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Reducing the energy intensity of the object Elementary School in Iron Ruda

Město Železná Ruda | Published February 24, 2015

The existing facades will be equipped with a contact system with heat insulator thickness of the polystyrene boards. 140 mm - foundation bar will be mounted 3 cm above the ground. Warmth will be performed according to CSN 730810 Article. Warmth will be tightened up under the existing roof soffits (under the Mansard roof). The windows are new plastic six-chamber with double glazing. Replacing all the window panes for new ones with U = 0.900, replacing the front door (except metal door to the substation), the door to the vestibule and into the attic space for new ones with U = 1.200. Skirting part of the facade of the gym will be equipped with mosaic plaster. New tinsmith at the gym and be made from coated metal. Along with replacing the windows will be replaced existing outdoor sill for new - plastic-coated sheet. Within the replacement windows are dismantled existing internal parapet and fitted with new plastic according to the actual measurements aimed at the construction site and perform the finishing lining. The color of the sill will be white or colored marble. In the eating part of the building, particularly in the preparation of meals are sills and window jambs of the ceramic tiles. New windows will be mounted on the outside face of the wall and will need to be complemented by ceramic tiling - by about 17 cm.

Reducing the energy intensity of the object Elementary School in Iron Ruda - additional works I.

Město Železná Ruda | Published October 29, 2015

The addendum contracts such additional works or additional services (extra work) that are not included in the original specifications and the required due to circumstances which authority is acting with due diligence could not have anticipated, these additional works or additional services are required to perform original works or the provision of services under the original contract for work dated 02.09.2015. Additional works or additional services can not be technically or economically separated from the initial public contract if such separation has caused serious harm to the client, and although this separation is technically and economically possible, the additional works or additional services absolutely necessary for the completion of the initial public orders. These works were awarded in negotiated procedure without publication pursuant to Act no. 137/2006 Coll. on Public Procurement (hereinafter referred to as "JŘBU").
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