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Leibniz-Institut für Atmosphärenphysik e. V. | Published September 23, 2017  -  Deadline October 5, 2017


2 billion


I.Nd: YAG lasers with Gütschaltung and injection seeding

A cw Nd: YAG laser from Innolight (Prometheus 100) comes as a seed laser

Which, according to anamorphic beam correction and polarization adjustment, is transformed into a

As a seed performance

The seed laser light is to be controlled via a


The use of a

is not provided.

Pulse energy at least 850 mJ (1 064nm, geseedet).

Equipment with harmonic generator for frequency doubling and

Pulse energy of the harmonics:> 550 mJ @ 532nm,

> 250 mJ @ 355nm.

For example via software commands for the

In the measurement mode the simultaneous use of all

three wavelengths on the same optical axis.

Pulsed operation at 100 Hz

The pulse length, however, must be so large that in the

VIS) the

Destruction threshold of conventional laser deflection mirrors is not achieved.

2.1.2 Ambient conditions

The surface requirement

of the laser head should be below 0.35 m 2 lie.

The laser housing is to be actively temperature-stabilized in order to avoid temperature fluctuations

and thus changes in the resonator geometry, especially after switching on

to avoid.

The secondary cooling

is carried out via a closed cooling water circuit with a water temperature of 6-12 ° C.

The required

Flow rate (max.) Is to be specified.

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