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Reducing the energy intensity of the object township health center in Montenegro

Městys Černá Hora | Published December 19, 2014

The subject of performance below threshold procurement works, related to energy savings and reducing the energy intensity of the building of health centers in Montenegro.

Optimizing the energy balance of the building Jiří Orten Grammar School in Kutna Hora

Gymnázium Jiřího Ortena, Kutná Hora, Jaselská 932 | Published July 22, 2016

The project aims to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. 2. a description of the subject contract, the contracting authority will briefly describe the subject of a public contract. The subject of the tender is first a feasibility documentation in accordance with the project documentation for building permits and energy assessment. Installing heat recovery units into gyms and assembly hall and installation of sensors CO2 content in the classroom and other areas of the building. Re-regulation of the heating system. Contractor selection and implementation of public procurement "Optimizing the energy balance of the building Jiří Orten Grammar School in Kutna Hora" will fulfill the needs identified above.

Reducing the energy intensity of the kindergarten Osnice, village Jesenice

Obec Jesenice | Published January 29, 2015

The object of the project plan are building modifications Kindergartens Osnice in the village of Jesenice, which is located at School No. 49, Jesenice. Construction work concerning the complex facade of the building incl. plinth. The project also addresses the replacement of the existing window and door apertures.

Energy saving measures of business Duomax Ltd. - SO 02 Cooling

DuoMAX, s.r.o. | Published April 11, 2017

Energy saving measures of DuoMAX, sro - SO 02 Cooling

DuoMAX, s.r.o. | Published May 15, 2017


Město Kutná Hora | Published October 11, 2014  -  Deadline October 26, 2014
09310000, 09123000

Elektrická energie


Vodohospodářská společnost Vrchlice-Maleč, a.s. | Published October 7, 2014

Elektrická energie

"Multi-service supply of electricity and gas supply points in Jesenice, kindergarten friends, and school, kindergarten, art school Jesenice"

Město Jesenice | Published December 29, 2015

The subject is under-limit public contract for the supply of electricity and gas, which is divided into two parts.

Insulation and replacement sources of primary schools in Malešov

Městys Malešov | Published November 9, 2015

Procured the construction work, including providing mandatory publicity. This is a building modifications to the existing elementary school building in Malešov. Proposed modifications (insulation cladding, replacement of filling the external openings) based on the requests processed energy audit and meet the technical requirements for buildings in accordance with Decree no. 268/2009 Coll., Barrier-free use of the building - the current one. The capacity of the primary school's 200 pupils and 17 staff providing instruction and experience. The operating solution is not changed, the current and without modification. The proposed alterations are aimed at reducing the energy intensity of the elementary school building in Malešov and include insulation for the building envelope and the exchange of certain fillings of external openings. Insulation of the building envelope - External thermal insulation certified insulation system ETICS EPS 70 F th. 120 mm (λd = 0,039W / mK) glued and mechanically anchored to the substrate. Skirting boards (XPS λd = 0,038W / mK) thick. 120 mm with mosaic plaster. Insulating floors of soil mineral fiber boards - total thickness of 240 mm (λd = 0,038W / mK). Trafficable layer - OSB thickness. 25 mm P + D on a wooden grate. The niche at the entrance to the newer part of the building will be insulated ceiling EPS 70 F th. 220 mm. Nova plastic window with a hundred-struction depth of 76 mm with double glazing - Uw max = 1.2W / m2K. New entrance doors and a staircase to a glass-wall aluminum (status. Depth 75 mm) with triple glazing - Umax = 1.2W / m2K. Will be removed and the existing central heating boiler for solid fuels. The new boiler for combustion of biomass - pellets from wood waste power of 50 kW. On existing radiators with thermostatic valves placed with thermo-static heads. On the primary flow of the heating system will be fitted with circulation pumps with adjustable performance and mixing valve with an actuator for securing autonomous automatic control of heating branches in terms of setting. The project will be co-financed from EU funds - Operational Programme Environment.
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