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15306 Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer.

Rikiskaup (The State Trading Centre) | Published August 21, 2013
Kemia ehf.
38433100, 38432210

Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer.

15301 Medical gas and medical oxygen.

Rikiskaup (The State Trading Centre) | Published August 22, 2013
Linde Healthcare/Isaga ehf
24111500, 24111900

Medical gas and medical oxygen.

Gas chromatograph.

Rikiskaup (The State Trading Centre) | Published September 25, 2013  -  Deadline November 7, 2013
38432210, 38433100, 31154000

The State Trading Centre on behalf of and for Matis ohf (Matis – Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D) calls for tender for a gas chromatograph (GC) linked to a tandem mass spectrometer (MS/MS), automated sample introduction system and an uninterruptible power supply. To ensure a high level of protection for human health and consumers' interest in relation to food safety, it is essential that Iceland has the appropriate infrastructures to carry out chemical analyses of official control samples of food and food products in line with the requirements of the Icelandic food legislation. This project aims to address the main gaps identified with regard to laboratory infrastructure as well as ensure that the competent authorities are able to fulfil their obligations with regard to laboratory capacity according to the requirements of the Icelandic food legislation in the identified areas of food safety and phytosanitary policy. Analysis of small lipophilic compounds such as PAHs, certain plant protection products (PPPs) and PCBs require a GC-MS/MS for accurate detection due to their physical and chemical properties.

Gas chromatograph - Matis

 | Published October 29, 2013  -  Deadline November 1, 2013
Bruker Daltonics for Scion GC TQ at total price IKR: 13.190.400.-

15534 - GC / double mass spectrometer Procurement Agency on behalf Matis Plc. request bids for gas chromatography mass spectrometry-related double. The equipment will be used for the official control of foodstuffs, including analysis of pesticides in vegetables and fruits and analysis of POPs in food. Included in the offer shall be the installation of equipment and basic research in space assessment. Further information is provided in the tender documents will be available on the website of the Treasury of Opening of bids 7 November 2013 at. 11:00 Treasury of the housing. Correction is made to Tender documents 10/01/2013 In chapter 1.1.2 Tender documents 2nd paragraph where is understated "Information Act no. 50/1996 "Shall be read and written" Information Act no. 140/2012 "Supplemental Documents 15534_Correction.pdf

Gas Chromatograph and Mass-Selective detector.

Rikiskaup (The State Trading Centre) | Published May 14, 2013  -  Deadline June 26, 2013
38432210, 38433100

Gas Chromatograph and Mass-Selective detector for department of pharmacology and toxicology University of Iceland.

Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer.

Rikiskaup (The State Trading Centre) | Published September 7, 2012  -  Deadline October 19, 2012
38432210, 38433100

Ríkiskaup, The State Trading Centre (STC), which is the centre for governmental purchases of goods and services in Iceland, on behalf of Matis ohf, request tenders for: Equipment part A: Gas Chromatograph. Equipment part B: Mass-Spectrometric detector. Equipment part C: Automated SPME headspace injector system. The equipment part A: Gas Chromatograph (GC) tenders are requested for one GC unit that SHALL be equipped with a split/splitless injector, should be capable of rapid temperature gradients and shall have the ability of full control and monitoring possibilities by data workstation software. For equipment part B: Mass-Spectrometric detector (MS). Tenders are requested for one MS detector unit that shall be capable of at least electron ionisation and will be used for highly sensitive detection of environmental pollutants, food fragrant compounds and volatile bioactive components. The MS unit shall be compatible with detecting analytes in low concentrations in complicated environmental samples. The equipment part C: Automated SPME headspace injector system, tenders are requested for one automated SPME headspace injector system unit that shall be capable of operating in at least three different modes, that is headspace mode, SPME mode and liquid sampling mode. The SPME headspace auto injector will be used for environmental pollutants, food fragrant compounds and volatile bioactive components in food and environmental samples. The research equipment will be situated and used by personnel and students at Matis ohf and the assembled unit (SPME-headspace GC/MS) should be easy to operate after basic training. The assembled unit shall be fully functional where different equipment parts interact perfectly together. Description of service capability and service contract price shall be included. Complementary service (up to 5 years contract) should be included in the offer. The maximum budget for this tender is 20 450 000 ISK. - Without VAT. The most economical advantageous solution according to tender documents will be awarded the contract. Tenderers are only allowed to submit a maximum of two (2) offers. Tenders shall be submitted for the entire project as described in the tender documents. See further description in the tender documents.

Medical gas and medical oxygen.

Rikiskaup (State Trading Centre) | Published August 16, 2012  -  Deadline September 21, 2012
24111500, 24111900

The State Trading Centre on behalf of the Landspitali hospital and other helath institutions in Iceland seek tenders for framework agreements for the purchase of supplies in the following categories: 1. Medicinal oxygen tanks (rental on daily basis). 2. Liquid oxygen (rental and operation of tanks). 3. Pharmaceutical air, laughing gas, liquid nitrogen, active carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide and overnight own. Delivery of goods will be on daily basis. It is not clear what amount will be purchased under this prospectus, as the case of a framework agreement concluded by a particular product or service categories for a certain time, without quantities are known. Annual consumption of health care in 2011 is used to reference the bid sheet and is available in the tender documents. Further information in Tender Documents.

20193 Compressors and Dryers for LSH.

Rikiskaup (The State Trading Centre) | Published October 29, 2015  -  Deadline November 10, 2015
42123000, 39721321

Ríkiskaup on behalf of the University Hospital request for bids for compressors and air dryer with filter system for pharmaceutical and work air. Hardware tendered 4 compressors for the gas and 4 dryer for the gas with filters and repair kit. The equipment shall be installed, connected and ready to use. Further detail in the tender documents.

Þeistareykir Geothermal Power Plant, Turbines, Generators and Cold End Equipment.

Landsvirkjun | Published March 22, 2014  -  Deadline July 1, 2014
31124000, 31140000, 45251141, 31121331, 31124100, 31124200, 31128000, 31161200, 45231112, 45311000, 48620000

Landsvirkjun plans to install two 45 MW geothermal turbine/generator units and auxiliary systems, surface steam condensers and cooling towers in Þeistareykir in North-East Iceland. The main items of supply for each unit are: — Steam turbine, auxiliary systems, generator, governor control system and mechanical protection system including installation and commissioning — Cold End equipment including steam surface condenser, cooling tower, gas extraction system and pumps. The equipment will operate on geothermal steam. The contract will be divided into two LOTs: Lot 1: Complete equipment for one 45 MW turbine/generator unit and cold end equipment. Lot 2 which is optional for Landsvirkjun: Complete equipment for one 45 MW turbine/generator unit and cold end equipment.

Mass spectrometer for RLE

 | Published June 18, 2013  -  Deadline June 21, 2013
Thermo Fisher

Procurement Agency on behalf of the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Iceland request bids for gas chromatography with mass sensors. Further information is provided in the tender documents are available here further down the page. 24/06/2013 - New document for questions and answers published on the web - 15361_Q_and_A_240613.pdf 06/06/2013 - New document for questions and answers published on the web - 15361_Q_and_A.pdf Increase Documents 15361_Q_and_A_240613.pdf

RS Fuel and oils for vehicles and machinery

 | Published December 2, 2017  -  Deadline January 4, 2018

Treasury purchases, on behalf of subscribers, to framework agreements during the contract period, provide for this tender for the purchase of fuel for vehicles and machinery.

The purpose of the auction is to provide the subscribers of the framework agreements with the best prices and services for fuel for vehicles and machinery. Purchases according to the auction are divided into five following categories:

I. Fuel in service purchases at dispensing stations

a) Petrol, b) Diesel oil, c) Mechanical oil

II. Fuel in self-procurement at checkout stations

  1. Petrol, b) Diesel oil, c) Mechanical oil

III. Fuel on storage tank at buyers

  1. Diesel oil, b) Machinery oil

IV. Other fuel for vehicles and machinery

such as methane gas, methanol, biodisel, hydrogen

V. General   consumer goods for vehicles and machinery

such as lubricating oils, frost lacquers, rinsing liquids, bonuses, dispute etc.

It is possible to offer individual classes of the auction.

Detailed description of the tender documents.

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