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DÉPARTEMENT DE LA DRÔME Mme la Présidente du Conseil départemental Direction des Bâtiments - Pôle marchés 26 avenue du Président Herriot 26026 Valence - 9 Tél : 04 75 79 81 08 | Published July 3, 2026  -  Deadline March 7, 2017

Realization of the work of electrical and gas conformation of the departmental buildings of Drôme (except colleges and castles) divided into 2 lots.

Consulting, natural gas market study

Weltbankgruppe Weltbank /International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD/Weltbank-Gruppe) | Published December 6, 2018  -  Deadline June 20, 2026

Construction, gas supply (Astrakhan region)

Öffentlicher Sekor, ohne Geberfinanzierung | Published December 3, 2018  -  Deadline March 20, 2027

Consulting, strategic plan for the state oil and gas company of Mozambique

Weltbankgruppe Weltbank /International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD/Weltbank-Gruppe) | Published November 6, 2018  -  Deadline June 20, 2022

Equipment, gas network infrastructure

EU-Kommission/Europäische Union | Published November 4, 2018  -  Deadline June 20, 2005

Repair / expansion, gas storage

Eur. Bank für Wiederaufbau u. Entw./European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) | Published November 1, 2018  -  Deadline March 20, 2012

Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spectrometer (inch) - NATIONAL TENDER

Weltbankgruppe Weltbank /International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD/Weltbank-Gruppe) | Published September 4, 2018  -  Deadline May 20, 2007

Flue gas measuring equipment (thermal power plant)

Öffentlicher Sekor, ohne Geberfinanzierung | Published September 2, 2018  -  Deadline February 20, 2027

Div. Equipment for the electricity and gas company

Öffentlicher Sekor, ohne Geberfinanzierung | Published August 6, 2018  -  Deadline July 20, 2011

Equipment / construction, gas pipelines

Eur. Bank für Wiederaufbau u. Entw./European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) | Published August 2, 2018

Gas Servicing and Repairs

Anchor Trust | Published July 27, 2018

Subministrament Gas Natural Comprimit (GNC)

Ajuntament de Castelldefels | Published July 27, 2018  -  Deadline July 19, 2018

Licitació pel Subminitrament de Gas Natural Comprimit (GNC) destinat als camions de recollida de residus i altres vehicles pertanyents a SERVEIS AMBIENTALS DE CASTELLDEFELS.

Equity and Johnnie Johnson Integrated Asset Management Contract

Echelon Consultancy Ltd | Published July 27, 2018  -  Deadline August 24, 2018

10-year TPC 2005 (as amended) Integrated Asset Management Contract initially comprising reactive repairs and void works, with the option to include other workstreams including planned maintenance works, gas servicing, breakdown and installation works, grounds maintenance, estate services and cleaning. Responsive repairs will be delivered using a Price Per Property (PPP) model and void works using a Price Per Void (PPV) model. The commercial model for the optional elements is to be finalised as part of the tender process but likely to include a blend of archetype, SOR and quotation based pricing.

LOT 1, subministrament of natural gas BAIXA PRESSIÓ: Sublot 1.1, Punts of consumption amb rate d'accés 3.1 or the one that the pugui to replace. Sublot 1.2, Punts de consum amb rate d'accés 3.2 or the one that pug [...]

Consorci Català pel Desenvolupament Local | Published July 27, 2018
Ver detalle de la adjudicación

Contracte basat in l'Acord marc de subministrament of natural gas amb destinació to les entitats locals de Catalunya

Consorci Català pel Desenvolupament Local | Published July 27, 2018  -  Deadline July 20, 2018

LOT 1, subministrament of natural gas BAIXA PRESSIÓ: Sublot 1.1, Punts of consumption amb rate d'accés 3.1 or the one that the pugui to replace. Sublot 1.2, Punts of consume amb rate d'accés 3.2 or that the pugui to replace. Sublot 1.3, Punts of consumption amb rate d'accés 3.3 or that the pugui to replace. Sublot 1.4, Punts of consume amb rate d'accés 3.4 or that the pugui to replace. LOT 2, subministrament of natural gas MITJA I ALTA PRESSIÓ: Sublot 2.1, Punts of consumption amb rate d'accés 2.1 or the one that the pugui to replace. Sublot 2.2, Punts of consume amb rate d'accés 2.2 or that the pugui to replace.

Assessment of the Policy Options to Incentivise Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) Technologies.

UK SHARED BUSINESS SERVICES LIMITED | Published July 27, 2018  -  Deadline September 17, 2018

The final date and time for the submission of bids is 17/09/2018 at 14:00 DO NOT apply directly to the buyer. All tender information MUST be submitted through the CCS eSourcing Portal. Brief Description of Requirement Under the Paris Agreement the UK is committed to working with other countries to achieve global net zero emissions in the second half of the century, which the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has indicated will be necessary to stay below 2°C. As we approach the middle of the century, there are likely to be remaining emissions in the sectors where it is the most difficult to cut them - in industry, agriculture, aviation and shipping. Greenhouse Gas Removal technologies (GGRs) are likely to have an important role to play in offsetting difficult-to-cut emissions. The term "Greenhouse Gas Removal" (or GGR) encompasses any method which removes greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. There is a diverse range of technologies which may be counted as GGR, including: • Afforestation, reforestation and forest management • Wetland, peatland and coastal habitat restoration • Soil carbon sequestration • Biochar • Bioenergy (for electricity, heat or other fuels) with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) • Building with biomass • Enhanced weathering on land • Mineral carbonation • Ocean alkalinity • Direct air carbon capture and storage (DACCS) • Low carbon concrete • Other approaches to removing CO2 or other GHGs With few exceptions, GGR development and deployment are constrained by a lack of markets or other policy interventions to encourage deployment of these technologies at scale. BEIS requires an assessment of potential policy options which might provide such incentives for GGR deployment, both within the UK and as part of international mechanisms under the Paris Agreement. Please ensure you review all attached information to ensure a full understanding of this requirement. All attachments can be found with the RFx attachments tab within the Emptoris System. This contract will be awarded based on the evaluation criteria set out in the ITQ document. How to Apply As part of the strategic alliance between UK Shared Business Services Ltd (UK SBS) and Crown Commercial Service (CCS), UK SBS will be using the CCS eSourcing Suite for this procurement. To register on the CCS eSourcing portal please follow the details contained within the Additional Information section of this notice. If you are already registered on the CCS eSourcing portal and wish to register your interest in this opportunity please email; Your email must clearly state: • the name and reference for the procurement you wish to register for; • the name of the registered Bidder; • the name and contact details for the registered individual sending the email.

18-0061 - Subministrament elèctric i gas natural

Consorci Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (HCB) | Published July 27, 2018  -  Deadline July 5, 2018

Contracte específic del Sistema Dinàmic d' Adquisició per a la contractació del subministrament elèctric i gas natural

Safe and Warm Upgrade Scheme at Orchard Close and Sandhills Road Bolsover

Bolsover District Council | Published July 27, 2018  -  Deadline August 17, 2018

Bolsover District Council wishes to appoint a principal contractor on the basis of a minor works JCT contract for the undertaking of Safe & Warm upgrade works at the 13No blocks of flats located at Orchard Close and Sandhills Road in Bolsover. Each block contains two ground floor and two first floor flats, the first floor flats having their own private stairwell access. There are 52no flats in total across the site. The main scope of this scheme is to provide central heating upgrading, wetroom conversion and improved fire safety measures within each of the flats. Currently, heating and hot water is supplied to each flat on a communal system provided from a central boiler house, located on the site. Due to the age and general condition of the boiler it is proposed for each flat to have its own independently controlled heating system installed in the form of a gas combi-boiler. The appointed contractor will be charged with the isolation and capping-off of the existing heating system at each flat within the programme of works. Please note that the de-commissioning of the boiler house will not form part of this project and is to be undertaken by the authority's facilities management contractor. Existing shower areas are to be altered and a full wetroom conversion is to be undertaken to a standard design across all flats. This will involve the installation of a new shower, wash hand basin and w/c complete to improve and standardise the facility for all flats. To improve the fire safety aspects of the dwelling the installation of a new multi-sensor alarm system is to be installed and fire-stopping implemented throughout as per the requested fire compartmentation survey which the appointed contractor is to arrange and oversee as part of the project. It is estimated that a start on site is achievable for early October 2018 and that completion of the scheme should be achieved within a 26 week programme. The tenant needs and requirements are paramount to the successful completion of this project. The successful contractor will be expected to show flexibility, excellence in tenant support / liaison and work in partnership with the Contract Administrator / Building Surveyor to meet and exceed tenant expectation and levels of satisfaction.


Home Group | Published July 27, 2018  -  Deadline September 10, 2018

Home Group is seeking to appoint a suitably experienced and qualified contractor in the South East for its repairs and maintenance services including the following work streams: - Responsive Repairs - Void works - Planned Maintenance - Compliance Servicing & Repair (Gas & Electric) To cover predominately residential tenanted dwellings owned and/or managed by Home Group Limited. It is envisaged that TUPE will apply to this contract.

Dialogue conference on the procurement of contractors to Majorstuhemmene

Fylke: Oslo, Kommune: Oslo | Published July 27, 2018

INVITATION TO DIALOGUE CONFERENCE THURSDAY 23 AUGUST, 2018, KL. 9-12.00 Carebuilding Oslo KF plans to procure contractor for demolition and construction of nursing homes in Trudvangveien 35. The new Majorstuhomes will consist of 120 rooms in a building of approximately 15 800m2. Omsorgsbygg wishes to use the most of the materials in the existing building in the new building. We also want to look at the possibility of building with load bearing structures in wood. These two measures, together with a great focus on material use throughout the project, hope to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from materials by at least 50%. We also want the smart use of welfare technology to give the people living in Majorstuhemmene increased quality of life while operating efficiently. These are new challenges for Omsorgsbygg, and we therefore want dialogue with suppliers in the market and receive input to find good solutions as well as to assess whether our implementation model is suitable for solving the challenges. Careers are not obliged to include comments and comments in any future competition. The dialogue conference will take place at Omsorgsbygg, Sommerrogata 1, 0255 Oslo. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- REGISTRATION BEFORE TUESDAY 21 AUGUST CL. 12.00 to For more information on dialogue conference see attached invitation. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- Contact Careerbuilding Oslo KF for registration on e-mail: The registration is marked with: Sign up for dialogue conference for major homes. Received entries will be registered in our system on a continuous basis. Note! Due to vacation development, it is not expected to receive answers to requests in week 30 -32. Any inquiries, including questions, may be collected and answered only in week 33.