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Bonn - demolition and structural work - Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Bonn - award no. 5929/17

Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung, Deichmanns Aue 31-37, 53179 Bonn in Vertretung des BMUB | Published March 23, 2017

There is an intention to Restricted procedure in accordance with § 19 VOB / A.

Bonn - installation elevator installation, - Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Bonn - award no. 5542/17

Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung, Deichmanns Aue 31-37, 53179 Bonn in Vertretung des BMUB | Published March 23, 2017

There is an intention to Restricted procedure in accordance with § 19 VOB / A.

Electrical wiring and fitting work

Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung in Vertretung der BIMA | Published March 25, 2017  -  Deadline May 24, 2017

Extension of the UNFCCC in Bonn

Power, incl. Maintenance.

Electrical installations:

Build a medium-voltage station, Generator, NSHV AV / SV,

Main power transmission part with busbar 1000 A part with main cables 10 000m, General installation in high quality with KNX and Dali. LED lighting and energy-saving lamps.

Window: The construction EG / 1.OG done in RC3 according to DIN EN 1627 for EMA.

Medium voltage system:

- MS switchgear with 7 fields;

- 2 transformer's 1200 kVA.

Own power plant:

- Emergency diesel 500 kVA.

Low-voltage distribution:

- Main energy distribution system with 1500 A;

- Busbar 1000 A.

Proof: Minimum requirements for suitability

Maintenance is with advertised.

Non-medical equipment based on the use of radiations

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e. V., Zentrale Beschaffungsstelle | Published April 14, 2017  -  Deadline May 12, 2017
38580000, 38540000


The CT system has the full scope of Macro-CT, to micro-CT, covering for high-resolution scanning at up to 300 kV.

Expected end of construction of the hall is 11/2018.


- specimens

o Concrete / steel concrete

B x H x L = 1000 mm x 300 x 6000

o Test length: 3,000 mm; Test section: 50 mm-300 mm

- positioning of the X-ray system

X-ray system:

Travel: 3000 mm at 2 m / min

Rotation angle: 210 ° (+/- 105 °) with 0,5-1 rpm (3 ° -6 ° / s)

backlash-free positioning concept through full range of motion of the rotation (including change of direction)

o Linear positioning of the detectors

horizontal traverse: 600 mm 2 m / min

vertical traverse: 340 mm 2 m / min

hardware limit

- loading unit of concrete test

o applied vertical u. axial loads to specimen

Compressive force, static / dynamic: 600 kN / 300 kN; 300 kN / 300 kN

Traction static + dynamic: 300 kN; 300 kN

Railway static: 250 mm; 100 mm

Railway static: 250 mm; 100 mm

Infrastructure dynamically: +/- 25 mm; +/- 25 mm

Dynamically frequency: 5 Hz; 5 Hz

o applied vertical reaction force

Power static: 400 kN

- X-ray system

o Superabsorbent materials having 300 mm cross-sectional reconstruction

Resolution 3D: 50 microns

Resolution 2D: 300 microns

o medium absorption with 50 mm cross-section of reconstruction materials

Resolution 3D: 15 microns

o variability of the measurement geometry (downsampling): continuously electrically and system integrates

Source manually;

o High-energy radiation sources

Radiation energy and dose rate. 9 MeV / 30 Gy / min

. Radiation Power & Performance: 300 kV / 300 W

o High-energy X-ray detector array and pixel size

3D high resolution Scan: 500 x 50 mm 2 / 50 micron, 5 fps

3D Quick Scan: 400 x 400 mm 2 / 100-200 microns, 30 fps

2D real-time observation: 300 x 150 mm 2 / 300 .mu.m, 300 fps

o Mechanics: Precise executed depending on the measuring situation for up to 5 microns accuracy

o Radiation protection: collimation

o CT software

Data collection: closed process chain for the acquisition of the projection data m. integrated image optimization processes; Advanced image analysis functionality in the data acquisition software

Measuring processes: continuous, step mode, free user-defined, 4D CT

Scattered radiation correction; direct visualization of intermediate Ergebn. the reconstruction;

CT reconstruction: simultaneously with the measurement

Algorithms: Feldkamp (FBP), ART

Messverf., Region of Interest CT

Reconstruction times: faster simultaneously with measurement or

Image analysis functionality, immediate visual feedback, interactive segmentation functions for data> 4GB

graphic BV algorithms design: transfer from interactive mode, editing a graph, use the BATCH mode remotely on Linux clusters a data center

Analysis packages. Particle analysis, fiber analysis, porosity analysis, local and global structural characteristics (inner volumes and the densities of local curvature.)

structural analysis

partitioned memory, simultaneous access to images in stacks of volumes >> 4GB, Linux and Windows OS

Control computer 64 bits, RAM 64GB

Reconstruction computer: 2 x 64 bit RAM 64GB, 12 GB GPU

Visualization: 64 bit, 1 TB RAM, 10 TB hard disk space, 16 GB GPU, Fast SSD: 2x2TB - 2x4TB

Data Storage: NAS, 40 TB, Raid 5


- Performance Positioniereinh, Belastungseinh, X system software..

- Integrated performance overall system

o System blurring, blurring (MTF, ASTM E1441-CT)

o System uncertainty (Calibrated phantom length measurement)

ASTM E 2597th

Mechanical and electrical engineering services

Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung, in Vertretung der BimA, | Published April 13, 2017  -  Deadline May 16, 2017

See II.2.4 - Description of the procurement.

Information about construction work

There exists no single monument, but the ensemble protection should be preserved from urban and architectural reasons.

Subsequent renovation projects are the subject of the proposed assignment:

- Basic energy rehabilitation based on the EnEV 2013;

- Realization of accessibility and inclusion (input and transformation of lifts, barrier-free development, input and conversion of disabled toilets, etc.);

- building Ecology / sustainable building according to the rating system sustainable building (BNB), appropriate application of the guide sustainable building (LFNB);

Premises (renovation of offices, sanitary rooms, kitchens, meeting and function rooms, etc.);

- Mostly renewal of the electrical installation for the purpose of compliance with the current regulations, component replacement;

- Fire safety upgrade.

BGF, houses 18-19-20: 14100 m²

Project costs (net) KG 440 / KG 450: EUR 4 100 000

Summer 2024 (Phases 8)

The contract covers

The step agreement to be concluded to cover the entire HOAI image including the RBBau-section ES-Bau in EW construction quality.

- Services Specialist planning Electrical Building Services (Annex Group 4: Power plants and plant Group 5: telecommunications and information technology systems)

Phases 1-9 HOAI § 54ff for the basic renovation of the buildings 18, 19 and 20 and for the temporary space and media-technical connection of the container facility.

Rating System sustainable building (BNB);

- Special services such as inventory, documentation review, empty pipe planning for container connectivity, photo documentation, detailed

Proof of economic viability for illumination.

Summer 2028 (Phases 9).

However, a legal right to the transfer of all services does not exist.

Non-medical equipment based on the use of radiations

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e. V., Zentrale Beschaffungsstelle | Published April 5, 2017  -  Deadline May 3, 2017

Data Acquisition / -evaluation is also required in addition to a database.

It is to procure a multi-purpose X-ray diffractometer that can be used for the following tests:

- qualitative and quantitative phase analysis;.

- Structural analysis;

- High-resolution X-ray diffraction;

- Creation and of rocking curves reciprocal space maps;.

- Grazing Incidence Diffraction;

Texture measurements.

Out-of-plane and in-plane measurements with grazing incidence must be possible without device modification u. Subsequent adjustment.

Soller collimators needed.

Omega / 2Theta-) goniometer with centric Euler cradle and sample stage following characteristics should have:

- Increment 0.0001 °;

- angular accuracy <= +/- 0.01 °;

- turning circles Omega, 2Theta, Chi, Phi;

Tilting possibility about 2 more axes;


This requires a high vacuum device is needed (high vacuum gauge, and -Turbomolekularpumpe -Drehschieberpumpe).

The detector-side secondary optics between different modular beam optics (three integrated ray paths) should be able to be changed automatically.

For the detection of X-ray detectors are needed.

An energy dispersive, position-sensitive silicon strip detector for 1D measurements should have the following characteristics:

This can be achieved by optics;

- Sensitive area> = 196 mm;

- Pixel size <= 100 microns for high resolution;

- Operating with no gas, air cooling.

. A detector for 2D measurements of simultaneously capturing large angular ranges and rapid changes in high-temperature tests should have the following characteristics:

- Surface> = 2750 mm;

- Pixel size <= 175 microns;

- Operating with no gas, air cooling.

B. requires a tube mount, aperture, shutter assemblies, optical benches, glass gap, alignment tools, dynamic scintillation detector holder, absorbers, filters, micro masks, reference materials, etc. for the various configurations and tests described.

ICSD database) are present.

An automatic component identification, configuration, and calibration of the components and a conflict detection by the software are necessary or desirable.

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