1700 m² replacement doors and windows,

- 2000 m² facade insulation,

- 1000 m² flat roof heat insulation and waterproofing,

- 500 pieces of interior door replacement,

- 11 000 m² floor coverings, layers with alignment,

- 15 000 m² interior wall painting,

- 450 pieces of radiator replacement,

- 2000 kW boiler replacement, control,

- Construction of 15 000 m³ of air ventilation insurance exchange

- 1200 pcs Replacement lamp,

- Replacement of 5600 pieces of assembly (sockets, switches, etc)

- Disposal of 15 000 m power cable,

- Replacement of 800 endpoints fire alarm system,

- Construction of 550 pieces of computer network endpoints,

- 500 kW solar installation,

- 10 000 m² garden renovation,

- Development of 500 m² sports grounds.

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