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Supply of computer equipment

Ville de verrieres-le-buisson | Published June 27, 2018  -  Deadline July 25, 2018

It offers practical tools to understand the rules of public order. DILA - direction of the legal and administrative information var ad_slots = {"revive_slot1": {ad_url: function (slot) {return autopromo (slot);}, ad_parameters: {refpub: '728x90', zoneid: 2}}, "revive_slot2": {ad_url: function (slot) {return autopromo (slot);}, ad_parameters: {refpub: '300x250', zoneid: 1}}} ;, Supply of computer equipment

Administrative housing services

CA Seine-Essonne | Published June 17, 2015  -  Deadline July 24, 2015

Background The Community of Seine-Essonne agglomeration has over 69 000 inhabitants in 2014 and 27,652 units in 2009, occupied 13,045 homeowners, renters and 12 098 926 people housed free. The Community of Seine Essonne agglomeration has 74% of private dwellings. The agglomeration meets five common to different characters. Corbeil-essonnes acts as a common center by consolidating 66% of the population and is highly urbanized. Le Coudray-Montceaux is the most common in the south of the city Seine Essonne; although urbanized Seine side, it keeps its rural character isolated villages and has a large area of ​​farmland. Common Soisy Sur Seine and etiolles are similar in their tissues, urbanized west with new residential neighborhoods and wooded east. The town of Saint-Germain-Les-Corbeil has less agricultural and woodland but has an old town center. Four OPAH (Operation Habitat Improvement Programmed) municipal and degraded OPAH Condominiums (Logis Greens 1 and 2) were conducted in Corbeil-Essonnes since early 1980. Despite very satisfactory results, the town still presents issues related to housing and living environment. The other four municipalities have never undertaken to scheduled operations. However, the presence of specific situations of inadequate housing and deterioration of buildings in the old centers was revealed by the pre-operational study. The detached house in suburban districts, dating from 1960 to 1980 years, is widespread in these municipalities. This typology is energy, fuel poverty is an issue that arises. The urban community, created in 2002, has compulsory jurisdiction Habitat but not the jurisdiction of Urban Planning.

Construction of a building of 1731 square meters hosting a health pole. This consultation concerns only the relaunch of the lots: Big Work, Exterior Joinery and HVAC Plumbing

Shema | Published January 3, 2018  -  Deadline January 24, 2018

Construction of a positive energy building of approximately 1,731 square meters of floor space to accommodate a Liberal and Ambulatory Health Center. This project is more in line with the thinking undertaken by Argentan Intercom on the requalification of its city center, for which development work is planned around the site of the future health center and around Argentan Town Hall. The creation of this Health Center aims to offer the population a set of health services concentrated in one place. Combining medical and paramedical activities, the cluster promotes coordinated care and is a response to changing patterns of exercise desired by many professionals. In all, twenty-two health professionals are now involved in the creation of this health center.The building will include, distributed on a ground garden, a ground floor and a floor: -Des medical and paramedical consultations composed of medical offices, dental offices, a nursing practice, physiotherapists 'and osteopaths' offices as well as common premises, on 1,555 square meters of SDP; - premises shared by the entire health center with premises for practitioners and logistics premises, about 176 square meters SDP. -20 parking spaces in the basement semi-level reserved for health professionals. PMR parking spaces in accordance with the regulations are provided at the entrance. This transaction has already been the subject of a previous consultation on November 17, 2017. This consultation concerns only the relaunching of the following lots: Lot 1: Structure / Gro s WorkLot # 4: Exterior Joinery / LocksmithLot # 10: HVAC / Plumbing

Construction work

Andra | Published August 26, 2016

As part of the development activities of his underground laboratory, the National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management (Andra), industrial and commercial public establishment (EPIC) wants to make redevelopment of its sinking tile (6000 m²) . And that, to meet the future needs in terms of operational rationality, energy consumption and meet regulatory requirements. The work includes replacing temporary buildings by buildings "hard" and optimize storage areas, roads and utilities. The work is broken down into 3 slices allotted:

- Tranche 1: redevelopment of buildings for workshops / stores

- Tranche 2: redevelopment of office use buildings and social facilities,

- Unit 3: rehabilitation of road infrastructure and storage areas.

The tender 2 is to 4 lots of units 1, 2 and 3:

- Lot 6 locksmith metalwork (T1-04 and Q3-05)

- Lot 7 second work (lot T1-05)

- Lot 8 HVAC plumbing (lot T1-06)

- Lot 9 flexible floor coating - paintings - Safety (Q2-08).

Engineering services

Silène | Published September 26, 2015
Énergie et service SAS

The current electricity supply is provided exclusively by EDF. The end of regulated tariffs to be Silenus obliges electricity suppliers compete for 01.01.2016 on some of its contracts. In addition, the management of 700 delivery points is not optimized, which creates an additional financial cost. To seek financial savings in the long term, the planned contract with the holder of this mission will cover the period from June 2015 to June 2020. The assistance of the Council and Bureau of Engineering, in the market launch phase will particularly on the following: - the complete diagnosis of the contracts in yellow and green tariffs, - the study on the need or not to add the blue tariffs to purchase consultation - consultation with stakeholders Silenus; know its technical and administrative needs - writing the companies consultation file and raises along the assistance market - analysis of the offers of companies, - assistance with Silenus for the implementation of new contract, monitoring the provider meets the market conditions. In parallel, the assistance of the Council and Bureau of Engineering, the counters optimization phase, will focus on the following: - inventory of installations, with the establishment of the complete database (thanks to EDF intranet service or paper bills), - diagnostic facilities, checking up on all the characteristic elements counter (location, power consumption measurement called powers connected devices ...) - the awarding of a report which will be presented solutions to financial and energy savings, - the implementation and monitoring of the proposals work validated by Silenus - the relationship with all stakeholders having a connection with the optimization of the counters (the electricity supplier , ERDF, the power company ...)


Syndicat énergies Haute Vienne | Published May 16, 2017  -  Deadline June 14, 2017
09310000, 31682000, 65300000, 71314100

The purpose of this consultation is to conclude a framework agreement on behalf of the grouping of orders in order to:

- the supply of electricity for the delivery points (Pdl) of the members of the consortium, the list of which is set out in the Annex to the act of commitment of each of the lots, supplied at low and high voltage, Subscribed strictly above 36 kva;

- coverage of obligations associated with capacity guarantees;

- Invoicing, including the transmission of invoices in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and the assumption of responsibility for relations with the Distribution Network Manager under a single contract, to the public distribution network;

- the mission of balance manager in accordance with Article L. 321-15 of the Energy Code;

- Mandatory services described in Cctp.

Supply and delivery of electricity for contoured delivery points belonging to the members of the consortium and delivered by Enedis.

Supply and delivery of electricity for remote-controlled delivery points belonging to members of the consortium, and forwarded by Enedis.

Supply and delivery of electricity for the delivery and profiles delivery points of the municipality of Saint Léonard de Noblat, whose delivery is under the jurisdiction of the Régie Municipale Electrique of St-Léonard de Noblat (Rme).

Repair and maintenance services of building installations

SNA Antilles Guyane | Published November 10, 2017
Siges (Sodexo)

Preventive and corrective maintenance of the chilled water and air-conditioning installations of the Antilles-Guyana Air Navigation Service:

Lot 1: Martinique - lamentine;

Lot 2: Martinique - Morne Vent radar;

Lot 3: Guadeloupe - Raizet nBT and Energy Platform;

Lot 4: Guadeloupe - Chazeau radar and isolated stations;

Lot 5: Guyana - Cayenne lookout;

Lot 6: Guyana - Cayenne Technical Block, Power Station and isolated stations.

Preventive and corrective maintenance of the SNA-AG chilled water and air-conditioning installations: Lot 1: Martinique - Lamentin.

Preventive and corrective maintenance of Sna / Ag chilled water and air conditioning installations: LOT 2: MARTINIQUE - dismal wind radar.

Preventive and corrective maintenance of the SNA-AG chilled water and air-conditioning installations: LOT 3: nbt raizet and pfe.

Preventive and corrective maintenance of SNA-AG chilled water and air-conditioning installations: LOT 4: chazeau and isolated stations.

Preventive and corrective maintenance of SNA-AG chilled water and air-conditioning installations: LOT 5: cayenne watch.

Preventive and corrective maintenance of SNA-AG chilled water and air-conditioning installations: BATCH 6: Cayenne Technical Block, Power Station and Isolated Stations.

Urban management work of the competition: new urbanity in the mountains; design and definition of Chamrousse Olympic resort of heart

commune de chamrousse | Published March 20, 2015  -  Deadline May 11, 2015
71200000, 71400000

Market design of urban spaces Chamrousse - the Nook A1: Development of a guide map for travel, parking and service professionals and industry artisans (summer / winter holiday / residents / workers). The candidate will provide for the integration of an underground car park (approximately 600 seats) for stay of several days, but also offering convenience to everyday skiers and tourists. Definition of a master plan for the operation of the district (pedestrian and vehicle) coupled with a repeating our technical requirements and landscape. This master plan will incorporate the equipment provided in phases A21 and A22. A21: Definition of the specifications of architectural and energy costs for the sector (public and private buildings). Development of a document setting out the architectural requirements for the building envelope; shape, volume, treatment of 5 facades, as appropriate and in own parking capacity, the link with public spaces and other buildings. A document setting out the energy performance to be achieved (RT 2012 -10%) and tracks to get there. A22: Organization, management and analysis of 3 calls for proposals for achieving 1) a aquatonic center, 2) a first-class hotel with 100 beds and 3) a seminar center. Modality of the call for projects including the definition on which candidates will be judged. Technical analysis of projects including compliance with the requirements defined in the A1 and A21 above. A3: the definition of public spaces (squares and viewpoints), road and pedestrian roads, street furniture. The Body of reflection, in addition to the functionality and balance, generally present activities of the neighborhood will offer a snow front of the value set and move towards a place functioning as an "animated Heart".

Feasibility study, advisory service, analysis

Syndicat Énergies Haute Vienne | Published March 31, 2017  -  Deadline May 2, 2017
71241000, 48900000

The SEHV a search provider capacity to accompany the construction of an energy transition strategy for the department of Haute-Vienne, and provide all data and analyzes necessary for shutters "Territorial Diagnosis" and "Territorial Strategy "PCAET worn by the EPCI territory.

This consultation is an open call for tenders in accordance with Articles 66 and 67 of Decree No 2016-360 of 25.3.2016 relating to public procurement.

Meetings will be held at the headquarters of SEHV, and potentially, to seat 13 EPCI that includes departmental territory.

This contract is concluded in the form of a framework agreement establishing all contractual provisions, as specified in Articles 78 and 80 of Decree No 2016-360 of 25.3.2016 relating to public procurement. It includes the minimum and maximum thresholds established respectively controls EUR 100 000 and 600 000 EUR HT HT on the total duration of the contract.

TR201602 | Construction of a house and child services

COMMUNE DE PLELAN-LE-GRAND | Published November 4, 2016  -  Deadline December 5, 2016

Building a house of children and works contract services to build a House of Children and Services operation in 2 tranches; - A firm phase mainly comprising the following units: ALSH, multi-home, Kids zone - an optional slice mainly comprising the following units: PHSP social duties The building will be exemplary environmental; it will be passive with a certification goal << >> Building biobased level 1. The following environmental targets: air quality, a low-nuisance, energy management, maintenance and sustainability of the performance of high performance level according to the HQE. The floor surface of the equipment will be 1 920 m2 with the following breakdown: 1450 m2 for the firm phase and 470 m2 for the optional tranche (5500 m2 of outdoor facilities).

Project management on sketch for the construction of Port Camargue Sea school in Grau Du Roi

regie autonome de port camargue | Published September 9, 2015  -  Deadline October 9, 2015

operation is located in Port Camargue (30) - Centurion Avenue. Operation program: demolition and new construction. Brief project description: Interior spaces (building): Home Premises and administration, local food, local entertainment, local hosting. outdoor spaces: Patio entertainment room, patio dining, water park space. Estimated useful building area: m2 1986 projected budget work: 3.3 million euro (s) Ht Missions entrusted to the supervisor: Basic MOP Law 93-1268 missions following the decree of November 29, 1993 VISA and participation the synthesis of cell quantitative FGPD + + + ssi Project Manager Mission. Missions Studies law on water and energy supply study are to be provided by the prime contractor in the framework of its Pc mission. The contract may include an incentive clause.

Installation services of radio, television, sound and video equipment

Transamo | Published May 17, 2017  -  Deadline June 22, 2017
51310000, 35710000, 32344270, 45314000, 32418000

The aim of this framework agreement is to ensure the delivery of the Tram 9 tram system with respect to technical specifications, development Software, hardware supply, installation, testing, commissioning and related services for the entire infrastructure. This contract is part of an allotment as part of the overall operation of TRAM 9.

Services for the following systems:

- Centralized Technical Management (Gtc) of tramway equipment in terms of supply and installation of on-line equipment,

- centralized supervision by GTC of traction energy, railway signaling and operating equipment,

- station intercom,

- sound system in tramway station,

- video in-station, SMR, major intersections and maneuvering areas,

- chronometry,

- Multiservices network.

Opportunity and feasibility study for the access and development of renewable energies in the territory of Kampti (Burkina Faso)

Communaute d'agglo roissy pays de fce | Published October 13, 2017  -  Deadline November 6, 2017

Consultation number: 1782PI Opportunity and feasibility study for the access and development of renewable energies in the territory of Kampti (Burkina Faso)

Electrical supplies and accessories

SPL Énergies Réunion | Published December 16, 2016  -  Deadline January 30, 2017

This contract is for the supply of various consumables, PPE, technical work clothes on behalf of the SPL Energy Meeting. This is a public supply Spent tender opened under Article 12 and 67 of Decree No 2016-360 of 25.3.2016.

Lot 1 is for the supply of PPE.

Annual Minimum Amount: 1 000 EUR HT.

Annual maximum amount: 8 500 EUR HT.

Lot 2 relates to the provision of electrical equipment.

Annual Minimum Amount: 1 000 EUR HT.

Annual maximum amount: 11 000 EUR HT.

Lot 3 is to the provision of various tools.

Annual minimum HT: 1 000 EUR HT.

annual maximum HT: 13 000 EUR HT.

Lot 4 relates to the provision of measuring and counting.

Annual Minimum Amount: 1 000 EUR HT.

Annual maximum amount: 28 000 EUR HT.

Lot 5 relates to the provision of various facilities.

Minimum: 1 000 EUR HT.

Maximum amount: 8 000 EUR HT.

Electricity supplies

Le Mans Métropole — Communauté urbaine | Published June 30, 2015  -  Deadline August 12, 2015

Supply and electricity transmission and distribution in the territory of Le Mans Métropole and fueling delivery points with contracted power greater than 36 kVA - in buildings belonging to 14 communes (Aigné, Allonnes, Arnage, Champagné Coulaines, La Chapelle-Saint -Aubin, La Milesse, Le Mans, Mulsanne, Rouillon, Ruaudin, St. Saturninus, Sargé-lès-le-Mans and Yvré-l'Évêque) and the Le Mans Métropole Urban Community. - On public lampposts related to illuminations - fairground connections Event activities related to the provision includes access and use of the public distribution network managed by ERDF (single contract), including the equilibrium charge function and related services described below. The holder is free to its power purchase strategy, namely supply ARENH (regulated access to historical nuclear energy) or market. This consultation takes place as part of a command group in accordance with Article 8 of the Public Procurement Code with the following organizations: - Mans Métropole - Urban community (Coordinator of the grouping) - Joint Aigné - commune Allonnes - town of Arnage - Common Champagné - Common Coulaines - La Chapelle-Saint-Aubin - The town of Milesse - town of Le Mans - Common Mulsanne - Common Rouillon - Common Ruaudin - Common St. Saturnin - Common Sargé-lès-le-Mans - Common Yvré-l'Évêque is generally 181 delivery points for 2014 consumption of 28.7 GWh.

Restricted competition of project management outline level for demolition - partial reconstruction and extension of the St Vincent de Paul Residence in Essarts

cias du pays des essarts | Published July 8, 2015  -  Deadline August 26, 2015
71000000, 71240000

Mission mastery of work, within the meaning of Act No. 85-704 of 07/12/1985 amended and related texts (Decree No. 93-1268 of 29.11.1993 and Decree of 21.12.1993). This is a mission base with EXE. The contract also includes the following additional tasks: -Study the feasibility of thermal energy supply -Simulation dynamic -Coordination of fire safety systems -Organisation pilot site coordination. It is stated that TEDs and OPC stakeholders must be distinct. Features book building: partial demolition and reconstruction of the St Vincent de Paul Residence. Reconstruction of 73 B ehpad, common premises (administration, dining, entertainment venues, production kitchen meals, local logistics ...) and building 20 B ehpa for a surface in work of about 5700 square meters. Demolition of non-preserved buildings (about 4,000 square meters Sdo). The completion of the work will be occupied site and phased manner over a period of about 2 ½ years. Amount of projected budget allocated to the work: 8480000 eur (HT) (value May 2015).

District heating

Le Mans Métropole | Published July 23, 2015  -  Deadline September 11, 2015
09323000, 45232141, 65000000

The future public service delegation contract will aim to entrust to delegate its own risk management, investment, operation and maintenance of the heating system located on the towns of Allonnes and Le Mans, and for which Le Mans Métropole is competent. The agreement will require the delegate include: Operation of 2 boiler houses located in one of the City of Allonnes (boiler Allonnes) and for the second in the city of Le Mans (boiler of Banks of the Huisne). Each boiler has a cogeneration installation with the delegate will manage. Exploitation of existing distribution networks (2 distribution systems linked to the boiler room of Allonnes and two networks connected to the boiler room of Banks of the Huisne) to substations exchanges. The realization of the connection between energy waste recovery unit (UVED) and boiler edges of the Huisne. The renovation of the network of banks of the Huisne and the upgrading of its boiler. Maintenance and major maintenance renewal of all facilities. The development of the network. Funding for all of the work. The contract will include social clauses of which shall be explained in the DCE awarded to only candidates invited to submit a tender. The duration of the public service delegation will be 24 years.

Construction work

Commune du Perray-en-Yvelines | Published October 24, 2017

The commune of Perray-en-Yvelines intends to conclude a public works contract in the form of a competitive dialogue, on the basis of article 42.1 ° .d) of the order n ° 2015-899 of the 23.7.2015 on public procurement and Article 75 of Decree No. 2016-360 of 25.3.2016 on public procurement, for the design and implementation of an innovative neighborhood including, in particular, social housing.

This operation will consist of the transfer of land by the municipality, as well as 2 privately owned land, the design and construction of the district, as well as its connection to the existing road network.

The operation must meet the objectives defined by the local authority in a specific set of specifications integrating the development orientation, digital and energy management.

The previous procedure was declared ineffective for the public interest reason (legal irregularity).

The creation of an innovative neighborhood "Positive Village" near the station of the commune of Perray-en-Yvelines aims to allow the municipality to meet the legal requirements in terms of social housing, but also to develop the implementation innovative solutions for saving and protecting energy locally.

The program involves the construction of a subdivision of approximately 400 dwellings, 35% of which are social housing units.

The operators selected will constitute a SNC (Société en Nom Collectif) for development, in particular to carry out the application for a development permit, including:

- a subdivision regulation, established in consultation with the municipality, to incorporate the conditions for the production and exchange of digital data and energy (this regulation will complement the PLU (Plan Local d'Urbanisme)),

- and a specification of the subdivision, established in consultation with the municipality, to incorporate the conditions of production and exchange d ...

District heating

SEM Vitry énergies | Published February 7, 2017  -  Deadline March 31, 2017
09323000, 09320000, 42515000, 45232140, 45251220

SEM awarded to the concessionaire the task of ensuring, at his peril, design, part of the financing, construction renovation modernization and network expansion, maintenance, maintenance, technical operation, commercial management and operation with customers of the heating network at its disposal.

The project SEM Vitry Energy includes:

design, part of the financing and execution of work on the heating system in Vitry-le-François:

The replacement of the biomass boiler with a biomass cogeneration or biomass boiler room and possibly other energy solutions

deleting an extra-relief of boiler and related work

installing a regulation of the primary network and necessary modifications

replacement of mixing bottles from interchanges between primary and secondary networks in about 29 ss-stations

the extension work and network development

operation, maintenance of existing structures and realize dealer including major maintenance / renovation

marketing, supply, heat distribution

revenue collection and management of subscriber relationships

where appropriate, assistance for electricity from cogeneration billing.


Syndicat énergies Haute Vienne | Published October 1, 2015
groupement Alterna Soregies mandataire Alterna
09310000, 31682000, 65300000, 71314100

The framework agreement covers the services designated below: - the supply of electricity for delivery points the control group, fed with low and high voltage, with subscribed power strictly higher than 36 kVA - The access and use, to the group of delivery points, as part of a single contract, the public distribution network - the equilibrium lead audit in accordance with Article L. 321-15 of the Code of Energy, - services related to the supply of electricity for delivery points the control group (Guarantees of Origin, Web platform, billing flow processing applications at GRD). This framework agreement is made according to the tendering procedure opened as a group of commands coordinator contracting authority representing the Union's energy Haute-Vienne (SEHV). It ensures the procurement procedure and award the framework agreement and subsequent markets. In this context, the SEHV was an open group commands to legal persons of public law, composed of 92 members: - 74 municipalities in the Haute-Vienne; - 9 communities of communes of the Haute-Vienne, - 9 other entities: nursing homes, trade unions, including the SYDED (Union County for disposal).
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