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Technical University of Munich, Walter Schottky Institut | Published November 11, 2016  -  Deadline December 9, 2016
As part of the tunable VIS-IR laser system is an additional continuous wave (CW) pump laser, called from here on CW pump laser, are provided to A lab-existing laser system for ultrashort pulses (Spectra Physics Tsunami 3980-L35) to pump. 

It will be used particularly in connection with an existing laboratory laser system.

The new laser system should consist of: a fully automatic titanium sapphire oscillator is tunable fully automatically in the wavelength range 730nm-1 000nm, coupled to a frequency doubler / tripler to the wavelength range 350nm-750nm to open up as well as a optical parametric oscillator (OPO) to laser pulses with 500 -700nm wavelength (signal) and 960nm-500nm 2 (Idler) to produce.

This system, referred to as tunable fs VIS-IR laser designated must meet the following specifications:

- Gap-tunable in the wavelength range 350nm-2.5μm;

Systems with shorter pulse lengths are given priority;

- The titanium-sapphire oscillator must have an integral / internal pump laser;

- The pulse length of the laser pulses generated by OPO (signal and idler) must be <250fs amount;

- The output energy per pulse must be over the entire wavelength range> 100pJ;

- The repetition rate must be 80 ± 5MHz;

- Noise <1% RMS (10Hz - 10MHz bandwidth);

- The spatial mode must be TEM00, with a M2 parameter <1.1;

- The polarization must be> 500: 1 be linearly polarized, either horizontally or vertically;

- The beam divergence must be <1.5mrad;

- The beam diameter (1 / e2) must be <1.5mm be;

Coolers, control electronics, cable, power adapter, manuals.

The following requirements for the CW pump laser are:

- Output wavelength 532 ± 1 nm;

- Output power> 10W;

- Continuous wave mode;

- Noise <0.1% RMS (range 10Hz - 10MHz);

- The spatial mode must be TEM00, with a M2 parameter <1.1;

- Beam waist / focus diameter (1 / e2) 2.25mm ± 10%;

- Beam direction fluctuation <2 μrad / ° C;

- The polarization must be linear with a ratio> 100: 1;

- The system must be supplied with cooler, cables, electronics and power supply.

In addition, all technical drawings must be provided to the Walter Schottky Institut available.

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