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Railway Energy Efficiency and Safety Enhancement Investment Program-Tranche 5

 | Published December 20, 2016  -  Deadline February 9, 2017
Invitation for Bids
1. The People's Republic of China has received financing from the Asian Development Bank
(ADB) towards the cost of Railway Energy Efficiency and Safety Enhancement Investment
Program-Tranche 5, and it intends to apply part of the proceeds of this financing to payments
under the contracts named below for Rail Switching Device (the “Goods”). Bidding is open to
bidders from eligible source countries of ADB.
2. CMC International Tendering Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Procurement Agent”),
authorized and on behalf of China Railway Corporation (the “Purchaser”) invites sealed bids
from eligible bidders for the following supply of goods and related services.
Name of Goods
Place of
Time of
Lot 1
High Speed Turnout
(including Components)
West laying
erection base,
Luoyang South
laying and
erection base,
Xifeng laying
and erection
Delivery in
batches within 3
months after the
signing of the
Lot 2
Common Speed Turnout
(including Components)
3. International Competitive Bidding will be conducted in accordance with ADB’s Single-
Stage: One-Envelope Procedure and is open to all Bidders from eligible countries as described
in the Bidding Document.
Date: 20 December 2016
Loan No.
and Title:
3109-PRC: Railway Energy Efficiency and Safety Enhancement Investment
Program-Tranche 5
Contract No.
and Title:
0702-1620CITC1044, Procurement of Rail Switching Device
Deadline for
Submission of
09 February 2017;  10:00 A.M. (Beijing Time)
4. Only eligible Bidders with the following key qualifications should participate in this bidding:
Contractual Experience: The Bidder must have successfully completed at least one (1)
contract as main supplier within the last 5 years (2012-2016), that is of the same or higher
technical specifications to the proposed goods under the corresponding lot. The value of
each contract must be no less than: Lot 1: USD 2,840,000.00 equivalent, Lot 2: USD
7,800,000.00 equivalent. The nature and complexity of contract should be similar to the
scope of supply described in Section 6 (Schedule of Supply). Detailed qualification
requirements are found in Section 3 of the Bidding Document.
5. To obtain further information and inspect the Bidding Documents, Bidders should contact
the address below from 9:30a.m. – 11:30a.m. and 13:30 p.m – 16:30p.m., Monday to Friday,
except Saturday, Sunday and Holiday until 9 February 2017.
The Procurement Agent’s address is:
CMC International Tendering Co.,Ltd.
Address: Room 1106, Genertec Plaza, No. 90, Xisanhuan Zhonglu, Fengtai
District Beijing 100055, People's Republic of China
Contact Persons: Ms. Pu Qing/Ms. Zhou Jing
Tel.: +86-10-63348498/8502
Fax No. : +86-10-63373562
6. To purchase the Bidding Documents in English, eligible bidders should:
• Write to the address above requesting the Bidding Documents for Procurement of
Railway Operation and Maintenance Equipment
• Pay a nonrefundable fee of CNY 1500 or USD 250 by cash or cashier’s check or bank
CMC International Tendering Co.,Ltd.
Account Name: Bank of China, Head Office Banking Department.
Account No. (RMB): 7783 5000 8270
Account No. (USD): 7783 5003 9515
Address:  No. 1 Fuxingmen Nei Dajie, Xicheng District, Beijing, China
• The document will be sent by courier at an additional cost of CNY100 (for domestic
delivery) or USD 30 (for overseas delivery). No liability will be accepted for loss or late
7. Deliver your bid:
• To the address: Bid Opening Hall, Liangxiang Bid Evaluation Area, Beijing Construction
Engineering Bidding and Tendering Exchange Center, No.15, Daotiannanli, Fangshan
District, Beijing
• On or before the deadline: 10:00 a.m. (Beijing Time), 09 February 2017
• Together with a Bid Security as described in the Bidding Document.
Bids will be opened immediately after the deadline for bid submission in the presence of
Bidder’s representatives who choose to attend.
8. The Procurement Agent and the Purchaser will not be responsible for any costs or
expenses incurred by bidders in connection with the preparation or delivery of bids.
9. When comparing Bids, ADB's Domestic Preference Scheme will be applied in accordance
with the provisions stipulated in the Bidding Document.
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