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Global public energy performance market for the energy renovation of the Jean Poperen space in Meyzieu (69)

Spl d'efficacite energetique | Published June 5, 2018  -  Deadline July 6, 2018

Global public energy performance market for the energy renovation of the Jean Poperen space in Meyzieu (69)

Update and regulatory compliance of the Air Energie Climat Métropolitain Plan

Grenoble-alpes metropole | Published March 6, 2018  -  Deadline April 5, 2018

Update and regulatory compliance of the Air Energie Climat Métropolitain Plan

Global public energy performance contract for the energy renovation of the CEP School Group in Annecy (74)

Spl d'efficacite energetique | Published January 2, 2018  -  Deadline February 2, 2018

Global public energy performance contract for the energy renovation of the CEP School Group in Annecy (74)

Scanning electron microscopes

Universite Grenoble Alpes | Published October 18, 2017  -  Deadline November 13, 2017
38511100, 38519000

Scanning electron microscopy, EDS detector, multi-metal metalliser and plasma cleaner.

Conventional scanning electron microscope with tungsten filament (new) + energy dispersion spectrometer (SDD-EDS) for SEM (new).

Metallizer making homogeneous and conductive deposits for samples to be analyzed in MEB or met (nine).

Plasma cleaner (new).

Construction work for school buildings

CCI de Grenoble | Published October 14, 2017  -  Deadline November 9, 2017
45214200, 45262311, 45112500, 45421000, 45261420, 45421141, 45431100, 45431200, 45442100, 45313100, 45262220, 45331000, 45330000, 45332200, 45332300, 45311200, 09332000

Construction of an energy monitoring center "Cockpit Energétique" on the site of the institute of trades and techniques.

Site installation, earthworks, infrastructure and superstructure works.

Miscellaneous works, networks and external facilities.

Curtain facade, glazed frames, enamelled glazings, locksmith, sunshades and blinds.

Sealing complexes and supports for photovoltaic panels.

Partitions and false ceilings.

Inner frames.

Waxed concrete screeds, tiles and faience.

Interior painting and facade painting.


Well drilling.

Heating, cooling, ventilation, sanitary plumbing and regulation.

Strong currents and weak currents

photovoltaic solar installation.

Energy audits and non-regulatory techniques - wall / wall condominiums 2 outside period 1945/1975

Grenoble alpes metropole | Published August 7, 2017  -  Deadline September 18, 2017

Energy and non-regulatory technical audits - MUR / MUR 2 co-ownership outside period 1945/1975

Elaboration of a strategy to mobilize and support companies in energy saving actions through experimentation in the zone of economic activity of domène

Grenoble alpes metropole | Published July 7, 2017  -  Deadline July 31, 2017

Development of a strategy to mobilize and support companies in energy saving actions through experimentation in the Domène economic activity area

Electrical installation work

CEA/Grenoble | Published May 17, 2017  -  Deadline June 23, 2017

Construction, equipment and connection of a new high-voltage electrical supply substation at the CEA / Grenoble site.

Construction, equipment and connection of a new high-voltage electrical supply substation at the CEA / Grenoble site.

The main projects envisaged are:

- the construction of a new building to accommodate new equipment,

- the implementation of new HTA trains and associated auxiliary equipment,

- the connection of the various HTA loops of the site with the resumption of existing connections or the realization of new HTA links.

Initial installations:

The CEA of Grenoble is supplied with electrical energy via an HTB type outdoor delivery station RTE comprising:

- a 225/15 kV transformer - TR611 - 2 * 40 MVA, the protections of which are located in the adjoining RTE source station (confluent station),

- a transformer 225/20 kV - TR613 - 70 MVA belonging to GEG whose protections are located in the RTE source station,

A transformer 225/15 kV - TR612 - 2 * 40 MVA, the protections of which are located in the adjoining RTE source station.

Two ultimate backup links are also available for an ultimate "5MW" rescue via RTE's HTA train.

Future installations:

The new building for the electric delivery station will consist of:

- a basement for the route of the HTA connections:

It will be partitioned into 5 parts in order to obtain a fire separation 2h between the different rooms under the oars,

The routing of the new loop links is studied so that there is no common path of links of the same loop.

- the path is studied so that there is no common path of connections of the different sources.

- a DRC above the flood level with:

- a HTA room A1 row,

- a HTA room rowing B1,

- a HTA room A2 row,

- a HTA room B2 train,

- one room "auxiliary trains A1 and B1"

- a room "auxiliary trains A2 and B2"

- a room "counting RTE and auxiliary buildings"

- a fire separation 2h is provided between the various premises.

- a roof gravelly terrace to provide a certain thermal comfort to the building and to meet the architectural constraints of integration.

The new HTA delivery station will consist of 4 new HTA trains:

- A1 train with 8 HTA cells,

- A2 train with 9 HTA cells,

- B1 train with 8 HTA cells,

- B2 train with 8 HTA cells.

Only the source switch between the TR611 and the TR612 is realized automatically via the automation of the RTE Confluent substation.

They will have a working voltage of 24kV.

In order to remain in compliance with the operating agreement between the CEA and RTE, the TR611 and TR612 arrival cells and the 5MW final arrivals which are RTE / ENEDIS operational will have to comply with the HN64S40 standard of October 1995 And be authorized by ENEDIS.

The owner will have to carry out all the necessary services (stripping, earthworks, hard work, second-hand work, VRD, HV, BT, TBT, control-command, participation in supervision, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, fire detection, extinction Fire, lightning protection, water supply, evacuation of EU / EV and EP, tests, etc.) for the start-up of the new substation and its insertion into the existing electricity distribution network.

Patent and copyright consultancy services

Université Grenoble Alpes | Published May 17, 2017  -  Deadline June 20, 2017

Industrial property attorney services for the management of inventory patents (Groupement de commande Grenoble Alpes - Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble).

Medical devices.

Signal processing - digital - computing.

Organic chemistry - therapeutic chemistry electrochemistry.

Energy materials.

Diagnosis of biomarkers.

Biotechnology - molecular biology.

Physics - mechanics - fluid mechanics.

Electronics - micro-electronics - nano-materials.

Photonics - laser optics.

Performance review services

Grenoble Alpes Métropole | Published May 17, 2017  -  Deadline June 12, 2017
79313000, 38551000, 71314300

As part of an experimental project on Mur | Mur 2, the Métropole wishes to develop a tool allowing: - to develop monitoring "solutions" including both the equipment in the renovated buildings, the communication system between the counting instruments And the owners of the device or their delegate, as well as the computer interface allowing the management and the analysis of the databases. - to associate with these solutions a user interface allowing the latter to know precisely and up to date 1 maximum the levels of energy consumption. Based on this information, actions will be developed to "optimize" the behavior of users in their rehabilitated dwellings framework agreements concluded without minimum, with maximum and one economic operator for each lot: - lot no1 Monitoring evolved: without minimum, with Maximum fixed at 150 000 euro (s) HT-lot no2 Basic monitoring: without a minimum, with a maximum of 116 000 euro (s.

Lot 1 must fulfill the monitoring obligation imposed by the CDC within the framework of the AIP in the strict sense. The (Temporary) Instrumentation will therefore cover only collective condominiums (collectively, with the sample of dwellings). Given the level of monitoring required, it will be necessary for the service provider to propose a specific data monitoring platform (see point 4).

Lot 2 concerns "voluntary" condominiums (Mur | Mur 1 and 2) based on an interface under development. This contract will therefore cover only the installation of the instrumentation according to the same modalities as in lot No1.

District heating

Grenoble Alpes Métropole | Published April 19, 2017  -  Deadline May 29, 2017
09323000, 45232140, 45251250, 71321200

This is a global public market performance combining design, implementation, and maintenance operation went through a contracting entity in the relevant procedure on a competitive basis, and including some benefits to the overall price and some benefits to purchase orders.

This contract includes a part of the overall price for services (referred to as Part A mission in parts of the market):

Part A: design, construction and operation and maintenance, in a process of continuous improvement of performance, a boiler and a wood energy heating system with extra gas, serving - for their heating needs and, for some, DHW - heating consumer buildings Gières town center: municipal buildings, condominiums, businesses;

This contract further includes a portion of benefits in the form of a framework agreement to purchase orders with maximum and an economic operator (called Part B missions in parts of the market):

Part B: as part of a schedule of unit price, design, implementation and operation and maintenance during the contract period, extensions of the heating system (including substations in the future buildings subscribers) .

Global procurement energy performance for energy renovation of the elementary school Marlioz and repair of the boiler room of the kindergarten Marlioz Aix-les-Bains (73)

Spl d'efficacite energetique | Published March 30, 2017  -  Deadline May 2, 2017

Global procurement energy performance for energy renovation of the elementary school Marlioz and repair of the boiler room of the kindergarten Marlioz Aix-les-Bains (73)

District heating

Métropole Grenoble Alpes Metropole Met | Published March 7, 2017  -  Deadline April 20, 2017
09323000, 42511110, 45232140, 71321200

The future concession contract will be entrusted to the dealer operation, maintenance, major maintenance renewal (level 5 French nf x 60-10) of the existing main network on part of the territory of Grenoble- Alpes Métropole and heat production plants. network densification development capital expenditures (excluding Ger) are provided for an estimated amount of 86 million EUR. An incineration plant (off-contract) 4 and heat generation plants supply a mesh network in high pressure high temperature with a length of about 170 km, serving approximately 1,000 delivery points. The average amount of energy sold annually is 800,000 MWh / year. The convention will be a period of 15 years. Applicants can download the file completing this opinion (at:, which contains a synthetic presentation.

See II.1.4) of this notice.

Energy management and water

Semitag | Published February 21, 2017  -  Deadline March 8, 2017

Energy management and water

Construction work

CCI de Grenoble | Published January 26, 2017  -  Deadline February 27, 2017
45000000, 45311200, 09332000, 45331110, 45330000, 45261420, 45262311, 45450000

Markets for work benefits as part of the project "Learning Grid by Grenoble" on the website of the Institute of business and technology, participating in the creation of a technical educational tool to simulate the operation of a city smart (smart City) in energy performance and includes the following services:

1. Renovation of electrical, thermal and lighting identified in the diagnostic phase and for which the renovation was defined in the study phase and establish an energy metering plan;

2. Installation of the equipment with the objective of installing means of renewable energy production and storage to optimize the energy consumption of the campus.

Renovation of electrical installations strong currents and creating a VDI network.

completion of a solar photovoltaic system on the roofs of buildings B 2, B 4, B 5 and B 6.

Renovation of thermal installations and creation of a cogeneration.

Resumption of sealing complex and poses photovoltaic materials.

Construction of local cogeneration and various earthworks, roads and underground networks.

Various false ceiling, plastering, painting, floor covering.

Miscellaneous repair and maintenance services

CEA/Grenoble | Published December 16, 2016  -  Deadline January 20, 2017

Maintenance and operation of facilities and technical equipment and tertiary CEA Grenoble.

Benefits include:

- The conduct of facilities,

- Preventive and corrective maintenance,

- Assistance to the control bodies for equipment subject to regulation,

- The management of the call center (service calls)

- Management of legacy data (data heritage, plans, etc ...)

- Coordination of annual building stops,

- Management of spare parts and consumables necessary for the realization of benefits,

- The maintenance management of facilities and equipment of the site via the computer tool of the "CMMS" (Management Computerized Maintenance)

- The monitoring of energy consumption (electricity, city water, heating, ...) with a goal of annual savings to achieve,

- Penalty payments to cover outside the collective working hours (7:55 a.m. to 4:35 p.m.), including weekends and holidays, in some technical fields (generators, inverters, electrical, fluid and ventilation, ...)

- Technical hotlines (in the fields of electricity, fluids and ventilation) during the ceremonial campaigns Clinatec building ...


A more comprehensive document describing the expected performance and quantitative data is mandatory to withdraw from one of the points of contact listed in Schedule A. The withdrawal will be against signing a confidentiality agreement.

A number of options concerning, inter alia, on the design of the perimeter and ancillary benefits may be made and specified as required in the tender documents.

Architectural and related services

OPAC 38 | Published December 13, 2016  -  Deadline January 10, 2017
71200000, 71300000

Preprogrammed forward work: cleaning and waterproofing of walls and replacement of external joinery.

Estimated budget works: € 3,247,000 excluding VAT.

predictable start of study: April 2017.

anticipated start of work: September 2018.

Composition / team skills required: Architect (team leader) - construction economics - Thermal fluids - OPC.

It is not sought exclusive design offices.

Mission: Technical and energy audit, MOP law base and performance and OPC studies: it is stated that each mission will be a subsequent contract.

The first subsequent market include diagnostic studies. It will eventually be followed by a second subsequent contract with the core mission "MOP law" and performance studies, and also include the fund.

Research and testing facilities construction work

CEA/Grenoble | Published October 7, 2016  -  Deadline November 4, 2016

The approach taken is based on the establishment of an operational basis, pilot site for energy independence in everyday life, which will consist of a chain of mature organs of generation, storage and management of energy and will be representative actual uses around a commercial building (named TOTEM) and vehicle fleet used every day of the year. The operational base will serve as a base for R & D projects: developing technologies will be introduced in parallel of these bodies, which will evaluate their performance by providing a test environment (inputs and outputs) of the profiles representative uses a feedback on the long term and provide the opportunity to conduct comparative evaluations equivalent function compared to mature bodies of the operational base. The market will focus on the design and implementation of construction works of Totem Building, built-in energy (technical modules required for the autonomy of the building), production sources, energy storage capacities and infrastructure expectations necessary for the realization of R & D projects. The market will also focus on the implementation of the permit application to build and integration of back of the building and its annexes in the court of technologies (carried out as part of another construction operation on the same site). Totem building will represent a total surface area of ​​about 520 m 2 SDP spread over 2 floors as well as a functional roof dedicated to photovoltaics. This surface will integrate all its technical features.

Research and testing facilities construction work

CEA/Grenoble | Published October 29, 2016  -  Deadline November 4, 2016

CEA Tech plans to create at the entrance to his Labège an iconic infrastructure to develop but also to validate the scale 1 innovative technologies in response to the challenges of digital and energy transitions.

Thermal insulation work

SPL d'Efficacité Énergétique | Published September 24, 2016  -  Deadline October 24, 2016
45321000, 45331000, 50720000, 71320000, 71340000

The city of Grenoble has entrusted energy renovations of 3 schools in the SPL-DARE.