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Architectural and related services

Ville de Fenouillet | Published July 7, 2015  -  Deadline August 5, 2015

The project consists of building a school combining a kindergarten in 4 classes, elementary school 7 classrooms, a dining room and a leisure home associated with the school on land in the ZAC Piquepeyre. The useful area for the project is estimated at about 1 950 m2. The total amount of work is estimated at 3.5 million euros (HT). - Content of the mission: the holder will be given a basic mission within the meaning of Article 15-1 of the Decree of 29.11.1993, without execution study. This mission will be completed by the following: coordination of fire safety systems (ISS), dynamic thermal simulation (STD), the APS and APD stages. Optionally, the coordination task scheduling control (OPC) is requested. The Contractor shall further proceed with energy feasibility studies required by the legislation in force and all necessary steps for obtaining building permits and other administrative authorizations - Provisional commencement of the contract: fourth quarter 2015 - skills of the candidates: minimum capacity required: the project manager or project management team will necessarily have the skills in the following areas: architecture, engineering structure, HVAC / plumbing, electrical engineering, VRD, OPC and economy construction. The project management will be sensitive to the compactness of the teams as well as common candidates previous experience of team members. Applications which do not warrant all of these skills will be eliminated. Note: An entity may carry several skills. The teams taking part in the contest will be notified in September 2015, they have a period of approximately ten (10) weeks to submit their bids after the date of dispatch of competition file.

Site-development work

Commune de Saint-Pierre | Published November 2, 2017
Réunion Réalisation
45111291, 45332200, 45316110, 45112700, 37410000, 34928400, 45210000, 45332400

The works to be carried out concern earthworks, roads, surface treatment, sewage treatment, rainwater drainage, drinking water network, civil engineering works, telephone civil engineering, public lighting, low voltage electricity, development of public spaces, landscaping.

Creation of car parks; pedestrian trail creation and ATV trail; creating a left turn on the old RN 1; completion of a section for the sanitation of rainwater and construction of rafts at the thalweg; construction of a new sewage treatment network; construction of a new drinking water system and connections; underground telephone network; connection to existing networks.

Supply and open trenching of cables for low voltage and street lighting and all accessories; supply and installation of public lighting with energy saving system; tests and commissioning preceded by certificates of conformity.

Preliminary works, earthworks, delivery of plants, planting works for the plants of the cultivation contract, guarantee of recovery of the plants for one year, maintenance of the landscaping until the reception, maintenance of the landscaping for 1 year.

Additional earthworks if necessary; piping on sapphire water pipe and AEP pipe; supply and installation of a backflow preventer and complies with the regulations; hydraulic network of HDPE and buried LDPE; drip irrigation distribution network, sprinklers and valve valves; implementation of electronic programming and automation by programmer and decoders; setting up a filtration station; tests, tests and certificates of conformity (Consuel).

Cleaning and earthworks necessary for setting up platforms; supply and installation of fitness equipment; supply of tools and fasteners for maintenance

2017_BOM_004 | Market of master craftsmanship for the Construction of a festive and cultural space on the domain of Bômale in Saint Denis de Pile (33)

Mairie de Saint Denis de Pile | Published June 15, 2017  -  Deadline July 27, 2017

The project involves the creation of a festive and cultural space on the estate of Bômale in Saint Denis de Pile. The project consists in the creation of a real cultural POLE regrouping: - The construction of a new building of approximately 1200 m² - The rehabilitation of an existing charterhouse of 690 m² This festive and cultural center will group together in a park of 4 hectares: - A media library - Socio-cultural and a toy library - An antenna of the departmental library of Ready - The Direction Sport Education Culture Dynamic Association of the municipality and various municipal services - A reception room called "marriage hall" and "room of the municipal council" Within the Chartreuse Content of the mission entrusted to the winner at the end of the competition: - Studies desquisse (ESQ), - Previous and final project studies (APS and APD), - Project studies (PRO) (ACT) - Execution studies of the works (EXE) on all the lots, - The management of the execution of the works contract (D This basic mission will be complemented by the following additional missions: - Existing Diagnostic Studies (DIAG) - Coordination of the fire safety system (SSI) with the preparation of the safety instructions and assistance with the award of the Safety and Security Commission - Coordination and implementation of signage (TDS) - Operating and maintenance costs (CEM) The project must also include a sustainable development approach and take into account the following requirements: Thermal regulations in force - Respect for and implementation of good air quality - Consideration of high acoustic comfort - Economic and energy management of the building - Landscape and architectural integration of the building with its environment - Preparation of regulatory dossiers Required under the Environmental Code (Dossier Water Act,)
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