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Geophysical expansion control measurements on groundwater monitoring wells and wells, flow meter measurements

Sachsen-Anhalt: MDSE Mitteldeutsche Sanierungs- und Entsorgungsgesellschaft mbH | Published April 14, 2016  -  Deadline May 4, 2016

Geophysical expansion control measurements on groundwater monitoring wells and wells, flow meter measurements

Creation of a hydrological requirements catalog for Sphagnenanbau in northwestern Germany

Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald, Referat Drittmittel | Published October 15, 2016  -  Deadline March 15, 2011
Hydrotelm - Dr. Frank Edom

Hydrogeological information analysis, field work: Installation and operation of a flow meter; Analysis of the water balance, Subsurface grave flow, creation of water balances and derivative hydrological requirements

Complement the facilities at the training center 2 Nuremberg

Handwerkskammer für Mittelfranken | Published December 18, 2015  -  Deadline January 18, 2016

Construction; Formwork girders; Flow meter and gas detection equipment; Welding tables; Stainless steel grinding; Notching, Veneer; Edge banding; Underfloor crosscut saw; Cutters; Suction turbine & eccentric sander; Meat Processing Machines

Creation of a hydrological requirements catalog for Sphagnenanbau in northwestern Germany

Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald, Referat Drittmittel | Published August 2, 2016  -  Deadline March 15, 2011
Hydrotelm - Dr. Frank Edom

Hydrogeological information analysis, field work: Installation and operation of a flow meter; Analysis of the water balance, Subsurface grave flow, creation of water balances and derivative hydrological requirements

Contract award: Flow meters, accessories etc. for SOLTEC plants

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) | Published December 7, 2016

1. Name of the authority and its entity and its address data: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Kaiserstr. 12, 76131 Karlsruhe 2. Name of company commissioned: SAAS GmbH, Bannewitz 3. award procedure: Negotiated procedure 4. The nature and extent of performance: Flow meters, accessories etc. for SOLTEC systems (addendum to the main contract No. 325/20624669 / INR /. GFB from 05/11/2016 5.Zeitraum of performance: to 12/2016

Gas-fitting installation work

Landkreis Ravensburg Eigenbetrieb IKP | Published September 19, 2015
Dräger Medical Ansy GmbH

Medical gases, copper pipes for Med. Gases, range control units, gas flow meter, incl. Transducer, manifolds, ball valves, extraction points for med. Gases Narkosegasabsaugungen incl. Airmotorkupplungen, system cable incl. Network configuration, monitors for data transfer.

Instruments for measuring flow, level and pressure of liquids and gases

Berliner Wasserbetriebe | Published December 30, 2014  -  Deadline February 9, 2015

Supply of high chloride and abrasion resistant Metrology (pressure transmitter, pressure gauges, thermocouples, flow meter, pH measurements, vibration monitoring systems and enclosures for instrumentation), designed inter alia for suspension of lime, gypsum suspension, circulation, operating and saturator, raw gas and oxidizing air, including initial start-up.

Flood of 2013, Vocational Schools castle district, location: Zeitz, Old Factory Road 1, Lot 12: equipment compartment cabinets gas / water / heating / ventilation

Sachsen-Anhalt Burgenlandkreis | Published December 4, 2013  -  Deadline December 17, 2013

Lot 12: Equipment Gas / Water / Heating / Ventilation - 2 teaching tool cabinets - 1 teacher workbench - 1 PC system with printer - 2 Workshop trolley equipment specialist rooms with digital measurement case, leak tester, leak flow meter and further instruments, Flushing, flue gas analyzer, portable ventilation system, etc., tools and Incidentals

Components for Glovebox from M.Braun Inertgas-Systeme

Universität Potsdam, Dezernat für Haushalt und Beschaffung | Published May 2, 2017  -  Deadline May 12, 2017

The following accessories are available for a Glovebox from M. Braun Inertgas-Systeme GmbH: - Flow meter 2700 kpl - Valve set (coil, spring, core) - Catalyst R3-11 (G) (Copper tablets 5 x 3 ) - Activated Carbon Form Activated Carbon WS-490 - Molecular Sieve 13X 1/8 APG

Compressed-air pipeline work

Staatliches Bauamt Augsburg | Published November 17, 2017  -  Deadline January 9, 2018

Approximately 300 m copper pipe according to DIN EN 13348, AD 8? 35 mm

about 20 St ball valve, DN 15-DN 32

approx. 10 pcs. sampling points compressed air, oxygen, vacuum

approx. 1 st compressed air filter station

ca.1 St gas flow meter

approx. 30 st core drillings

Demo days:

approx. 50 m copper pipe DN 20 to DN 40.

Penstocks for med. Gases.

. Reaction including online analytics peripherals - BM 050/243306.

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft e. V. | Published August 28, 2014
Mettler-Toledo GmbHPostfach 110840Gießen 35353

. Reaction including online analytics O: The call relates to an integrated system for use in the development process of polymerization reactions, in particular heterophase. Essential components of this overall system. 1) Reaction with a heat flow meter, which allows the automated software-controlled carrying out reactions in volumes in the range 250 ml to 1 liter. 2) an in-situ FTIR device for tracking progress of the reaction, preferably with the possibility of measurement in both the liquid and in the gas phase. 3) a device for real-time measurement of particle size for particles in the micrometer range. 4) an apparatus for real-time imaging particles for particles in the micrometer range. A software-driven control, data acquisition and evaluation is essential for all devices. Moreover, a solution is required which permits a real-time integration of data in the software of the other devices, and control of the reaction calorimeter on the basis of the generated data from the sensors.

Luther Archive Eisleben L20 - heating / ventilation / sanitary

Sachsen-Anhalt Stiftung Luthergedenkstätten in Sachsen-Anhalt | Published February 21, 2014  -  Deadline March 14, 2014

L20 - Heating / Ventilation / Bathrooms: 1 Stk gas condensing heater, 1700 m Surface heating pipe as concrete core activation including compounds, 6 pairs of distribution including flow meter, 3 pcs single air handling units, 50 m ducting, 2 pcs dehumidifier, 2 pcs Elektrodendampfbefeuchter, 2 pcs steam blower, 30 m SML drainage pipes DN 50/100 including calls, 40 m HT pipe DN 50 - DN 100, including connections and insulation, 2 pcs toilet facilities including washbasins, 1 pc disabled toilet facility including vanity, 3 pcs Open DHW tank, 55 running meters of drinking water pipeline DN 12 - DN 25 including insulation.

GWA installation (VG A0423-2015-0081)

hbm RNL Nord | Published May 19, 2015  -  Deadline June 23, 2015

General characteristics of the building or structure A.0423.127405, Baunatal, PAST COME type of service gas, water and drainage systems inside buildings (DIN 18 381); Scope of services plumbing in the buildings 1, 2 and 3: Installation flow meter in M-Bus version, condensate connections for heat pumps, air handling units or air conditioners. In addition, in the building 1: dismantling wall hydrants, isolation port of the wall hydrant line from the drinking water network. As part of the renovation and expansion of the second floor, the existing sanitary facilities are renewed. Dismantling and reinstallation. Material, overall, about 150 meters Abfussrohr cast iron and PP, with fittings and connection pieces. 65 m water pipe, multilayer pipe, insulation and fittings 20 Shut-off, regulation and sampling valves installation of five site supplied water meters 2 St. wash basin, incl. Fitting, carrying scaffolding etc. 4 St. wall-mounted washdown WC, with carrying frame, etc. 3 St. urinal with installation supporting frame etc. 1 St. sink with faucet 1 St. sinks

Drinking water supply Petersberg 2 BA DE ktten

Sachsen-Anhalt HWS GmbH Einkauf | Published October 10, 2013  -  Deadline November 4, 2013

-Ca. 125 sqm clear away topsoil, re-apply approx. 17 m³ of excavated soil for excavation base (soil class 3-5), including Backfilling-ca. Produce 130 m² ventilated facade, wooden construction, facade insulation board, fiber cement panels, approx. 25 m² base redevelopment, mineral sealing, perimeter insulation, system protection upgrading of existing machinery equipment of the booster station approx.60 make sqm floor tiling renew-mechanical equipment in the office building, new steel pipes (Rilsan coated), DN 50 - DN 250, gate, butterfly valves, Pressure boosting system with flow about 62 m³ / h with delivery height 58 m WS, new diaphragm expansion vessel, 80 liter, existing system components (single slide, pressure reducing valve, ventilation valves, Magnetic-inductive flow meter) Refit - manufacture electrical equipment inside the factory building, new pump control system with PLC connection / conversion of existing system components, the technical qualification and certification of NOW is absolutely proven.

Installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Hessisches Baumanagement (HBM), Regionalniederlassung Mitte, Vergabebereich Friedberg | Published December 7, 2013  -  Deadline January 27, 2014

Threaded pipe moderate seamless black DN 15 to DN 150, about 1600 m pipeline of precision steel tube 12 mm to 28 mm, approx 9400 m threaded pipe moderate seamless black DN 15 to DN 150 with 2x primer approximately 640 m gate valve, globe valve for water DN 15 to DN 150, 80 piece strainer non-return valve for water DN 40 to DN 100 40 piece balancing valve with presetting, shut-off and flow meter for water DN 20 to DN 50 100 piece ball valve for water DN 15 to DN 25, about 220 pieces heat and cooling meter 2.5 to 60 m³ / h, about 7 piece panel radiators H 450-900 mm L 450-2000 mm, approx 350 pieces Thermostatic radiator valve, approximately 350 pieces of fire protection foreclosure piping made of steel, fire resistance class R 90 DN 15 to DN 150 950 pieces centrifugal pump 1.5 to 6.5 m³ / h, about 14 pieces.

Medical equipments

Klinikum St. Marien Amberg | Published February 21, 2017
Mack GmbH
33100000, 33190000, 33193120, 34114100

370 - establishing central emergency department at the hospital Amberg - Gewerk 5000-01 General Medical.

370-5000-01 General Medical


- 8 instrument table;

- 13 piece multipurpose table;

- 10 items X-ray aprons;

- 5 Piece X apron holder;

- 13 pieces Swivel stool;

- 3 pieces of patient privacy;

- 6 pieces Waste collectors and service;

- 2 piece OP-appearance;

- 5 Piece OP seating furniture;

- 15 piece roll and transport chairs;

- 14 pieces of waste collectors;

- 5 piece nightstand;

- 6 pieces IV pole;

- 16 pieces bronchial;

- 16 pieces oxygen flow meter;

- 1 piece anesthetic trolley;

- 10 piece dressing trolley;

- 1 piece of ambulances;

- 1 heating cabinet for blankets;

- 1 piece of documentation car;

- 3 pieces disposal car;

- 2 pieces module transport cart;

- 12 piece ear thermometer;

- 4 pieces Rollboard;

- 1 patient bed.

Miscellaneous medical devices and products

Bürgerhospital und Clementine Kinderhospital gGmbH | Published November 3, 2017  -  Deadline December 7, 2017

New building to house a surgical department, a maternity ward and nursing departments for the Department of Neonatology and the Department of Gynecology. Creation of car parking spaces and additional secondary areas (changing rooms, archives and storage areas). Restructuring Station N4 to a Neonatal Intermediate Care Station. Relocation of the nursing area of ​​the clinic for neonatal, pediatric surgery and urology. Reorganization and structuring of the food supply and the entire logistics concept at the Bürgerhospital.

Tray 612. TL 3, TL 4 and TL 6

for the area of

6 surgeries plus ancillary rooms on the 1st floor

Operating room on the 2nd floor

Maternity ward on the 3rd floor

Neoantologie in the 4th OG

Nursing station on the 5th floor for both PKV and GKV patents from the field of obstetrics

CSSD on the 6th floor

Gross amounts:

Teillos 03 - Medical devices

- 24 pieces suction,

- 1 piece surgical drill,

- 8 pieces bottle warmer,

- 4 pieces HF electrosurgical unit,

- Energy commercial refrigerators,

- 19 pieces O2 sampling devices with flow meter, oxygen mixing device,

- Digital baby scales, heat radiators, changing tables.

Teillos 04 - Medical furniture

- 7 pieces dumpster mobile ',

- 9 pcs OP-Hcker,

- 28 pieces infusion stand,

- 6 pieces of instrumentation,

- 26 pieces of care chairs, etc.

Teillos 06 - Medical care and treatment trolley

- 4 piece container wagon (delivery room),

- 43 pieces of various care and treatment cars.

Procurement of a manufacturing complex (DFG GZ: A 663).

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e. V., Zentrale Beschaffungsstelle | Published October 12, 2013  -  Deadline November 10, 2013

Manufacturing complex for the combined processing of plastics and metal-based materials using the basic technologies forming and injection molding. As a) main system is a central locking device for clamping and forming tools with high precision movement with two oppositely disposed injection units for thermoplastics. As manufacturing modules b) to f) are to be implemented in a multi-station operation other technologies. As a corresponding peripheral g) handling system for component integration and removal of components is provided. The system is equipped with an h) overall control. The detailing of a) to h) follows hereafter. a) Main system as a basic design are preferred considered two technology options: - run as horizontal insert machine with rotary table or - version as vertical press station with transfer system technical constraints - clamping force of the clamping unit in the range of 25,000-30,000 kN Mold clamping least 2.500x2.500 mm, Werkzeugöffnungshub at least 2.500 mm - stamping function for Main System - Max volume in excess Hauptplastifizierung: 12.000 cc, arrangement of Nebenplastifi-cation as opposed injection unit with max. Excess volume of 5,000 cc - fiber direct feed in the injection molding in Hauptplastifizierung - design of cylindrical worm units for the processing of high-temperature plastics to 450 ° C - Flexible bolt-on interface for aggregates b) to f) b) internal high-pressure forming unit (IHU) - high pressure unit to 1,500 bar, heated by a gas up to 450 ° C, fully variable pressure curve adjustment (manual and automatic) - process control and monitoring integrated into the main unit (spritzgießsynchrone pressure adjustment and process data analysis system) - Connection flexible about mold in the main system c) Physical foaming of thermoplastics - Preference MuCell ® technology - Separate gas processing and delivery possible - Variable position adjustment in the x, y, z direction as bolt-on design - Shot weight: 5000 gd) multi-component injection for each thermoplastic and Duroplastspritzguss - bolt-on unit - Shot weight: 3.000 cc - Variable position adjustment in the x, y, z direction - adaptability in fixed total system e) PUR processing - 2x polyol and 1x isocyanate cycles and blowing agent feed on both polyol circuits - reservoir per 50l vacuum unit level monitoring and agitator - capacity the pump up to 16 liters / min. and drive with frequency converter - 2 x 4K mixing heads (filler and CCM suitable) - Pressure-dependent shot control - processing of fillers to Bauteilfunktionalisierung f) resin injection and resin infusion for thermoset fiber composites - high pressure RTM to 100bar, mixing and metering of mass flow meter, vacuum unit and Nachdrückfunktion for processing of epoxy resin and polyester / hardener - temperature-controlled total system to 120 ° C (heated container, high pressure mixing head with tubing) - automatically controlled infusion pressure control - self-cleaning mixing head and integrated release agent unit - Injection Capacity 10-250 cc / s with variable income flow adjustment during injection - Container Size 30 -60l g) handling system - 1xKUKA KR90, 1xKUKA KR180 or equivalent type, has as system compatibility are ensured with other technological processes h) Total Control - Centralized control for the coupling of the individual modules - individual modules controlled separately - Implementation of all safety requirements in the operation of the entire system under consideration the flexible adaptability of different system components, the manufacturing complex is to offer as a total system, because due to the many technological processes detail the functionality of the overall system as well as the manufacturing modules each other must be ensured. The manufacturing modules are shown separately as optional, its ability to integrate into the system is to ensure overall system.

Ultrasonic flowmeter

NGN Netzgesellschaft Niederrhein mbH | Published September 2, 2016

Ultrasonic flowmeter


Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf | Published September 22, 2016  -  Deadline October 12, 2016

The Weihenstephan-Triesdorf writes for the Faculty of Environmental Engineering at the Department Triesdorf a mobile ultrasonic flowmeter, which can be observed on a power system in addition to the mean flow velocity and the volume flow, the thermal power and the transported thermal energy from. The device should have both battery and mains operation. The recording of the measured values ​​is to be an integrated logger function. In addition, however, analog interfaces for transmission are provided to external Data Logger