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Electricity supplies

Ville de Saint-Dié-des-Vosges | Published March 16, 2017  -  Deadline April 21, 2017

Supply of active electrical energy, capacity mechanism and balance responsibility with associated services for several points allotted delivery.

Electricity 21 MV-BT websites above 36 kVA index.

2200 MWh / year.

Electricity 75 websites BT less than or equal to 36 kVA.

800 MWh / year.

88 websites electricity street lighting.

2600 MWh / year.

Installation of road lighting equipment

Ville de La Teste-de-Buch | Published October 11, 2016  -  Deadline November 24, 2016
45316110, 50232000, 45316210

This contract is intended to entrust to a company or to a solidarity group with agent as part of a REM-type market (construction operation maintenance) to energy performance obligation of results, management and maintenance services installations of public lighting, sports and architectural of traffic lights and the work of rehabilitation and modernization of public lighting installations and traffic lights and installation and removal of the festive illuminations end of year .

The suction works of the carpentry workshop at the lycée Porte d'Aquitaine in Thiviers (24). This consultation comprises a single batch 'Dust extraction'

Region nouvelle aquitaine | Published May 24, 2017  -  Deadline June 22, 2017

The suction works of the carpentry workshop at the lycée Porte d'Aquitaine in Thiviers (24). This consultation includes a single batch 'Dust Extraction' in a firm section with 2 optional slices: Optional section 1 - Implementation of multi-energy arms and Optional section 2 - Reorientation and soundproofing of the air discharge. In the case of school holidays, a certificate of continuing intervention without interruption or closure for any reason whatsoever (holidays or other) until the end of the work and requested (Annex 3 of the contract). In the absence of this undertaking, the offer will be deemed to be irregular.


Conseil Régional des Pays de la Loire | Published October 5, 2016  -  Deadline November 23, 2016

This contract relates to a scheduling assignment, coordination and control of construction on the restructuring of the CDI, local teachers and workshops in high school Joubert Emilien Maillard Ancenis (44). This follows the completion of priority 1, and meet the following objectives: - Complete renovation of the vocational buildings, for upgrading and improving energy performance. - Reorganization of local vocational education for opening up the workshop and improved travel. - Grouping of CDI premises, teachers and places to live, to facilitate exchanges between general and vocational education. - Optimization of surfaces and work phasing The intervention areas are broken down as follows: - 3 000 m² premises restructured - 1100 m² of premises created.

Study, manufacture and assembly of the mechanical part of the platform Mecana II trials.

CEA — Centre de Cadarache | Published March 15, 2016
CSTI Industrie

Under the R & D project SFR / TECNA and for the needs of the Astrid project, it is necessary to reactivate a set of test platforms sodium and develop new ones. These test facilities are part of the platform PAPIRUS (small park Research Facilities on the use of sodium). New requirements trials were expressed by different batches of officials TECNA project and the MASNA project. A number of these needs are not covered by the test facilities available currently on Papirus, a new test medium is necessary. The intention is to complete the platform by Papirus Mecana medium, intermediate between a glove box (Penelope type) and a test loop (type and IRINA Dolmen), which allows to carry out simple tests, easy to implement, with sodium and a cover gas whose qualities are controlled.

These services will be carried out on behalf of the Directorate of Nuclear Energy - Nuclear Engineering Department (DTN) - components and process technologies service (STCP) CEA / Cadarache.

Architectural services for buildings

Sorgem (Société d'économie mixte) | Published April 29, 2017  -  Deadline May 29, 2017
71221000, 71200000

The present limited competition for the project management is of level sketch + with production of a digital mock-up and has for object the construction of a school group of 10 classes on the ZAC the Belles Vues in Ollainville and Arpajon. The school group will have a floor area of ​​approximately 2,900 square meters and will consist of 4 kindergarten classes and 6 elementary classes. The estimated budget (value April 2017) is € 5,428,000 excluding VAT for construction work, including furniture. The site, in the town of Ollainville, will open on the front of the public facilities and on the central park of the ZAC. The school group will be carried out according to a BIM (Building Information Modeling) approach and a BEPOS energy performance level is sought. The project management contract will be composed of the basic mission MOP, supplemented eventually by signage and furniture missions and by complementary missions (Opc ...).

Technical Control mission to achieve in the INTERMED project (Basic Nuclear Installation for storage of tritiated waste).

CEA — Centre de Cadarache | Published February 18, 2016  -  Deadline March 16, 2016

The Technical Control Mission legally framed by the provisions of Articles L. 111-23 to L. 111-26 and R. 111-38 to R. 111-42 of the Code of Construction and Housing, as well as by provisions of Decree No. 99-443 of 28 May 1999 objectives include:

- Drafting Technical Control Initial Report (STIP)

- The wording of the notice in accordance with those laws and regulations.

The expected mission within the meaning of the AFNOR NF P03-100 of 20 September 1995 are:

- The Mission, on the strength of structures and inseparable elements of equipment,

- S Mission, on the safety of people in buildings,

- Mission PS concerning the safety of people in buildings in an earthquake,

- Mission P1, on the strength of non-equipment items inextricably linked,

- Mission F, on the operation of the facilities.

Optional missions Technical Control are:

- Option A, relative to thermal insulation and energy saving (Th mission),

- Option B on lightning protection.

All these tasks will be implemented in two distinct phases:

- A firm phase on the design of the BNI,

- A conditional on the attainment of the BNI.

Sewage work

Ville de Saint Martin-de-Belleville | Published July 28, 2015  -  Deadline September 7, 2015
45232420, 45232411, 45232423

This consultation relates to the construction of the new wastewater treatment plant Les Menuires - Val Thorens. This operation aims to design and build a new wastewater treatment plant to replace the current plant is obsolete, to meet the new receiving environment protection requirements. This new unit will be built on a site close to the current station and for ensuring an effluent treatment continuity during construction. This contract should thus allow: - the construction of a water treatment plant capable of adapting to very high load variations induced by seasonal tourism: 4800 kg BOD5 / J Winter High Season against 225 kg BOD5 / J Lower season while respecting the requirements for the protection of the natural environment - the implementation of water treatment systems, sludge and air within a completely enclosed building, adapted to the environmental and climatic constraints - Insertion architectural treatment of the building within its environment. The completion of this transaction should be adapted to high stress involved by the mountainous tourist site context. There are two possible additional benefits (Pse) that candidates are required to meet the conditions specified in the tender documents: - pSE no1: Implementation of a material and energy recovery on the sludge die - pSE no2: Specific Treatment noble architectural cladding facades.

Transfer and processing of waste the waste st savior montagut

sictom du moyen eyrieux | Published December 1, 2014  -  Deadline December 15, 2014

transfer and waste treatment the waste from St Sauveur de Montagut These are: Cartons are baled and remain the property of SICTOM, they will be sold by Ets floor on behalf of SICTOM. des bulky household waste or banal des rubble from households for which the union will entrust 10m3 tipper 2 reinforced series, the provider, one will be at the receiving station, the other serving to avoid rotations vacuum will be in the custody of the provider .. - Lot 2 "Transfer and metals processing and battery" The benefit to the company requested the owner of Lot 2, applies to all waste metal component, ferrous or non-ferrous and the accumulator batteries. Metal 1.Déchets: It is the same for industrial waste, various mechanical parts, motors, pumps, fencing, electrical cables, pipes, etc ... The company should indicate the sector and quantities evaluation method and provide a statement to SICTOM quarterly. 2.Batteries Accumulator: This concerns the motor vehicle batteries lead, except for the battery alarms, fences ... As for metal waste, the company will send a monthly statement to SICTOM .. - Lot 3 "Transferring and processing of wood and plants" The provision sought the company of Lot 3 concerns wood waste (excluding all treated wood: chipboard, laminates, melamine ...) and green waste or plants for energy recovery.


CIVIS | Published October 21, 2017  -  Deadline November 28, 2017
44212250, 45112500, 31500000, 45223210

CIVIS wishes to carry out lighting modernization work at the Michel Volnay stadium in Saint-Pierre.

The purpose of this contract is to define all the works and services of the miscellaneous roadworks necessary for the realization of the lighting modernization works of the Michel Volnay stadium in Saint Pierre for the CIVIS.

The work to be carried out includes in a non-exhaustive way:

- excavations for the passage of networks and earthworks for foundations,

- foundations for lighting masts,

- searches for the passage of the different networks,

- the implementation of the sleeves for the passage of flexible networks,

- the surface treatment works for refurbishment after works,

- the borders.

The main objective of the operation is to replace the stadium lighting in order to have a safe, modern playground lighting system with optimized operating costs, both in terms of energy consumption and on that of maintenance.

The replacement of the lighting of the main parking lot is also provided, the masts and the anchor masts of the masts supporting this lighting also having structural defects.

Finally, additional safety-related interventions (bringing the security lighting of the stands into compliance) are included in the scope of the work.

The subject of this contract is the metal construction of a shelter for the on-site generator.

Repair and maintenance services of central heating

CEA — centre de Cadarache | Published January 19, 2016  -  Deadline February 17, 2016

CEA Cadarache has different heating installations in 138 buildings on 900 hectares (central boiler fueled by natural gas with a backup heating oil, primary network superheated water substations heating, secondary and tertiary networks hot water and associated transmitters, demineralised water production and associated distribution network, two steam boilers and about thirty chillers or heat pumps). The boiler (power 50 Mega Watt) is an ICPE subject to authorization of CO2 quotas allocated to it by Prefectural Decree. This boiler produces superheated water at 180 ° C - 23 bar. The market in this notice has scope for the operation and maintenance of all the facilities described above in a context of strong global optimization of energy efficiency, for a period of 5 years firm (+ 2 months support in case of change in ownership), namely: - P2 and P3 benefits for facilities related to the central boiler room, PFI / ESM type - P1 benefits, P2 and P3 for facilities related to the building's boiler 917 type MCI / GER - P1 benefits, P2 and P3 for installations related to the boiler room of the building 904 type MC / GER - P1 benefits, P2 and P3 for the type of hydrocarbons park CP / GER - P2 benefits and P3 for steam plants, cold and demineralised water, type PF / GER, where: P1 = P2 = supply driving oil, monitoring, control, adjustment, cleaning and maintenance P3 = current major maintenance and renewal (GER) In nuclear ICPE, nuclear facilities basic and secret BNI, some issuers are located in supervised areas and controlled within the meaning of the radiation protection zoning. The future Contractor must have the authorizations needed to work in this environment.

Architectural and related services

Ville de Fenouillet | Published July 7, 2015  -  Deadline August 5, 2015

The project consists of building a school combining a kindergarten in 4 classes, elementary school 7 classrooms, a dining room and a leisure home associated with the school on land in the ZAC Piquepeyre. The useful area for the project is estimated at about 1 950 m2. The total amount of work is estimated at 3.5 million euros (HT). - Content of the mission: the holder will be given a basic mission within the meaning of Article 15-1 of the Decree of 29.11.1993, without execution study. This mission will be completed by the following: coordination of fire safety systems (ISS), dynamic thermal simulation (STD), the APS and APD stages. Optionally, the coordination task scheduling control (OPC) is requested. The Contractor shall further proceed with energy feasibility studies required by the legislation in force and all necessary steps for obtaining building permits and other administrative authorizations - Provisional commencement of the contract: fourth quarter 2015 - skills of the candidates: minimum capacity required: the project manager or project management team will necessarily have the skills in the following areas: architecture, engineering structure, HVAC / plumbing, electrical engineering, VRD, OPC and economy construction. The project management will be sensitive to the compactness of the teams as well as common candidates previous experience of team members. Applications which do not warrant all of these skills will be eliminated. Note: An entity may carry several skills. The teams taking part in the contest will be notified in September 2015, they have a period of approximately ten (10) weeks to submit their bids after the date of dispatch of competition file.

2017_BOM_004 | Market of master craftsmanship for the Construction of a festive and cultural space on the domain of Bômale in Saint Denis de Pile (33)

Mairie de Saint Denis de Pile | Published June 15, 2017  -  Deadline July 27, 2017

The project involves the creation of a festive and cultural space on the estate of Bômale in Saint Denis de Pile. The project consists in the creation of a real cultural POLE regrouping: - The construction of a new building of approximately 1200 m² - The rehabilitation of an existing charterhouse of 690 m² This festive and cultural center will group together in a park of 4 hectares: - A media library - Socio-cultural and a toy library - An antenna of the departmental library of Ready - The Direction Sport Education Culture Dynamic Association of the municipality and various municipal services - A reception room called "marriage hall" and "room of the municipal council" Within the Chartreuse Content of the mission entrusted to the winner at the end of the competition: - Studies desquisse (ESQ), - Previous and final project studies (APS and APD), - Project studies (PRO) (ACT) - Execution studies of the works (EXE) on all the lots, - The management of the execution of the works contract (D This basic mission will be complemented by the following additional missions: - Existing Diagnostic Studies (DIAG) - Coordination of the fire safety system (SSI) with the preparation of the safety instructions and assistance with the award of the Safety and Security Commission - Coordination and implementation of signage (TDS) - Operating and maintenance costs (CEM) The project must also include a sustainable development approach and take into account the following requirements: Thermal regulations in force - Respect for and implementation of good air quality - Consideration of high acoustic comfort - Economic and energy management of the building - Landscape and architectural integration of the building with its environment - Preparation of regulatory dossiers Required under the Environmental Code (Dossier Water Act,)

Site-development work

Commune de Saint-Pierre | Published November 2, 2017
Réunion Réalisation
45111291, 45332200, 45316110, 45112700, 37410000, 34928400, 45210000, 45332400

The works to be carried out concern earthworks, roads, surface treatment, sewage treatment, rainwater drainage, drinking water network, civil engineering works, telephone civil engineering, public lighting, low voltage electricity, development of public spaces, landscaping.

Creation of car parks; pedestrian trail creation and ATV trail; creating a left turn on the old RN 1; completion of a section for the sanitation of rainwater and construction of rafts at the thalweg; construction of a new sewage treatment network; construction of a new drinking water system and connections; underground telephone network; connection to existing networks.

Supply and open trenching of cables for low voltage and street lighting and all accessories; supply and installation of public lighting with energy saving system; tests and commissioning preceded by certificates of conformity.

Preliminary works, earthworks, delivery of plants, planting works for the plants of the cultivation contract, guarantee of recovery of the plants for one year, maintenance of the landscaping until the reception, maintenance of the landscaping for 1 year.

Additional earthworks if necessary; piping on sapphire water pipe and AEP pipe; supply and installation of a backflow preventer and complies with the regulations; hydraulic network of HDPE and buried LDPE; drip irrigation distribution network, sprinklers and valve valves; implementation of electronic programming and automation by programmer and decoders; setting up a filtration station; tests, tests and certificates of conformity (Consuel).

Cleaning and earthworks necessary for setting up platforms; supply and installation of fitness equipment; supply of tools and fasteners for maintenance