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The Provision of Managed Service Contract for Haulage, Storage and Disposal Services

Home Office | Published March 2, 2017  -  Deadline May 9, 2017
90500000, 60100000, 63120000, 63121000, 63121100, 63122000, 75130000, 75131000, 90510000, 90512000, 90513000, 90513300, 90514000

Border Force is a Directorate of the Home Office. Border Force requires a prime contractor to manage the provision of Haulage, Storage and Disposal services for Seized Goods and Vehicles.

The contracting provision will also be enabled for use by all Home Office Directorates, other Government Departments and Agencies but specifically HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and the National Crime Agency (NCA).

Border Force premises are located at or close to strategic ports of entry to the UK; namely air and seaports. The enabled organisations locations are determined by their performed activities.

The following is an indication of the services required to be provided as a Managed Service:

— The haulage of seized goods and vehicles from the point of seizure to long term storage and from storage locations to disposal;

— The haulage of seized goods and vehicles from the point of seizure to locations to disposal;

— The secure storage of seized goods and vehicles in either Border Force's own warehouse facilities or those of a supplier;

— The disposal of seized goods;

— The collection and disposal of seized products of animal origin and plant based goods;

— The collection of seized vehicles and other vessels, for storage sites.


The following goods are expected to be within the scope of this service provision:

— Cigarettes and tobacco products;

— Alcohol products;

— Controlled drugs;

— Offensive Weapons;

— Cash:

— Vehicles including cars, light commercial vehicles, HGV, plant, coaches, caravans, boats and aircraft;

— Products of Animal Origin and Plant Based Goods;

— Counterfeit products including electrical items, clothing and footwear;

— Packaging materials and other miscellaneous goods;

— Items used to aid illicit entry in to the UK i.e. cover loads.

Please note that some of the items may need to be handled/transported/stored/disposed of through specialised services due to their hazardous nature to comply with prevailing HSE/DfT/EA legislation.


Any contractor must be able to provide coverage across the whole of the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland with an additional requirement based at the juxtaposed control in France.

Other requirements.

Border Force requires its contractor (s) to adhere to the following:

— Full audit trail of its compliance with all relevant regulatory and legislative requirements governing these activities;

— Maintenance of detailed records of activity and the production of management information, and making these records available to Border Force;

— Transparency and open book arrangements in relation to costs and invoices;

— Compliance with all Home Office security standards where appropriate;

— 24 hour/7 day per week single point of contact by telephone for requesting services.

— Continue the generation of income through the disposal of seized items, and actively explore opportunities for obtaining further income generation through the performance of the services.

Management Information and Volumes have been provided as indicative figures and provide no guarantee of future volumes during the lifetime of the Contract.

Duration of Contract: The Managed Service Provision contract will be for a duration of 5 year (60 months) and up to a further 12 months extension subject to BF review.

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Access to the ITT documents will be subject to an initial registration with BF Commercial and completing a Non Disclosure Agreement NDA). For the avoidance of doubt, a NDA must be completed and signed by the bidders, and returned to BF Commercial in order to access the ITT documents.

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