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Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Bus Management System For 7 High Quality Bus Lines in 6 of October City and Sheikh Zaied City, Egypt

UNDP Country Office - EGYPT | Published January 9, 2017  -  Deadline February 28, 2017

IntroductionThe Global Environment Facility (GEF) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have extended a grant to the Egyptian Government for the implementation of the “Sustainable Transport Project for Egypt” (STP), the goal of which is to reduce energy consumption and related Greenhouse Gas emissions of the transport sector in Egypt. In addition, the project aims at reducing vehicular traffic and mitigating the related local environmental impact. To achieve this goal, a number of pilot projects have been identified. One of those pilot projects aims to encourage modal shift from private car to public transport bus, thus contributing in the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption. This is to be achieved by introducing high quality bus services integrated with Cairo Metro. The objective of the High Quality Bus (HQB) pilot project is to provide new bus lines to serve as an attractive public transport alternative to the private car and hence to encourage modal shift from the private car. In that respect the buses should be of high standard and superior service and should also provide new image public transport applying modern operation culture. Accordingly, an integrated intelligent transportation system(s) is needed as one of the requirements of this HQB. Such system should include three sub-systems as follows.Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS).Bus Management System (BMS).Depot Management Systems (DMS). The Client is, therefore, tendering this integrated intelligent transportation system to international firms to supply, install, operate and maintain intelligent transportation system for the potential bus operator of the new HQB. BackgroundThe HQB project aims at providing five new \"high quality/high level of service\" bus lines designed to link the new cities 6 Oct and SZ with Cairo Metro, in addition to two direct bus lines of the same quality to connect Cairo Metro with two major malls in the two cities. This is a \"Fast away\" type of bus service where each bus line will serve a limited number of bus stops inside each city and then goes non-stop along a lengthy “line haul” expressway till it connects a Metro Station in the fringes of Greater Cairo in Giza city. In the return trip, the bus would collect pax from the Metro Station and goes non-stop on the line haul segment till it reaches the new city and then distributes pax at each of the bus stops upon request. Estimated number of vehicles operating on the seven lines is 40 vehicles and operating hours are 6:00AM to Midnight during week days and other periods during weekends and public holidays. Headways also change by type of day. The bus lines are as indicated below and the general alignment of their routes are shown in Appendix \"A\".6 Oct / Cairo University Metro Station direct (non-stop) bus line.4 Bus stops6 Oct local bus line A; with 20 bus stops to act as feeders to the above mentioned direct bus line.6 Oct local bus line B; with 22 bus stops to act as feeders to the above mentioned direct bus line.SZ / Cairo University Metro Station direct (non-stop) bus line; with two branching routes serving 16 bus stops inside SZ to collect/distribute passengers.D / Cairo University Metro Station direct (non-stop) bus line; serving 13 bus stops in the vicinities of Dreamland to collect/distribute passengers.Cairo University Metro Station / Mall El Arab (in 6 Oct) direct (non-stop) bus line.4 Bus stopsCairo University Metro Station / Hyper-1 Mall (in SZ) direct (non-stop) bus line .4 Bus stops The above lines are to be served with the following facilities;Two Bus Stations; one in 6 Oct and the other in SZ.Two bus Terminal Points; one close to Dreamland entrance and the other at Cairo University Metro Station.83 bus stops along the routes of the bus lines.Two Garages one in 6 Oct and the other in SZ. Regarding the bus movement management, buses must depart “on-time”, as indicated in the advertised bus headways time table, from each of the two Bus Stations of 6 Oct. and SZ and the two bus Terminal Pointsat Cairo University Metro Station and Dreamland entrance.In case of operation problems (traffic congestion, bus breakdown, etc.), two or three reserve buses must be available at each of the indicated two Bus Stations and the two Terminal Pointsin order to adhere to the above mentioned condition. Description of the AssignmentSupply, install and maintain integratedintelligent transportation systems to be operated for the HQB project as explained before. The present section identifies the following items:Outline of the needed system.General system requirements.Hardware General Requirements. 2.2 Software GeneralRequirementsInstallation and Fine TuningGeneral Requirements.TrainingGeneral Requirements.
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