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Urban Study On Walkeweg

Bau- und Verkehrsdepartement Basel-Stadt Kantonale Fachstelle für öffentliche Beschaffungen | Published April 12, 2017  -  Deadline May 16, 2017

The study contract method includes the well 6ha large planning perimeter "On Walkeweg". The occasion is the option to now used as a recreational gardens areas which are largely free from 2021, to create living space. The planning perimeter is developed by the community of the city of Basel, represented by real estate Basel-Stadt (IBS) in the Department of Finance. With the process it seeks urban approaches and appropriate approaches necessary for the implementation of their owners strategy and the principle of "low cost - low-energy" are particularly suitable. The findings from this study are used for conceptual decisions and flow into the programming of a subsequent, separate process, a (study contract "site development study on Walkeweg"). It is intended to work on this second method with about three teams that have qualified particularly suitable in the present study contract than for the task. The results provide a basis for a development plan for the site development. The realization of the buildings to be made later by handing in building law or by our own investments.

(AUE), Basel, BKP 112 Demolition work (dismantling, pollutant disposal, dismantling, excavation protection, underpinnings, water conservation)

Bau- und Verkehrsdepartement des Kantons Basel-Stadt, Kantonale Fachstelle für öffentliche Beschaffungen | Published April 22, 2017  -  Deadline June 2, 2017

CPV: 45111100 - Demolition work
Building cost plan number (BKP): 112 - Crashes
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