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Fortalecimiento Institucional de los Actores del Sector Energético Nacional

 | Published October 18, 2016

Institutional Strengthening for Energy Sector Stakeholders The objective of the operation is the training and support of a program to modify the structure and staff that is part of energy sector institutions

Evaluación de Recursos Renovable en Islas de la Bahía

 | Published September 2, 2015  -  Deadline September 10, 2015

Renewable Energy Resource Evaluation in Bay Islands The IDB Country Strategy 2011 -2014 states power sector is a priority and IDB will support the diversification of energy sources, by increasing power generation from renewable sources such as water, wind, geothermal, and solar through financing, leveraging of cofinancing resources, and technical assistance.


 | Published September 22, 2017  -  Deadline November 7, 2017

SUPPORT FOR THE INTEGRATION OF HONDURAS INTO THE REGIONAL ELECTRICITY MARKET AND THE CONNECTIVITY OF RENEWABLE ENERGY TO THE GRID The objective is to improve the physical infrastructure in Honduras to allow it to participate effectively in the Regional Electricity Market (MER). This will be achieved by expanding two existing and operational substations that are part of the Honduras national transmission system. This will, in turn, promote the use of the Central American Electricity Interconnection System (SIEPAC) and facilitate the incorporation of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy (ERNC) into the National Grid (SIN).

IAL / 00087688 / 01727-2015 Energy Equipment Acquisition

United Nations Development Programme | Published March 11, 2015  -  Deadline April 7, 2015

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), at the request of the Honduran Telecommunications Company (Hondutel) invites eligible to submit a bid in a sealed envelope to the following process Invitation to Bid Bidders: Process Name Date and time conference prior date and time for receipt of tenders Date, time and place of opening of tenders IAL / 00087688 / 01727-2015 Energy Equipment Acquisition March 17, 2015 10:00 am April 7, 2015, 10: 00 am April 7, 2015, 11:00 am The process will be carried out according to the rules and procedures of UNDP. Bidders interested may register at no cost by submitting a letter of interest to the following address: and inspect the bidding documents at the UNDP website Honduras / en / home / operations / procurement / Pre-conference, reception and public bid opening will be held at the UN House, Avenida Republic of Panama, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on the dates and times established in the table above. It may be a maximum of two (2) representatives of each bidder concerned, during the pre-bid conference and.

Diseño del Plan de Inversión para el Recurso Hidroeléctrico Estatal de la ENEE, (En Operación y Estudio)”,

 | Published February 29, 2016  -  Deadline November 16, 2017

Cañaveral-Río Lindo Hydropower Complex Rehabilitation and Uprating Project The objective of the project is to recuperate and to conserve the power generation capacity from renewable energies, contributing to energy security, through the improvement of the efficiency and the extension of the lifespan of the power generation and transmission infrastructure. The specific objectives are: i) to rehabilitate the power infrastructure of the Canaveral and Rio Lindo power stations, ii) to rehabilitate the transmission infrastructure that connects the power stations to the grid; and iii) to improve the ENEE's operational and commercial efficiency generation management.

Honduras — Inclusive territorial economic development in the Muskitia region. The program strengthens territorial governance, improves the business climate and increases access to services for indigenous peoples. Phase 1 (2017-2020)

Departamento Federal de Asuntos Exteriores DFAE Agencia Suiza para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación COSUDE, División América Latina y el Caribe, Oficina de Cooperación Suiza en Honduras | Published July 8, 2016  -  Deadline October 3, 2016

The program contributes to the establishment of new models of inclusive territorial economic development that increases the competitiveness of the indigenous producers of the Muskitia, through participation in value chains such as cocoa, fishing and basic grains. The program takes advantage of the region's geographic location on the sea and and its borders with Nicaragua and Colombia that allow access to national and international markets.

The program is relevant because it strengthens shared governance, indigenous territorial development and horizontal harmonization among indigenous actors and the private business sector. In addition, it increases the capacity of the municipalities and central government agencies to respond to the indigenous peoples and the needs of the private sector.

The program generates employment and income, invigorates the local economy and contributes to food security in a context of historical exclusion and chronic nutritional deficit. It also increases the circulating capital needed for economic activity, reduces migration and loss of human capital.

The program helps reduce the insecurity generated by organized crime through the creation of alternative economic opportunities for the young people in rural and urban zones.

This initiative is aligned with the regional and national policies and plans, with potential strategic alliances with other development partners such as the United Nations and Germany, and with the Muskitia Alliance project of the Economic Development Sector Cabinet. In addition, the program causes changes in the cooperation models, from a vertical system to a horizontal system oriented to structural processes and changes constructed with the indigenous population.

Building on the system of indigenous governance, the program strategy is characterized by facilitating and consolidating processes that favour inclusive territorial economic development, articulating the indigenous economy with the local, national and international market economy. It also influences the government to organize the economic development strategy and public investment in the Muskitia zone.

In the first phase, under the mandate modality, the priority is to strengthen indigenous institutionality, social organization and territorial governance structure through cacao value chains, fishing and basic grains. The territorial councils facilitate dialogue and agreement among public and private stakeholders to make the first productive investments. In the succeeding phases, building on solid territorial institutionality in the Musktia, the priority will be contributions to the territorial councils and MASTA with the goal of ensuring the sustainability of the process.

The program impacts approximately 10,000 families living in the department of Gracias a Dios and indirectly 286 communities, 6 municipalities and 12 indigenous territorial councils due to its territorial nature and structural changes produced. 85 % of this population belongs to the Miskitu people and 15 % is comprised of Garífuna, Pech and Tawakas peoples.

The direct participants are: the territorial councils and national indigenous structures such as MASTA, Tawaka, Pech and Garífuna Federations; the production groups of 8 territorial councils; processors, local national and international markets, support services; regulators; the municipalities and the municipal association.

The principal partners are: Ministry of Agriculture and Ranching; National Directorate of Fisheries; Forest Conservation Institute (ICF); Ministry of Energy, Natural Resources, Environment and Mines ‘My Environment’; Association of Municipalities of Honduras (AM-HON); the private business sector; and the alliances with donors in the territory such as UN, USAID, Germany, and the World Bank in the framework of the donors' round table.

HN Power Sector Efficiency Enhancement - P104034

Unidad Ejecutora de Proyecto Banco Mundial (UEP-BM) | Published March 6, 2015

General Procurement Notice HONDURAS IMPROVEMENT PROJECT OF THE EFFICIENCY OF ENERGY SECTOR (PROMEF) 2015 GENERAL PROCUREMENT NOTICE IDA-4536-HN seráfinanciado The project jointly with the Government of Honduras and the executing agency, Empresa Nacional de Energía Eléctrica (ENEE). The project will include the following components: Rehabilitation of Distribution Networks: Proposes improve reliability and reduce technical losses in distribution lossistemas ENEE, by strengthening the dedistribución, substations and distribution equipment for monitoring, voltage control network and switching. Capacity Strengthening Corporate Governance Institucionaly ENEE: Strengthen financial management and the context in which the ENEE realizasus operations. Consulting services are seleccionaránconforme to the Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Prestatariosdel, May 2004, revised in October 2006. Version Amedida specific ads that are available deadquisiciones for contracts will be issued, to be tendered pursuant to procedimientosde International Competitive Bidding (ICB) and World Bank consultants loscontratos high value in UN Development Business and dgMarket and in the Official Portal of the National System of Purchasing and Contratacionesdel State (http: //www.honducompras.gob. hn) and wide distribucióna newspapers nationwide. Losconsultores wishing to receive a copy of the invitation to presentarexpresiones of interest for consultancy contracts high value aquellosque wish to integrate the database of consultants based Project DeSUS various components and sub-components, or need to obtain másinformación, should be addressed to the following email address or: UnidadEjecutora World Bank (UEP-BM) EmpresaNacional Electric Power Project (ENEE) EdificioCorporativo ENEE, 3rd floor, Residencial El Trapiche Tegucigalpa, Honduras CA Maria Elena Martinez Quan 2969 Email: uepromef @
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