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Ventilation old plant Högdalenverket (14/1)

AB Fortum Värme samägt med Stockholms stad | Published January 9, 2014  -  Deadline February 7, 2014
45331000, 42500000, 42512300, 42520000, 45331200, 45331210, 45331211

Ventilation to the old facility in Högdalen is of an older model and has some problems. Steering is old, making it difficult to find spare parts and the fans are older models with poor energy efficiency. There are also problems with ventilation / cooling in a number of substations. In some cases sitting evaporator mounted inside the plant, which involves a risk of leakage in the switchgear cubicle. In some cases, ventilation is inadequate or incorrect constructed meaning a high temperatur.Denna procurement is a sample contract with a prekvalificering.För be accepted as bidders, the following criteria must be met: Sufficient financial and economic strength relative to the scope of the contract. Fortum Heat reserves the right to do a credit check of the tender. Irrefutable legal status? Knowledge and experience in comparable work and the ability to implement it. The Contractor shall comply with the requirements of LUF. List of reference from comparable projects from the last 3 years, including the name and contact information for a reference person with the customer. The contractor shall be the holder ESA eligibility as part of the work performed in ställverk.Omfattning: Fans (13 pcs) with peripheral equipment in old anläggningen.Samtliga fans, control - and control devices are removed and replaced with new equipment. New fans that use less energy and work more efficiently installed. Fans greater than 7.5kW fitted with speed control. Even plant enclosures, VA11, demolished and a computerized control system is installed and connected up to the ventilation network to allow efficient operation / monitoring from the control room and the operating contractor. 085B230 switchgear S3/S4 ventilation to switchgear S3/S4 (boiler 3) rebuilt to allow for free cooling during much of the year. Existing outdoor air duct and intake grilles are retained to harness available outdoor airflow with the supposed automatic as follows: When the outside temperature is warmer than the setpoint switching sequence and the fresh air damper closes to minimum flow and the rest of the air circulating around. To not receive too high pressure in the switchgear mounted an air transfer between substations and boiler houses, which are provided with a fire damper and a modulating pressure controlled dampers. Cooling / ventilation switchgear S5/S6, 04SC71 and S31 Samtlig cooling and ventilation switchgear equipment S5/S6, 04SC71 and S31 are removed and replaced with two identical AHUs. The units are designed to primarily cooling rack works with outside air and then when the outside temperature is too high, supplement or completely cool with built-in cooling coil connected, via a heat exchanger, to the local radiator no. The overpressure in the respective substations controlled by an air duct fitted with flödostat as pressure sensors. The air temperature in the respective switchgear primarily governed by the temperature and flow of supply air, using either fresh air or cooling with brine. In cases where the temperature in switchgear becomes too low, open the mixing valve for mixing of ambient air. Reconstruction of cooling / ventilation of the switchgear HFAK and A10 Parts of the supply air duct which today serves HFRK dismantled and open unused channel transmitter / trådnätgaller attracted and brandt eaten. A new channel is connected on the open channel end and pulled into the A10 and on to HFAK. Blowing arranged in HFAK (wire mesh) and a smaller grid in A10. Both fitted with injusteringsmöjlighet. The increased supply air in HFAK pushed out of the space through the new over the air duct fitted with fire dampers and adjustment. The solution provides better cooling in switchgear HFAK by existing aggregates. Reconstruction of the air handling units 485B223 serving 2 switchgear. Parts of the return air duct and the balancing damper serving upper and lower switchyard to the boiler 4 dismantled. Open channel ends fitted with wire mesh. New motorized damper installed in the mixing portion open channel end and provided with damper actuator. Existing control functions are maintained. The solution allows cooling with more outside air (free cooling) than before which lowers the energy requirement as long as the outside temperature permits.

Public utilities

Söderenergi AB | Published October 17, 2015  -  Deadline October 30, 2015
65000000, 42162000, 42511100

Söderenergi is owned by three (3) municipalities south of Stockholm, Södertälje, Botkyrka and Huddinge. Söderenergi produces environmentally friendly district heating to some 300 000 people, factories, offices and hospitals in our owner municipalities, as well as electricity equivalent to the consumption of 100,000 households. The company has 140 employees and a turnover of approximately BSEK 1.3. To apply for bidding: SOE has decided to purchase a new superheater, type Intrex or equivalent, which transfers heat from the sand in the pan to terminal overheating of the steam, to Igelsta CHP (IKV). The boiler is approximately 240 MW, whose main fuels are wood chips and forest fuels. The main purpose is to buy a superheater, in about 20 MW of overheating of steam to 540 degrees Celsius, which can replace the two (2) mirror reheaters that is in place today, why do superheater be compatible with both left and right versions. Superheater be delivered summer 2016. Note: Söderenergi AB reserves for the fact that decisions on the subject of this procurement, in time for this advertising, is not a time and the contract can be terminated.

Fuel Pellets (15/3)

Tomelilla kommun | Published May 6, 2015  -  Deadline May 22, 2015

InledningHärmed invite tomelilla municipality and Österlenhem (the clients) You to submit tenders for fuel pellets according to SS 187120 Group 1 of the wood to our boiler during the heating season 2015-2016.OmfattningAngivna purchased volumes in Annex 1 and 2 show the period 2014-01-01 to 2015-01-01.Beskrivning silos and shipping addresses, see bilaga3.AnbudsgivareDel of tenders will not antas.Anbud in the contract that the adoption of one (1) leverantör.Alternativa tender accepted ej.Elektroniskt anbudsförfarandeDe contracting authorities in the procurement through electronic tendering procurement system Visma TendSign.Anbudsgivare who wish to participate must submit electronic tender via the system Visma TendSign.Anbudsgivare get through Visma TendSign :. Additional information .. verification that all the questions asked in the specifications are answered at delivery. A clear information, not all mandatory requirements (mandatory requirements) are uppfyllda.För access to the system requires a login. Username and password are obtained by doing a simple registration on It is free for suppliers to use the system and to submit tenders. After completing the registration obtained immediate access to the system. If you have questions or need support regarding management of the system, do not hesitate to contact Visma TendSigns support at 013-47 47 520 weekdays. 0700-1700.

New handling lime IGV.

Söderenergi AB | Published December 24, 2013  -  Deadline January 20, 2014
51000000, 24213000, 51100000, 51500000

Söderenergi is owned by three municipalities south of Stockholm, Södertälje, Huddinge Botkyrkavägen and municipalities. Söderenergi produce environmentally friendly district heating for about 300 000 people, industries, offices and hospitals in our shareholding municipalities, as well as electricity consumption equivalent to 100,000 households. The company has 135 employees and a turnover of approx. 1.3 BSEK. This expression of interest for tender concerns: Söderenergi intends to replace the current handling lime on Igelstaverket with a new one. The reconstruction comprises 3 rökgaslinjer and a less common part. Each line has a boiler with a capacity of 80-100 MW. Current gas treatment is based on the Swedish Fläkt Drypac (semi-dry) method 1982 with quicklime which is prepared in situ before it is pumped into the flue gas cleaning. The new sulfur treatment method will be based on dry handling lime with slaked lime that will be blown out. Supplier will have functional responsibility for the entire installation. Supplier will be responsible for running the equipment, staff training and delivery of complete documentation and drawings. Supplier is not responsible for removal of old equipment and decontamination of premises. Tool life is expected to occur from May to June 2014, however, some work done both before and after this period.

Refuse transport services

AB Fortum Värme samägt med Stockholms stad | Published December 24, 2016
Förvaltningsrätten i Stockholm och migrationsdomstol

The assignment includes transport in covered and leak proof vehicles, bulk vehicles and transportation of AB Fortum Värme co-owned with Stockholm's own askcontainers. The following ashes to be loaded and transported: slag from waste incineration plant, Högdalenverket about 95 000 tonnes / year (covered transport). Bed ash from the boiler 6, Högdalenverket about 18 000 tonnes / year (covered transport). Aircraft and bed ash from Värtaverket about 40 000 tonnes / year (bulk transport). Slag and fly ash from Hässelbyverket 2-3 000 tonnes / year (covered transport) and a small number askcontainers from various production sites in the Stockholm area, extent about 100 tons / year. All the ashes are classified as non-hazardous waste. The ashes currently shipped to reception centers in the county. Bidders must pre-contractual hold a license for the transport of non-hazardous waste. The mission is divided into two items where bulk transport is a mail and flatbed transport and containers are another item.

AB Fortum Värme city has signed new transport contracts of the ashes of a series of production facilities in the Greater Stockholm area. Deluppdraget include the transport of bulk vehicles.

The following ashes to be loaded and transported in this sub-item: Aerial and bed ash from Värtaverket about 40 000 tonnes / year (bulk transport). The ashes are classified as non-hazardous waste. The ashes currently shipped to collection centers in the county.

Contracting fuel reception in 2014.

Söderenergi AB | Published August 30, 2014  -  Deadline September 10, 2014
65000000, 09110000, 09111400, 34144710, 42418900, 60000000

Söderenergi is owned by three municipalities south of Stockholm, Södertälje, BOTKYRKA and Huddinge. Söderenergi produces environmentally friendly district heating for about 300 000 people, industries, offices and hospitals in our local ownership, and corresponding electricity consumption of 100,000 households. The company has 140 employees and annual sales ca.1,5 BSEK. This expression of interest for tendering concerns: Provider of services for our fuel receipt of biofuels. Söderenergi have presently 2. facilities for fuel reception of truck rigs at Igelstaverket in Södertälje. On either fuel reception needed wheel collecting fuel by truck tipping and related thereto including stacking, it is currently much fuel and thus cramped for space, and filling of crushers and screw the drive-by fuel, from receiving to the warehouse or fuel pockets boiler houses. A wheel loader is needed at our reception at the fuel dock, ship unloading, this machine does not need to be available on site, but must be on short notice to be utilized at the allotments. A backup machine for wheel loaders are part of the mission, this should be in place at Igelstaverket. The purchaser will require the procurement price for the supply of 3 pcs. wheel and a spare machine for the task. Price should also be provided for drivers to these wheel loaders. Then the mission will be carried out in 2 and 3-shift, the staffing of these machines are designed for this, so that the existing labor legislation considered. Driving schedule for machines for fuel reception. Loader 1: Monday-Thursday, 6: 00-21: 00, Friday 6: 00-16: 00 hrs. Loader 2: Monday-Thursday, 6: 00-18: 00, Friday 6: 00-16: 00 hrs. Loader 3: 24 hours all day mission will be led and controlled by the Client supervisor. A vendor will be adopted for this mission.

Industrial Cleaning.

Söderenergi AB | Published October 18, 2013  -  Deadline November 1, 2013
90900000, 90917000, 90920000

Söderenergi is owned by three municipalities south of Stockholm, Södertälje, Huddinge Botkyrkavägen and municipalities. Söderenergi produces environmentally friendly district heating for about 300 000 people, industries, offices and hospitals in our local ownership and electricity consumption equivalent to 100,000 households. The company has 135 employees and a turnover of approx. 1.3 BSEK. This inquiry relates to tender: Provision of cleaning services and container transport etc. Detailed: Our facility in Södertälje, Igelstaverket, fired with peat, bio and recycled fuels and has an extensive fuel handling equipment. Annually handled large amounts of fuel, which is transported to the plant by boat and car. Within the plant the fuel is transported by means of a number of conveyors, elevators, scrapers etc. The handling of fuel, ashes etc. means that dust and dirt will spill out into the surrounding buildings in the area. A major cleaning needs are. Cleaning indoor place such using central vacuum cleaning facility. In addition to cleaning need emptying containers with different contents in the tender includes the supply of approximately 10 pieces. containers and their transport to and from the landfill. The contract relates to a number of persons for cleaning of office space full time. The content of this specification, mainly Igelstaverket, but there are also extra cleaning on Söderenergi other facilities, Fittja Education, Huddinge machine center, Geneta Boiler, Nykvarn and in our pumping stations. Söderenergi will sign an agreement with one (1) business for this mission. Contracts Start 02/01/2014.

Demolition 03, 04, 05, 14 and 28 Höglandssjukhuset Eksjoe (14/111)

Jönköpings läns landsting | Published July 2, 2014  -  Deadline September 5, 2014
45111100, 45110000

All building components are assembled and the buildings have common supply and basement plan (Plan 1) is related to the culvert system. The other plan is partly together and partly they separated. Building 6 to be saved, is situated between the buildings 5 ​​and 28, which will be demolished. This places extra demands on caution in connection with rivningen.Hus 03, which was built in 1971, consists of a basement and two floors. BTA 1952 m2. The building houses the boiler, district heating, oil tank, pump room, mechanical workshops, operators, waste management facilities, fan room, various storage rooms, offices and locker rooms mm.Hus 04, which was built in 1972 -73, consisting of basement and additional floor. The building has a loading dock with associated canopies. The building houses the joinery workshop, waste management facilities, fan rooms, reception of goods, dishwashing room, cold room, various storage rooms, offices and a garagedel mm. Building structure consists of pillar and beam construction. Roof consists of wooden construction covered with takpapp.Hus 05, which was built in 1979 -80, is a building of 6 levels. In the basement (level 1) are found shelters, cold rooms, kylmaskinrum, stores and more. 2nd floor houses the joinery workshop, beredningskök, catering, dishwashing room, cold room, waste room, various storage rooms and office accommodation. Other planes in the building housing the healthcare facilities, offices, library, kitchen, dining room, hissmaskinsrum mm. The house has a concrete frame with plastered fasad.Hus 14, which was built in 1980 -81, consists of two plane souterrain and a smaller part of the building where there are additional floor. The building housing the emergency power, control rooms, switchgear, oil filling, pump room, etc.. It is from here that much of the infrastructure in the form of backup is run. Suterrängplan has foundations, walls and slabs of concrete. Building components in two floors consist of a lighter plåtbeklädd construction and houses the cooling tower, switchgear and oxygen tank. The remaining portion above suterrängen enclosed by a sarg.Hus 28 which is built in 1984. Building is in one plane, besides the above lift shafts and stair against the house 06 where the building is on 2 levels. The building houses the main entrance, a pharmacy premises, fan rooms, offices and storage areas, etc.. The building consists of a concrete frame with slab on ground. Exterior walls consist of concrete facade materials of sand. Timber rafters are made of concrete while the roof is made of a wooden frame covered with takpapp.Husen must make way for new building called the house 37.