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Electric Vehicle Charge Point Installation Framework Scotland

Energy Saving Trust Ltd | Published December 18, 2015  -  Deadline January 22, 2016
369999, 389999

Energy Saving Trust intends to procure a Framework of competent and skilled suppliers to deliver EV charge point installation services across Scotland. It is intended that the Framework may be used by Energy Saving Trust, private organisations and individuals who are eligible for funding through Energy Saving Trust and/or Transport Scotland funding schemes. Further information relating to the Requirement is contained within.

Switched On Fleets Monitoring - Electric Vehicle Monitoring Services

Energy Saving Trust Ltd | Published November 19, 2015
271200, 279999, 361000, 361200, 369999, 381400, 389999

Energy Saving Trust and its partners currently operate the Switched On Fleets programme, which offers: -free evidence based analysis of public sector fleets to identify new opportunities for the cost effective deployment of EVs. -grant funding to each of the 32 Community Planning Partnerships (“CPPs”), to enable partners to either match fund the purchase of new EVs, or cover the costs of leasing EVs for a 3 year period. The cost of the analysis is covered by Transport Scotland with EST and its partners setting out in a report where EVs could most effectively be introduced into fleets, as well as providing recommendations on the deployment of EV charging infrastructure. Energy Saving Trust would like to procure a supplier that is capable of monitoring all of the vehicles which were purchased or leased via the Switched On Fleets programme from commencement of this monitoring programme until the end of a 4 year period. The exact data required to be captured and reported will be subject to further discussion but is likely to include: 1. Monitoring of all Switched On Fleets funded vehicles - Record and capture data at agreed time intervals on vehicle movements, miles travelled, fuel used; fuel savings made (from using a plug-in vehicle as opposed to the vehicle it replaced); details of the vehicle the EV has replaced and other relevant details as agreed. - Duration: 4 years (2015-2019: 3 years of data for each funding phase) 2. Arrange and implement monitoring with CPP partners – Make contact with all circa 50 organisations who procured or leased vehicles through the Switched On Fleets programme and discuss potential options for the capture and collection of vehicle data. – Agree a suitable approach to collecting data via telemetry or paper-based approach. – Where telemetry is agreed but is not already installed in the vehicles, liaise with the fleet manager to get appropriate telemetry installed – Highlight availability and raise awareness of driver training services available from Energy Saving Trust. 3. Ensure regular data provision – Maintain regular contact with fleets and send reminders for data if necessary 4. Review and analyse data – Provide Transport Scotland with a regular (frequency to be agreed but e.g. every 3 months) vehicle data reports . (The precise coverage of these reviews is to be agreed but is likely to include and not be limited to data such as average journey length; frequency of use; total mileage; estimated emissions savings; number of trips per set time period; times of highest/lowest use; comparison against manufacturers range and seasonal performance.) 5. Issue a questionnaire – Issue a short ‘Survey Monkey’ style questionnaire to a maximum of 280 participants at set intervals (to be agreed) throughout the monitoring period in order to gain an insight into qualitative aspects of vehicle usage not able to be captured by telemetry, e.g. what is the vehicle primarily used for, is it fit for purpose, if not what are the issues etc. Subject to interest and other factors, Energy Saving Trust intends to issue tender documentation to potential suppliers in early December.

Framework for the provision of electric vehicle charge point installations (Scotland)

Energy Saving Trust Ltd | Published December 14, 2015
361000, 361200, 369999, 371000, 381000, 381100, 381500, 389999

Energy Saving Trust is looking to establish a framework of suitable suppliers to supply and install EV charging equipment across Scotland, providing experienced and competent staff to work independently and/or in close liaison with Energy Saving Trust and the relevant charepoint hosts. The principle service that shall be required under this Framework shall be the supply and install of EV charging equipment, however additional services may include (but are not limited to) the provision of appropriate marking of parking bays, supply of appropriate signage and provision of advice to prospective hosts. The framework will be used primarily by commercial organisations that Energy Saving Trust has agreed to fund to install electric vehicle charging equipment on their premises. The framework is to be used as a means of ensuring best value and streamlining the installer selection process for these organisations. It will also be used by individuals for installing electric vehicle charging equipment at their private residencies with the support of Energy Saving Trust funding. It is anticipated that the framework will be split amongst three Lots as follows: Lot 1 – Rapid Charge Point Lot Supply of commercially proven, 50kW DC CHAdeMO/43kW AC Type 2 Mode 3/50kW DC SAE CCS Triple Outlet Rapid Charge point to private organisations. Installation of said charge points; this will include carrying out all civil works deemed essential to the install, confirming availability of required electricity supply, and the connection of the charge points to electricity supply. Lot 2 – Commercial Charge Point Lot Supply of commercially proven, wall and post mounted, single and double outlet, 7 and 22kW Type 2, Mode 3, AC Charge Points to private organisations. Installation of said charge points; this will include carrying out all civil works deemed essential to the install, confirming availability of required electricity supply, and the connection of the charge points to electricity supply. Lot 3 – Domestic Charge Point Lot Supply of commercially proven single outlet, untethered, type 2, mode 3, 7kW AC home charge points to private organisations and individuals. Installation of said charge points; this will include carrying out all civil works deemed essential to the install, confirming availability of required electricity supply, and the connection of the charge points to electricity supply. Suppliers interested in this opportunity are encouraged to register interest. It is intended that Energy Saving Trust shall issue a PQQ for this opportunity by w/c 21st December 2015.

Request for Best Offers:For the supply and installation of Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Energy Saving Trust Ltd | Published April 13, 2017
Apt Technologies

EST is looking for one or more Framework Installers to provide their best offer for the supply only and or installation of Electric vehicle charging facilities at Scottish commercial organisations who apply through EST’s workplace grant scheme subject to the organisations agreeing terms with a Framework Installer. The Framework may also be utilised by Government organisations who are part of a community planning partnership subject to their internal authorisation of this Best Offer process and agreeing terms with a Framework Installer. The framework agreement will be available for use by any Scottish Public Sector Body: the Authority; Scottish Non-Departmental Public Bodies; offices in the Scottish Administration which are not ministerial offices; cross-border public authorities within the meaning of section 88(5) of the Scotland Act 1998; the Scotland Office; the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body; councils constituted under section 2 of the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994 (except where they are acting in their capacity as educational authority); Scottish joint fire boards or joint fire and rescue boards; Scottish joint police boards or any successor National Police or Fire Authority; Scottish National Park authorities, bodies registered as social landlords under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, Scottish health boards or special health boards, Student Loans Company Limited, Northern Lighthouse Board, further or higher education institutions being fundable bodies within the meaning of section 6 of the Further and Higher Education (Scotland) Act 2005 any public body established by or under the Scotland Act 1998 or any Act of the Scottish Parliament, any association of or formed by one or more of the foregoing, bodies financed wholly or mainly by one or more of the foregoing, bodies subject to management supervision by one or more of the foregoing and bodies more than half of the board of directors or members of which, or, in the case of a group of individuals, more than half of those individuals, being appointed by one or more of the foregoing. The framework agreement will also be available for use by any Scottish Third Sector Body: Charities entered on the Scottish Charity Register and voluntary organisations entered on the Membership Database of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. Under the framework agreement, EST will agree with a Framework Installer a maximum price to be paid by Organisations, for the purchase and installation of Electric Vehicle Charge point(s) with a minimum specification. Supply and Installation bids will be assessed and those installers selected as offering best value and demonstration of sufficient knowledge and experience will be appointed as a Framework Installer. Our intention is to have two to four Framework installers to cover the whole of Scotland. Designation as a best value Framework Installer will mean that EST will promote these offers to targeted individual organisations supported by P.R. Interested organisations will be notified of the standard “best offer” bid(s) that Framework Installer(s) provided in response to this selection process. Having received advice on sustainable transport, if an organisation wishes to make contact with a Framework Installer the organisation will engage with the Framework Installer(s) for further information and possibly for a site survey and quote subject to authorisation from EST. The final purchase contract however shall be between the individual organisations and the Framework Installer. We are aiming to impress organisations, and observers of the framework agreement as to the professionalism of the industry, simplicity of this assisted process and benefits of a partnership approach. It is important that Customer Service Standards specified are met and standard costs are not exceeded, unless in exceptional circumstances.
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