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Installation work of cooling equipment

Město Louny | Published February 8, 2017
45331230, 42500000

The object of the project sponsor (the contract) is the reconstruction of the technological part of the refrigeration equipment ice rink in the city winter Lounech. The project (contract) to reduce the amount of liquid ammonia, replacement of the heat transfer material and further increase the safety and reliability of the equipment as a whole. This will be achieved by installing new modern components. It will enhance the level of technological equipment at the current level both in terms of safety and reliability, and in terms of energy consumption.

As part of the reconstruction will be carried out mechanical and technological parts, eg. Replacement of existing piston compressors for a new modern oil separator discharge with automatic relief oil back into the compressor Frem incl. relevant sections of pipe, replacing the existing spray evaporative condenser condenser incl. Water conditioning with automatic blowdown and the relevant parts of the pipeline, reconstruction of the distribution of heat transfer fluid between the engine room and the ice surface, replacing the brine R for modern heating fluid exchange of circulating pumps heating fluid, completion equipment for the heat exchanger for waste heat recovery and storage tank, reconstruction of electro , installation of a new control system and associated alterations in the engine cooling system, its immediate neighborhood and further connecting the distribution channel and the ice rink in the hall.

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