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Construction work

Община град Добрич | Published November 10, 2016  -  Deadline December 14, 2016

This contract includes the design, execution of works and exercising supervision on upgrading the energy efficiency of multifamily residential buildings in the municipality of Dobrich in connection with the National Programme for Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings "(NPEEMZHS) adopted by Decree № 18 / 02.02.2015g.Porachkata is financed by NPEEMZHS. The program is aimed at the renovation of multi-family residential buildings, as it seeks through the implementation of energy efficiency measures to provide better living conditions for citizens in multifamily buildings, thermal comfort and higher quality of living environment. Full details on the scope, size and performance requirements of the contract for each object is fully described and regulated in Section Technical specifications of the documentation for tenders published on the website of Dobrich Municipality, buyer profile, e-file order.

31. The building was put into operation in 1982-1983, and until today operates as residential. The built-up area is 934 m2 and the floor area is 7472 m2.

It consists of two sections with two entrances. Both sections consist of underground and eight floors, and elevator maintenance room. On each floor there are three apartments.

The construction of sgradatae executed on system EPZHS. It consists of slabs, walls and common baseplate. The panels have the following thicknesses:

- External bearing walls - 20 cm;

- Interior bearing walls - 14 cm;

- Partitions - 6 cm;

- Floor (attic) slabs - 10 cm;

Compulsory enforcement measures in respect of the building:

1.SMR a constructive restoration / enhancement / overhaul:

? Refurbishment of the building to carry out dismantling of railings on the balconies filled with panels lined with bracket. To meet new railings;

? Be removed insulation on facades in the contact zones between the panels. All joints should be cleaned and filled with suitable joint filler to prevent corrosion of the anchors of the panels.

2.SMR to implement energy efficiency measures

? Insulation of exterior walls

? Insulation of roof

? Replacing old windows

? Partial thermal insulation of the floor structures

Scope of the object of the contract:

? Development of projects in phase Working to implement the most effective package of energy saving measures for the building, which achieves class energy "C" in accordance with the Ordinance №7 of 2004 for energy efficiency in buildings, subject to the package energy conservation measures (ECMs) proposed in the technical and energy audit of the building;

? Perform construction work and activities of the site, according to the report prepared by the Contractor agreed and approved by the respective order Work projects;

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