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Kantonsspital St.Gallen, renewal energy station and substations

Kanton St.Gallen, Hochbauamt | Published November 24, 2014  -  Deadline January 5, 2015

When Kantonsspital St.Gallen the energy center associated complex compounds and partially also the substations will be cleaned up. This applies especially to the media heating, steam, hot and cold water, compressed air, medical gases, etc. Firstly, the installations in the power station are classified as supply risk, on the other hand builds the city of St. Gallen district heating network continuously and one terminal of the KSSG is planned. Necessary adjustments to the distribution area and the substations are part of the project. Wanted BKP 291 overall management, planning and construction management of an overall manager for the largely technical project that actively manages the technical and administrative processes and controls and the Technical Planning Team leads. Building design and construction management are also among the requested services. What is needed is a comprehensive guide with experience in managing complex technical projects and several years of general management experience.

Kantonsspital St.Gallen renewal energy center and substations

Spitalanlagengesellschaft Kantonsspital St.Gallen | Published December 19, 2016  -  Deadline February 10, 2017

CPV: 45000000 - Construction work
Construction costs plan number (BKP): 25 - Sanitary

AZK Kreuzlingen House A West BKP 241.1 geothermal probes

PBM Planungs- und Baumanagment AG | Published December 23, 2016  -  Deadline February 2, 2017

CPV: 45215212 - construction of homes for the elderly,
45215213 - nursing home construction
Construction costs plan number (BKP): 241 - Delivery of energy, storage,
242 - Heat generation
Standard items catalog (NPK): 451 - Heating Systems: Heat generation

Construction work

Kanton St. Gallen, Hochbauamt | Published March 7, 2015  -  Deadline March 30, 2015

We are looking for total power (design and construction) of Gewerkes BKP 23 a building products company with integrated its own planning department, for the trades BKP 23/33 Electrical systems, building services as a complete package with planning, cost estimate, delivery and assembly check, overall coordination, commissioning, handover and the guarantee carrying out work. We are looking for innovative proposals for a fair use minimum standard with open wiring, simple and clear concepts that guarantee the thrifty operating costs over the lifetime. Construction and space program: Timber 2-3 storeys with partial basement, energy reference area approximately 7 800 m² comprising: Internat consisting of 27 double rooms with bathrooms, lounge and fitness room, caretaker apartment, 7 classrooms and 4 classrooms, school kitchen and theory room, auditorium, production kitchen with Abwäscherei, cafeteria, cloakrooms, toilets and utility rooms, laundry, Lingerie, technical and storage rooms.

Rolling stock

Schweizerische Südostbahn AG, SOB | Published September 10, 2015  -  Deadline December 23, 2015
34620000, 50222000

In principle can be found in the tender details. A) General: In order to be made available to customers of the SOB's most modern, attractive, in terms of ride comfort groundbreaking rolling stock available, which fully meets the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act. Moreover, the new generation of cars can boast innovative new features compared to the current SOB-vehicle fleet, in particular: - high-quality and brand-typical interior - and exterior design, - optimized chassis solutions for the sustainable minimization of the wheel - and rail wear, - absolute energy efficiency designed drive - and power supply systems, - use of the networking of the various control systems, - and control systems to simplify the operation and maintenance of the vehicles, - the methods of "predictive maintenance" and the "modular revision" oriented design / layout of the different vehicle, - components and systems for securely achieving high reliability and availability, - high development potential, robustness and probation in railway operations. The new rolling stock fleet will consist of two or three different types of locomotives: main series), sub-series). The passenger areas are to stand out compared to the present SOB standard: - high Niederfluranteil with enough space for an optimal exchange of passengers, - enough space for prams, bicycles, skis, luggage etc., - the best possible comfort for the 1st class passenger, - development the bistro area as a "wellness oasis". B) Main offer: The Südostbahn AG expects as the main offer (main series) an offer for: 150 m) and 75 m) Prescribed according to tender documents variants: in addition to the main offer are the additional costs (divided into one-time costs and Series Price) for the Tender documents requested (additional) specify equipment variants. C) In addition to the offer: The Südostbahn AG expects a variant solution (sub-series) an offer for: 120 m) derived, as "downsizing" of the vehicle type 1 in the tender specifications, as a framework agreement with one-sided call right the SOB until 12/31/2023. Prescribed variants: in addition to addition to offering the additional costs (divided into one-time costs and price series) for the supplies required in the tender documents (additional) specify equipment variants. D) Nachbestellrechte: The Südostbahn AG expects bids for the following Nachbestellrechte (Options): to 10 vehicles of the vehicle type 1, to 20 vehicles of the vehicle type 2, to 10 vehicles of the vehicle type 3. In addition to listing) for the purchase of 1-40 Option vehicles. In the event of a production stoppage and / or as a function of the number (quantity) nachbestellter Option vehicles in the offer per type of vehicle shall disclose: a) additional costs (as a percentage of the series price of a vehicle of each type of vehicle) in the event of a production stoppage; b) impact on the price of an option series vehicle at a reordering of: - vehicle type 1: 1 to 5 vehicles, 7 to 10 vehicles; - Vehicle type 2: 1 to 4 vehicles, 6 to 10 vehicles; - Vehicle Type 3: 1 to 5 vehicles, 7 to 10 vehicles. The SOB is free, retrieve the option vehicles in one or several lots or not. The redemption of the option (s) takes place not later than 12.31.2025. For further details see tender documents. E) laws, standards, rules, operational requirements: - The rolling stock must be to achieve the objectives of the Swiss Südostbahn AG fully compatible (see also Section 2.5 A) of this publication), have the latest technology and follow the latest safety requirements. - The rolling stock is to be interpreted on a minimum service life of 35 years. Signing the contract valid relevant regulations, standards and rules must be observed (applies to the timing of the exercise of the variant and the option of ordering vehicles).
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