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Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

Fővárosi Közterület-fenntartó Zártkörűen Működő Nonprofit Részvénytársaság | Published March 18, 2017  -  Deadline April 26, 2017

Purchase CNG Fuel (chip card).

Total net 150 000 000 HUF subject to a ceiling to ensure the purchase of CNG fuel tank and special machines over 3.5 tons of options for smart cards. the stock is currently considering contracting target machine is required to provide 63 pieces of chip cards.

Refurbishment work

NFSI – Nemzeti Fejlesztési és Stratégiai Intézet Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság | Published March 29, 2017  -  Deadline April 10, 2017
45453100, 45321000, 45443000, 45331000, 45315100, 45350000, 45000000, 45210000

under a contract for the implementation of number of projects, "the Ministry of Defense buildings energy development 'of KEHOP-5.2.2 / 16-2016-00001 identification construction work of the 191/2009. according to (IX.15.). A.

Natural gas

Budapest Főváros XVI. Kerületi Önkormányzat | Published March 2, 2017  -  Deadline April 5, 2017

Purchase contract / City of Budapest XVI. District Municipality and institutions for purchase of pipeline gas 2017th

Energy Delivery of natural gas, 07/01/2017. 6:00 CET - 01.07.2018. 6:00 CET period, full supply, energy framework gas sales contract without the obligation schedule.

Total quantity: 18 649 200 Total consumption point m³ / year. In this capacity contracted capacity below 20 m³ / h with a consumption point (5): 96 500 m³ / year.

From 20-100 m³ / h capacity contracted capacity with a consumption point (13 pieces): 553 600 m³ / year.

Participation in the differential amount to 60% (the Tender specified amount by 60% surcharge-free may be different in a positive direction).

The quantities set out in BS 1648: 2000 standard, 15 ° and 101 325 kPa Reference circumstances be interpreted in m³ (gnm³).

Refurbishment work

NFSI – Nemzeti Fejlesztési és Stratégiai Intézet Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság | Published February 22, 2017  -  Deadline March 30, 2017
45453100, 45321000, 45443000, 45331000, 45315100, 45350000, 45000000, 45210000

according to 15) Govt. regulation.

Project Object 6 HM II and the Ittebei Kiss József Helicopter Base Lieutenant nine buildings affected.

Needed to replace today's energy requirements are not appropriate front doors.

Also avoid solar system is installed.

The amount of planned major building energy renovation / modernization and construction activity:

related to post-insulation of the roof works.

Roof heat and waterproofing of 11 749 m².

related to post-insulation of facades works (creating a facade flat rock wool and EPS flat skirting closed-cell insulation system).

Facade thermal insulation system design and skirting 13 526 m².

Facade scaffolding: 33 175 m².

Pavement demolition and re-construction: 349 m2Homlokzati rock wool insulation 11 277 m².

Replacing doors and windows Facade works associated with: 10 778 m².

Building services related to the modernization of the heating system works.

Strangszabályzás radiator and exchange termoszelep 2172 pieces.

Lightning protection system Removing and reinstalling the associated electrical work, new air handling units (19 000 m³ / h and 15 000 m³ / h) and associated ventilation duct and installation works related to plumbing and drainage works

VRF cooling systems in building new variable refrigerant flow

During construction, particular account shall be taken of the specific requirements and rules on the security measures prescribed in the military field work (procurement documents detailing).

Due to ensure the operation of the facilities of the work carried out on the basis of updated and approved by the customer scheduling and site layout plan within 10 working days after the contractor's contractual

If any part of the document contains a brand, frequency, type of thing, process, activity, person, or patents or references to trade marks, or if the standard for technical approval, technical specifications or technical recommendation sets, they are only the current nature of the clear in order to determine happened contracting authority accepts equivalent performance as well.

The contract is a flat-rate nature of the tasks of the above amounts and indicative.

The full task description and the detailed terms and conditions included in the procurement documents.

Részajt. Reason for exclusion: Given that the economic, technical, and authors. performance of conn. taking into account factors (demand purchasing, and tasks in a complex project responsibilities, unified operation, unified automated building management system, a single support contract) would be unreasonable, respectively. the acquisition of the subject nature (nature) does not allow public talk. providing for the possibility of a bid, the investment organization of work and cost effectiveness of one bidder for efficiently solvable, so ajkérő section offering exclusive.

Engineering services

Országos Vízügyi Főigazgatóság | Published March 22, 2017  -  Deadline May 3, 2017
71300000, 71631000, 71310000, 71318000, 71248000, 71520000, 71631300

FIDIC provided under an agency contract "Water retention and change of land use planning in the Drava-Up Program" designed and implemented on a contract to be concluded within the framework of (KEHOP-1.3.0-15-2016-00014) project entitled FIDIC Yellow Book, according to engineering and technical supervision activities supply ".

The title of the procedure was shortened due to character limits in section II.1.1) and II.2.1). The correct address is given in this section.

The contractor responsible for the "Water retention and change of land use planning in the Drava-Up Programme" of projects KEHOP-1.3.0-15-2016-00014 ID No. 1995, on water management, LVII. § 7 of the Act (2), b), c), e), f) establishments falling within as well as solar power providing fixed installations energy supply licensing plans to prepare, obtain permits, complete supply of construction, construction tasks, the construction plans preparing for implementation according to FIDIC Yellow Book, 1995, on water management, LVII. supply within defined subject area Law § 7 (2) b) c) e) f), the enterprise works FIDIC contract engineering and technical control tasks.

A brief description of the procurement - point 29 of the information forming part of the documentation, the details are published as part of the documentation contains a technical specification - because of tight constraints of characters used in the call.

The point II.2.5) description of the quality evaluation criteria in shortened due to character limits. The full text of the tender documents III / 1. Evaluation Methodology document.

Building installation work

Semmelweis Egyetem | Published March 24, 2017  -  Deadline June 8, 2017
45300000, 45321000, 45421100, 45350000, 45310000

Construction contracts under the KEHOP-5.2.4-15-2016-00004 identification number of projects in the works to carry out the modernization of energy Kútvölgyi Clinical Array, which is the Hospital Clinic Building and the four-story wing of the facade thermal insulation, stone cladding, doors and windows and replacing the shade structures the modernization of the cooling system and the modernization of energy at a time, into strength necessary technical work to be performed includes option also includes a pie clinic building and the modernization of the economic wing of energy.

The detailed definition of the work to be done working drawings, specifications and budget proposals as part of the tender documents contain.

The Kútvölgyi Clinical Array (, 1125 Bp Kútvölgyi Road 4, 10733/6 hrsz, National Heritage registration number:... 15726) constitute a monument.

Basic package:

Contractor (AT) is responsible for the entire seven-storey Kórházép. and Rendelőint. For four-story wing on the following aspects:

1 package:

- Facade insulation (flat roof hőszig.-gel): 12 600 m²,

- Mounted stone (including kőfedésű flat roof): 11 075 m²,

- Replacement of wooden windows and doors: 3000 m²,

- Aluminum doors and windows and curtain wall replacement: 1600 m²,

- Motorized blinds exchange: 1800 m²,

- Present a unique new cooling systems to replace VRV rendszerre- Kórházép: 5, Rendelőint: 4,

- Lightning protection rsz. building.

Package 2:

- Façade World Cup. (Part bauxite) systems to improve surface 650 m²,

- Complex renovation of balconies (railing renovation: 500 m², terrazzo border: 424 m)

- 1 heat and smoke ventilation RWA rsz. Building complete.

Winning AT has a job in the meantime. It must be carried out on the basis of a detailed organizational plan and a weekly schedule he developed on the basis of organizational specification issued as part of the technical specifications.

30 days.

Phase Objective: within the alapcsomagon all the front surface of the heat island. carrying out the necessary preparatory work to place the kórházép. 100% of, and permanent housing to 50% in construction and facade replacement doors and windows, deadline: 180 days after the transfer of m.terület.

The evaluation criteria:

The aspects of this notice include the following points II.2.5 kieg.-gel:

The price includes additional criteria for award criteria:

, Increased total net against tart.kerettel provide for the basic package onto. (Ft), 56;

, Increased total net against tart.kerettel for Option 1 are from. (Ft), 7;

, Increased total net against tart.kerettel are away for Option 2. (Ft), 7th

If the price criteria AK reverse scaling, min. In case of criteria using linear scaling method, score 1-10.

II. It includes chapters.

Main Fiz. conditions and the relevant legal provisions:

20, 30-32. 32 / A. §-in shall prevail.

AK 5 part 1 and the submission of the final bill allows certified by recognized by the AT and AK-winning technical inspector, actually made the appropriate rate may amount to as follows:

Part 1 account: the implementation of 25% at the stage of completion, but no later than 45 days after the transfer of the m.terület,

After 135 days,

billings 4 to 180 days if the technical content specified in szakaszteljesítéshez realized,

In case of 70% to reach the stage,

final bill: Following the successful completion of the technical handover procedure.

in the amount of 75 million HUF settlement in advance of the first részszámlából deduction is made.

The szerz.szerű and accounts drawn up in accordance with the law within the framework of utófinanszírozással, are 100% KEHOP-5.2.4-15-2016-00004 project will be settled by bank transfer within 15 days of receipt.

5% of the appropriate degree of margin ends up.

The payment currency: HUF.

AK payments in the 2003 XCII. Law (Art.) 36 / A. § 2011 and CXCV. It fulfills Act (PFA). According to the provisions.

§ 142. The CXXVII Act 2007. Subsection (1). b), it is obliged to pay VAT AK.

The detailed payment conditions are included in the szerz.tervezet.

§ 136 (1) and § 143 (3) bek. was contained.

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