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Adaptation work of HVAC installations and work on increasing the power output of ice water.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport SA | Published November 27, 2015  -  Deadline December 17, 2015
45331000, 45331210, 45331220, 45331230, 45331200

Part 1: Construction adaptation of HVAC installations: storage areas, security control, departure lounge, arrivals hall ... Including: Studies of: - Installations ventilation, hydraulic and existing power; - Calculation Eudes and stability elements for the installation of structures and equipment; - Studies and ventilation and hydraulic calculations for the installation of various equipment; The realization of: - ventilation construction plans, hydraulic and electrical; - Control of execution studies of all control office facilities by SECO (SECO fees charged to the MO); - Calculations and commitment on the energy performance of facilities; - Testing and acceptance of the installations; - Plans have built the installation of: - 4 new air preparation groups rated at +/- 33 000 m³ / h each to complement the current flow 44.000m³ / h, - active carbon filters these groups - 4 heat pumps and cooling towers associated 4 for heating and cooling the additional air in the premises, - The hydraulic connections and ventilation groups and heat pumps - Control and regulation of groups and pump Heat - The adaptation of the steering groups of regulation and heat pumps Part 2: Works of increasing the power output of ice water and addition of a new high-voltage cabin Includes: Studies on: - existing hydraulic and electrical installations; - Design and calculation of stability elements for laying structures and equipment; - Studies and hydraulic and electrical calculations for the installation of various equipment; The realization of: - hydraulic and electrical implementation plans; - Control of execution studies of all control office SECO by facilities; - Calculations of e ...

babysitting services - Negotiated procedure with direct advertising

ICDI | Published August 5, 2016  -  Deadline July 20, 2020

Purpose of Services: Services of gardiennage.Le This contract relates to mobile and static security service benefits, under Category 23 - Investigation and security services - of Annex IIB of the law of 15 June 2006 relating to publics.Lieu markets of service delivery: All sites ICDILes static guard services take place at the headquarters of the inter street Weir 1-6010 Couillet.Les mobile care benefits are made as for them on all the inter sites, mainly but not limited to the head office of the intermunicipal street Weir 1-6010 Couillet, the recycling parks and the energy recovery unit (also called incinerator) .L'adresse incinerator is Port of Praye, 1-6250 Pont-de-Loup. The recycling parks addresses are: • Rue du Terril 27-6150 Anderlues • Alley Valerian 26-7160 Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont • Rue de Marcinelle 26-6010 Couillet • Street Destrée in 6043 Ransart • Châtelet Road in 6010 Couillet • Coron Street Chasm 67-6200 Châtelineau • Rue de Binche 152-6180 Courcelles • Rue de Mellet 11-6220 Fleurus • Rue du Petria to 6140 Fontaine-the Bishop • Rue Jean Joseph Piret 100-6280 Joncret • Path of 'Hamlet in 6120 Ham-sur-Heure / Nalinnes Rue du • Gift 3-6210 Frasnes-lez-Gosselies • path Falgeotte 2-6111 Landelies • station in Luttre Luttre 6238