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Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

KfW | Published November 19, 2016  -  Deadline January 12, 2017

Framework agreement with a term of 2 years for the coordination, implementation and evaluation of nationwide onsite inspections for the programs for energy-efficient construction and renovation of residential and non-residential buildings.

The framework agreement is scheduled for a period of 2 years with two renewal options for an additional year.

are the subject of the offered services

- Are each a detailed concept living / non-residential buildings, designed by the planned procedures and designs developed for instruments and documents,

B. for new funding standards, extensive redevelopment share of non-residential buildings to accommodate their other technical equipment, size and complexity)

Non-residential buildings,

Non-residential buildings.

The order may vary depending on the year of the KfW newly defined sample size and volume of commitments and the availability of own KfW staff for processing.

An accurate determination of the number and composition of projects for on-site inspection is carried out after the award and - if necessary - in coordination with the BMWi.

Objective of the on-site inspection is the verification of unreacted funding project in compliance with the minimum technical requirements according to the applicable funding (program leaflets and technical equipment to the fact sheets).

The on-site inspections are provided in the following program groups:

- Program Group EBS - Energy Efficient Building and Renovation (151,152,153,430, 433) for residential buildings,

- KfW Energy Efficiency Program - Energy Efficient Building and Renovation (276, 277, 278) for commercial non-residential buildings,

- IKK - Energy Efficient Building and Renovation (217/218) and IKU - Energy Efficient Building and Renovation (220/219) for municipal residential buildings.

Comprehensive information about building energy programs of KfW, refer to the Internet, an overview of the quality assurance processes of KfW are the page.

Construction work for school buildings

Magistrat der Stadt Frankfurt am Main | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline December 16, 2016

Intended acquisition of land for the operation of schools and daycare centers.

2 GWB not comply.

Intended acquisition of land for the operation of schools and daycare centers.

The city of Frankfurt therefore asks landowners suitable sites to offer this the city of Frankfurt to acquire or for lease or rent, whether it is undeveloped or developed land and whether construction and renovation work on these properties are required.

However, it is specifically requested to offer also such plots, so that the city of Frankfurt can optionally initiate an appropriate procurement procedures.

The conditions for a suitable property are as follows:

- The plot size has more than 2 000 m 2 be.

- The plot should be connected to the public transport system.

- The plot must be opened up potential development or sense in terms of sanitation and the media water and energy.

- The plot should immediately, however, maximum available until 31.12.2017.

- The land must not be burdened with legacy or other contamination.

Seveso III region, or within the noise zone. 1 and 2

The owner of the land or land that meets the above conditions shall apply in the event of a sale, or rental Verpachtungsgesellschaft intention, please contact the City of Frankfurt,

or by mail to:

Municipality of the City of Frankfurt,

Stadtschulamt -40.42.1-

Seehofstraße 41,

60594 Frankfurt am Main.

Post offers please not later than


to said e-mail or postal address.

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