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Advisory architectural services

Groupement Sofil / Aphelie | Published December 17, 2016
Crea'ture Architectes SARL

The operation involves the restructuring of a 3 storey building built in the early 60s, releasing a floor area of ​​4 600 square meters.

It includes the implementation of a diagnostic EC, implementation of the functional program and the completion of the work taking into account the environmental and energy objectives defined in the program.

The estimated share of the financial envelope for the work is set at 4.2 million euros HT (including any preparatory work necessary for the continued operation of the facility).

Repair and maintenance services of building installations

Commune d'Audun-le-Tiche | Published December 31, 2016
Dalkia Est

This market includes the following services: energy P1 - P2 Maintenance - P 3 GTR warranty.

The contract comprises the following services: energy P1 - P2 Maintenance - P3 GTR full warranty repair.

Construction work for electricity power lines

SDE 04 | Published January 14, 2017
45231400, 71335000, 45316110, 45232300

Studies and work of distribution of electricity in the territory of the Alpes de Haute-Provence. Benefits may also cover telecommunications networks and public lighting. Framework agreement for purchase orders, to geographical units at unit price, minimum and maximum thresholds commitments. open tender procedure.

Studies and work distribution of electrical energy. Benefits may also cover telecommunications networks and public lighting.

Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

Sivom des Deux Alpes | Published January 14, 2017
SAS Carbel
09000000, 09120000, 09134200, 09132000

fuel supply tank and fuel pump.

Fuel oil delivery, cold fuel, gas oil, diesel cold, GNR, GNR cold.

Fuel supply super 95, super 98 and diesel for vehicles.

Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

Commune du Petit-Quevilly | Published January 7, 2017
09000000, 09134200, 09132100, 09135100, 09134000

Supply of fuel and associated services - 3 lots - Control group.

Fuel taken at the pump by magnetic cards and associated services.

diesel supply, GNR, unleaded 95, unleaded 98 and fuel oil by tanker.

Supply and delivery of AdBlue additive or equivalent site.

Engineering design services

Communauté de communes Vallée des Baux-Alpilles | Published November 18, 2016
Patrick Sauvage

project management assignment for the rehabilitation positive energy and low carbon future EU seat comprising:

- A mission diagnosis

- A core mission.

The following additional tasks:

- Scheduling, coordination and control (OCP)

- Common: participatory design mission and transfer of knowledge to companies and future users,

- The amount of the provisional budget determined by the contracting authority in its work program is EUR 900 000 HT.

Construction work

Andra | Published August 26, 2016

As part of the development activities of his underground laboratory, the National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management (Andra), industrial and commercial public establishment (EPIC) wants to make redevelopment of its sinking tile (6000 m²) . And that, to meet the future needs in terms of operational rationality, energy consumption and meet regulatory requirements. The work includes replacing temporary buildings by buildings "hard" and optimize storage areas, roads and utilities. The work is broken down into 3 slices allotted:

- Tranche 1: redevelopment of buildings for workshops / stores

- Tranche 2: redevelopment of office use buildings and social facilities,

- Unit 3: rehabilitation of road infrastructure and storage areas.

The tender 2 is to 4 lots of units 1, 2 and 3:

- Lot 6 locksmith metalwork (T1-04 and Q3-05)

- Lot 7 second work (lot T1-05)

- Lot 8 HVAC plumbing (lot T1-06)

- Lot 9 flexible floor coating - paintings - Safety (Q2-08).

Miscellaneous engineering services

Office Public Habitat du Jura (OPH 39) | Published November 22, 2016
AC Environnement

multi-awarded framework agreement for the implementation of energy performance diagnostics collective heritage, and individual households representing 9,095 housing or equivalent. This framework agreement will be subject to subsequent 3 geographical markets.

multi-awarded framework agreement for the implementation of energy performance diagnostics collective heritage, and individual households representing 9,095 housing or equivalents 1,023 buildings located in the department of Jura.

Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

Communauté de communes du Pays des Herbiers | Published July 6, 2016
Compagnie pétrolière de l'Ouest — CPO

Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

Hôpital Cœur du Bourbonnais | Published July 9, 2016
Jeudy SAS

Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

Repair and maintenance services of central heating

Semvit | Published April 27, 2016
ENGIE Home Services (Savelys)

Supply of fuel / energy P1 (heating and hot water) - the operation and maintenance of the P2 installations (heating, hot water and VMC) - P3 major maintenance renewal.

Energy-management services

Ville d'Enghien-les-Bains | Published July 28, 2016
71314200, 71314100, 09310000

Ensure supply and electricity transmission and distribution for listed electricity metering points. The supplier will be responsible for electricity supply, electricity costs for delivery to delivery points and the costs associated services.

Household-refuse collection services

CC Coeur de Chartreuse | Published January 22, 2016
Sibuet Environnement (groupement Sibuet Environnement/SME Environnement)
90511200, 90512000

This contract relates to the collection of household waste and similar benefits in the territory of the Community of Communes Coeur de Chartreuse (Cccc) and their transport to the Unit Value Energy and Waste Treatment (Uvetd) Waste of Savoy in Chambéry.

Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

Commune de Charenton-le-Pont | Published January 2, 2016
Total Marketing France

The City of Charenton-le-Pont and communal social action center decided to create a group of orders under section 8 of the Public Procurement Code to entrust the supply of fuel to a common supplier. The City of Charenton-le-Pont is appointed coordinator of the command group, responsible for the organization of the open tendering procedure, the signing and notification of the market. Its mission stops after notification of the market. Each member then agrees to perform the contract and, where appropriate, to make the amendments to the owner designated by the offers of the appeal board coordinator. This consultation will be passed under Article 77 of the public procurement code relating to orders to markets must be regarded as a framework agreement within the meaning of Community law. This is an order to market with minimum and maximum and a trader and executed as and when the purchase orders emission without negotiation or reopening of competition. The contract is concluded for a period of 24 months from the notification of the contract. The contract is renewable for one period of 24 months. The benefits of this market relate to the supply of fuel (unleaded 95, unleaded 95 E10, Unleaded 98, Diesel, Petrol and high performance diesel) and various ancillary services for municipal vehicles and the municipal center social action "CCAS". It is also requested to the supplier within this market to inform the city and the CCAS on the different types of fuel or it may be in the near future be able to offer (LPG and biofuels). The precise description of the supplies required is indicated in the specifications of the particular technical clauses.

Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

Communauté de communes du Pays des Herbiers | Published March 23, 2016

Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

supply market and electricity transmission and distribution produced with at least 75% of renewable energy sources.

SAEM Noisy-le-Sec Habitat | Published February 27, 2016
09310000, 31682000, 09000000, 65300000

The contract is for the supply and delivery of electricity and the production of associated services for site SAEM Noisy-le-Sec Habitat power exceeding 36 kva (G1 Group) and power below 36kVA (G2 group) identified in the Annexes 1 and 2 specifications and special technical administrative expenses (CCATP).

The electrical energy which is mentioned in this Contract is the full energy drawn on transport and distribution networks of RTE and ERDF territory.

SAEM Noisy-le-Sec Habitat has implemented a policy of environmental responsibility.

To this end, at least 75% of electricity will be produced from renewable energy sources and quality cogeneration.

the criteria for selection of the economically most advantageous tender are weighted as follows:

Criterion 1: prices: 70%


o G1 Group; (35 points):

- Mwh - Full time Winter (Hph); 13 points

- Mwh - Winter time Creuse (Hch); 8 points

- Mwh - Full time summer (hpe); 9 points

- Mwh - hour Creuse summer (hce); 5 points

o Group G2 - basis; (15 points)

o Price of coaching around the fight against energy poverty; 10 points

o Price of energy optimization; 10 points

Criterion 2: Technical value: 30%.

Service contract for the control of water consumption and energy management and associated services.

Dialoge | Published February 16, 2016

Service contract for the control of water consumption, and control of energy and related services as part of a command group composed of SA HLM Dialogues and Seine Estuary.

Energy-efficiency consultancy services

Communauté urbaine Le Creusot Montceau les Mines | Published October 28, 2015
Solagro — Association loi 1901
71314300, 71241000

Study of biogas potential in the territory of the Urban Community of Creusot Montceau.

Energy and related services

Commune de Bourbonne-les-Bains | Published October 31, 2015
Cofely Services — GDF Suez direction régionale Nord-Est
71314000, 71314200, 50721000, 45331100

Market Operating and maintenance of thermal installations in municipal buildings of the city of Bourbonne-les-Bains, in particular: - the thermal installations to ensure the production of heating and cold water and service water - water treatment plants - air treatment facilities. Services 1 P: Power Supply - P2 services: maintenance services - services P3: GER.

Building construction work

Commune de Charenton-le-Pont | Published September 5, 2015
45210000, 71000000, 71314200, 71314000, 71314300

Public Market design, implementation, operation, maintenance (CREM) aimed to improve and guarantee the energy performance of buildings on the City of Charenton-le-Pont. The objective of the City of Charenton-le-Pont in the energy efficiency market is to achieve an overall reduction throughout the park at least 15% of final energy consumption all purposes. The incumbent will provide: - the studies and design of energy efficiency measures for the achievement of performance objectives set out in the functional program (energy, environmental terms, occupant health and comfort, durability and quality use), - achieving energy efficiency work respecting service levels defined in the functional program. The estimated amount of the work for energy improvements will match the investment capacity of the City of Charenton-le-Pont, which does not pursue asset recovery targets on objects buildings of this market, - the operation and maintenance (management and maintenance of all technical equipment (P2) on the perimeter of the market - supply and inventory management of all supplies necessary for maintenance of technical equipment) as well as major maintenance and renewal / Modernization (P3) of technical equipment, in order to ensure the contractually fixed energy performance throughout the contract period. This mission element integrates the monitoring and management of energy performance under a measurement and verification protocol also agreed contractually.
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