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boiler installation work

Brzeskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Spółka z o.o. | Published November 30, 2012  -  Deadline August 24, 2012
45331110, 71321200

boiler installation work


 | Published September 19, 2013  -  Deadline October 4, 2013
45000000, 45331110, 45450000

Modernization of boiler consisting of:-replace your old boiler hot water boiler steam-condensing boiler retrofit at-modernization of the control system heating circuits-the modernization of the flue gas in accordance with the design documentation, technical specification of the performance and acceptance of the works and the bill of quantities ..

Operation boiler.

 | Published December 2, 2013  -  Deadline December 10, 2013
50000000, 50531100

The contract includes: 1 1 support for boiler water and steam, gas - oil with a capacity of 6035 kW at. Abramowickiej 2 in Lublin (with the support of ventilation VTS Clima integrated with a boiler room), including: 1 hot water boiler Viessmann Vitomax 200 HW with a capacity of 2,090 kW oil-burner gas Weishaupt GL 40 2-A-TMD-NO - 2 pcs 2 hot water boiler Viessmann Vitomax 200 HW with a capacity of 1,570 kW oil-burner gas Weishaupt GL8 1-D-TMD - 1 pc 3 steam boiler Viessmann Vitoplex 100 LS 285 kW oil-burner gas Weishaupt WGL30N 1-A - 1 pc 4 economizers for boilers - 3 pcs 5 softener company Epuro Duplex 90 0100DF - 1 pc 6 complementary set of stabilizing-Reflex - 1 piece 7 Grundfos Pump Systems 8 fixture in the boiler room 1.2. service water boiler, a gas with a capacity of 50 kW at. 4B Abramowickiej: 1 Low temperature hot water boiler Torus T-KS 50 kW, with a gas blow torch CUENOD - 1 pc.


 | Published August 20, 2014  -  Deadline August 29, 2014

The contract is for service solid fuel fired boiler. The Employer split an order for four tasks: Task 1 - service boiler seasonal m. Leszno; Problem # 2 - service boiler seasonal m. Poznan, ul. Brilliant; Problem # 3 - service boiler seasonal m. Grandmother; Task 4 - boiler service year-round in SP Training Centre in Kiekrz ..

Repair of the boiler room and gas boiler technology in the Office of the City Pniewy.

 | Published October 2, 2013  -  Deadline October 17, 2013
45331000, 45331100

The purpose of this study is to repair a gas boiler for central heating, located in the building of the Town Hall in Pniewy Street. The Station 37 Repair of the gas boiler is dictated by the total consumption of boiler components and includes boiler technology, construction and electrical part. Following a boiler will increase energy efficiency, safety and comfort of its use. When the work is done dismantling the existing boiler technology, installation of a new boiler technology - VISMAN boiler Vitodens 200 - W B2HA, repair boiler room building with a capacity of 17.36m3 and repair of electrical boiler room. NOTE If in the order, is any trademark, patent or origin must be assumed that the Employer gave such a description indicating the type and accepts submission of equivalents of the technical parameters of operational and performance are not worse than those given by the term type. Evaluation of equivalents will author the project documentation ..

Expansion of the boiler room of SDS.

 | Published November 19, 2013  -  Deadline December 5, 2013

The contract is for the disman one oil boiler and installation of a coal boiler ..

District heating boiler

Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. | Published March 17, 2016  -  Deadline April 13, 2016
42515000, 45251250

District heating boiler

Repair of boiler PSP Barłożno.

 | Published July 30, 2013  -  Deadline August 19, 2013
45214210, 45232460

Implementation of minor construction work, installation of water and sewer system, perform no liner, boiler replacement, replacement of the heating system in a boiler room.

Warsaw: Reconstruction of boiler replacement of boilers in Wąwał

Agencja Rezerw Materiałowych | Published September 1, 2016  -  Deadline July 27, 2016
Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowo-Handlowe Maciej Kasperkiewicz, ul. Cmentarna 2, 87-300 Brodnica, kraj/woj. kujawsko-pomorskie.
45331110, 45331100, 42515000

Reconstruction of boiler replacement of boilers, supply of equipment and materials, commissioning of boiler, performing maintenance and servicing the boiler room during the warranty period the Agency for Material Reserves Storehouse in Wąwał.

Gdynia: Replacing water boiler in the boiler room located in the m. Siemirowice

Agencja Mienia Wojskowego Oddział Regionalny w Gdyni | Published August 26, 2016  -  Deadline August 19, 2016
ZAKŁAD-PRODUKCYJNO-USŁUGOWO- HANDLOWY GRAJAN Jan Gralak, Sierniki 1, 64-610 Rogoźno, kraj/woj. wielkopolskie.
44621200, 71320000, 51100000

Development of design documentation entirely tasks: - dismantling the three existing boilers WCO-80 No. 1, 2 and 3, including their disposal, - supply and installation of water boiler grate and smoke-płomieniówkowego burning pulverized coal with heat insulation. Delivery of a brand new water boiler grate and smoke-płomieniówkowego burning pulverized coal with heat insulation parameters essential: - thermal power of 2 MW, - operating pressure 5 to 6 bar - temperature of not less than 90 ° C, - the fuel was coal, - meet emissions standards in accordance with applicable regulations for devices that power - efficiency of not less than 80% - of the grate mechanical - with jacket insulation, - installation of air blowing - Test & measurement and control of the boiler in accordance with the Office Technical Inspection. Supplies required for the boiler auxiliary equipment and documentation: - blast systems, - automation systems - adapting the existing collection system slag and fuel supply for the power of the new boiler - the supply of all necessary for the task of materials and devices - providing operating instructions for the boiler. Complete replacement of the boiler: - dismantling and disposal of the existing boiler No. 1, 2 and 3, - installation of a new boiler - adjusting and plugging into existing water circuits, exhaust, fuel supply and power - to launch a new boiler - service official with all the necessary fees: among other things, the execution of the construction project and report to the District Office in Lebork, ensuring the functions of head works, obtaining approvals and acceptances UDT and the provision of geodetic services, as long as is required - with training for a new boiler - exchange floor under the dismantled boilers, - perform all other tasks and activities necessary for the proper implementation of tasks.

Repair of boiler - gas boiler replacement in the Team School and Preschool in Iwiny

 | Published September 30, 2013  -  Deadline October 17, 2013
45331000, 45331110, 45333000

Repair of boiler - gas boiler replacement in the Team School and Preschool in Iwiny Object of the contract include: 1Replacement gas boiler including: 1.1. Removal of the existing gas boiler Viessmann type Vitogas 100 jet burner with a capacity of 350 kW 1.2.Demontaż installation of the boiler to the manifold fi 80 (about 8m) 1.3.Demontaż liner of sheet steel boiler 1.4.Wyniesienie dismantled outside the building - to a contractor. 1.5. Foundation for the boiler with a height of 60 cm 1.6. Disassembly and reassembly of the cylinders, 1.7.Montaż new condensing gas boiler with a capacity of 240kW with automatic weather and two heating circuits at one domestic hot water and the foundation height 60cm 1.8. Installation of the chimney liner for use in hypertension fi 200 (h 13m + 2m + 3 pivots 90 degree knee. + Washout) 1.9. Installation of water level limiter 1.10. Installation of condensate neutralizer 1.11.Podłączenie the boiler and make checks 1.12.Montaż 1.13.Wymiana central gas safety gas solenoid valve DN 65 1.14. Connecting the gas system Dn 50 1.15. Connecting the boiler to boiler manifold and expansion tank 1.16.Uruchomienie 1.17.Regulacja boiler burner, boiler automatic function test is 1.18. Flushing the technology in the boiler room, 1.19.Wykonanie test the system of steel pipes in the boiler room 1.20. Checking the integrity and efficiency of the work associated with replacement of the chimney is 1.21. Transmission boiler after repairs to the Office of Technical Inspection with the development of as-built documentation boiler is 1.22. Training min. Two staff members in the use of boiler equipment 2.Wykonawca provide guarantee for 24 months on the contract, the date of final acceptance of the contract. If the warranty is longer, valid manufacturer's warranty. Contractor to provide warranty service without charge at the Purchaser 3 A detailed description of the contract includes: Bill of quantities-Annex 11 Technical Specification of performance and acceptance of work-Annex No. 12 TOR 3.1.Materiały used to fulfill the task must have technical approvals, responding Polish Norms transfer harmonized European standards - Art. 30 section 2 of the Act - Public Procurement Law - shall apply mutatis mutandis, and the requirements set out in the Terms of Reference. 3.2.Materiały used to fulfill the order must, meet the requirements specified in the Terms of Reference - description of the contract. These materials must have the appropriate approvals, technical approvals or certificates of compliance and certificates of flammability allowing for use in such facilities. Materials should be free of physical defects and regulations. 3.4.Wszystkie work should be carried out in accordance with the Terms of Reference, Bill of, the provisions of the contract, technical specifications, performance and acceptance of the works, the building regulations, technical knowledge and understandings in progress. 3.5.Podstawą execution of the contract and an offer of tender documents, bill of quantities, specifications technical specifications of the Works. The Contractor shall have the right before making a bid to make the inspection of the site, in which the project will be the subject of the contract ..

Modernization of the boiler room.

 | Published September 9, 2013  -  Deadline September 24, 2013
45000000, 45331000, 45332000

Modernization of gas boiler for heating and hot water with the installation of solar panels, the building of the former dormitory of the School in Dobczyce.


 | Published August 25, 2014  -  Deadline September 10, 2014

POLISH ARMY 21 1.1. Disconnecting and connecting the boiler steam iron ECA-IV. 1.2. Purification of the element iron boiler - półczłonu. 1.3. Disassembly and reassembly otulczego coat sheet steel to cast iron boiler ECAIV (coming from the demolition - without the cost of material). 1.4. Disassembly and reassembly of the plate przedrusztowej (excluding cost of material). 1.5. Disassembly and reassembly of slatted boards (excluding cost of material). 1.6. Disassembly and reassembly of a cast iron boiler door (excluding cost of material). 1.7. Disassembly and reassembly półczłonów cast iron boiler - the valuation whichever 5pc new półczłonów and 6 pcs. Demolition (excluding cost of material). 1.8. Implementation of a steam boiler leak test ECA IV. 1.9. Transfer of boilers to the Military Technical Supervision purposes of release to service. STEAM BOILER REPAIR second ECA-IV No. 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 BUILDING NO 3

Modernization of gas oil boiler.

 | Published August 8, 2014  -  Deadline August 18, 2014
44621200, 45331100, 45331110, 45332200

The contract is for the modernization of boiler oil and gas - which, together with hot water capacity of 2 x 1400 kW + 1300 KW and the expansion of internal gas installation in particular: work demontażowo - preparation, delivery and installation of boiler equipment and automation, installation of gas, the execution of leak test control, hydraulics, cleaning and export ..


 | Published March 17, 2014  -  Deadline April 2, 2014
45331110, 45330000

The contract is for the modernization of the boiler room located in the building of the School in strongly. Modernization has to rely on the exchange of oil boilers to boilers for pellets, processing pipelines within the boiler and adjusting the composition of the fuel oil to storage pellet. A full description of the contract is in the attached project documentation ..

Bellows: Liquidation of local coal boiler K1, K2 expansion of the gas boiler 3 gas boilers with the necessary technical infrastructure to connect existing heating of liquidated local boiler K1 to K2 boiler. Installation of solar supporting the work of boiler K 2 - the program KAWKA 2

Urząd Gminy i Miasta w Miechowie | Published October 12, 2016  -  Deadline October 5, 2016
Konsorcjum 1. Presystm Sp.z o.o., sp.k Ul. Zamkowa 2/6, Rzeszów 2. Handlowo Usługowy Zakład Instalacji Sanitarnych i Gazowych SANTEX, ul. Zamkowa 2/6, 35-032 Rzeszów, kraj/woj. podkarpackie.
45231100, 45231000, 45232140, 45331110, 45332400, 45331100, 45333000

I. The present procedure is the realization of tasks involving the liquidation of the local coal boiler K1, K2 expansion of the gas boiler 3 gas boilers with the necessary technical infrastructure to connect existing heating of liquidated local boiler K1 to K2 boiler. Installation of solar supporting the work of boiler K 2 - the program KAWKA 2. A detailed description of the contract is contained in przedmiarach works, design documentation and in the Specification of Works Execution and Acceptance ..

Modernization of oil boiler using biofuel boiler granulated in the Secondary School in Szydłów.

 | Published July 29, 2013  -  Deadline August 13, 2013
71320000, 45111300, 44621210, 45331110, 45332200, 45262610, 45310000, 71220000, 45251200, 45232460, 45317000

The contract is for the design and implementation of the modernization of the oil boiler for combustion of biofuels granules (pellets, grains, seeds, vegetable vicariously coal). Scope of work: Technical Project a.Made boiler with obtaining the necessary approvals and permits under the provisions of the building code. b.wymiana one oil boiler for wood boiler with a burner for biofuels powder (pellets, grains, seeds, vegetable coal vicariously) by appropriately chosen to demand the necessary installation cw chimney (flue and chimney liner) with a certificate for exhaust devices wood-burning soot fire resistant, d.adaptacja existing heating system, along with the hydraulic and electrical. e.budowa foundation for external water main biofuel granular, f.montaż main tray with automatic transport system for biofuels granular,.

Modernization of the boiler unit No. 7

ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. | Published February 25, 2014  -  Deadline April 3, 2014

Modernization of the boiler unit No. 7 in respect of: - replacement screens evaporator waist burner, - replacement of modernization second degree secondary superheater with all the work needed to perform the replacement - replacement of worn components of primary superheater of I st rear wall II -go over the boiler upgraded - some ceiling (with insulation and armor) - necessary for the modernization of II City of secondary steam - Exchange modernization of the secondary superheater second degree, - supply and installation of 416 pcs screen casing pipes at the rear, - exchange of modernization elements bulkhead II st pair pp, - supply and exchange of 50p. inserts - retrofit replacement of pipelines connecting the secondary superheaters with orifices at the chambers, schładzaczami, suspensions, isolation and armor, and instrumentation together with any other work necessary for the exchange of this node, - supply and exchange modernized armor boiler with all the work needed to perform the the scope of modernization, - modernization of slag hopper, - removal of insulation and armor boiler, boiler auxiliary equipment Modernization: - preparation of boiler pressure part of the modernization work and diagnostic tests - removal and installation of internal fittings to complete the revision of the drum, - modernization of the drum liquid level, - Preparatory work for the diagnostic tests - cut boiler tube samples for diagnostic tests, - supply and replacement of drain valves and gate valves boiler - on duty during the trial block on the system pressure boiler - export and disposal or liquidation of non-metal waste from the decommissioning of isolation , The modernization works on the system air - combustion boiler - supply and exchange modernized sections of the secondary air channels in the region boxes burner tional p L and P boiler supply and modernized buildings fabric expansion joints with all the work needed to perform the upgrade, - supply reconstruction and replacement of primary air channels suction and discharge, installation and dismantling of scaffolding inside and outside the channel, load surveillance technologies used scaffolding and repair, etc., - modernization of rotary air 7L1 and 2 (at a glance - OPP) Type BD 26-1800 together with the necessary ancillary works, - modernization works on dust burners, boiler K-7 Contractor assembles and dismantles scaffolding rigs or other type inside the boiler, - modernization works on the wires pulverized boiler K-7 by building a scaffold to carry out repair p / p, - modernization work on the boiler coal bunkers K-7. Artist builds scaffolding to carry out the repair trays.


24 Wojskowy Oddział Gospodarczy | Published July 18, 2016  -  Deadline July 15, 2016
Przedsiębiorstwo Instalacji Sanitarnych Andrzej Rakus, ul. Nowowiejska 35C, 11-500 Giżycko, kraj/woj. warmińsko-mazurskie.

The subject of the contract is works in the field of boiler maintenance involving replacement of individual components of boilers and equipment in the boiler room in the military complexes in Giżycko, Węgorzewo and Gołdap, divided into 3 parts: Part 1. Heavy maintenance work boiler room aimed at the exchange of individual components boilers and equipment in the boiler room in the military complexes in Giżycko. Part 2. Heavy maintenance work boiler room consisting in replacing individual components of boilers and equipment in the boiler room in the military complexes in Węgorzewo. Part 3. Heavy maintenance work boiler room consisting in replacing individual components of boilers and equipment in the boiler room in the military complexes in Gołdap. A detailed description of the contract is in Chapter III of the Terms of Reference and in the annexes hereto, which form part of its integrralną.

Repair of boiler rooms in Drogoszach.

 | Published June 25, 2013  -  Deadline July 11, 2013
45000000, 45232140, 45232142, 45315100, 45315700

Repair of boiler consisting of: - Installation of solid fuel boiler with flue liner installation. - Replacement of the existing chimney liners for two boilers, flue and exhaust. - Installation of an open expansion vessel, safety solid fuel boilers. - Reconstruction of the existing boiler circulation system including the draft solid fuel boiler. - Replacement of the fuel oil tank. Implementation of safety bath oil tank. Detailed order form appendices: Appendix 1 hereto - Plumbing project, Annex No. 2 to the Terms of Reference - electrical design, Appendix 3 hereto - diagrams and projections boiler specification of the tender were placed on the website of ordering a solutions equivalent to those described. The contractor, who relies on the solution equivalent to those described by the contracting authority is obliged to prove that it is offering supplies, services or works meet the requirements specified by the customer. Required warranty on work performed (materials and labor) is 36 months from the date of receipt by the Purchaser of construction and signature (without comment) of the Final Protocol.