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Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; lighting

Avon and Somerset Constabulary | Published February 11, 2017  -  Deadline March 10, 2017

Replacement and improvements to LV mains switchgear and associated equipment.

In addition, the scheme involves the installation of new 800 kVA generator sets to act as permanent standby provision.

The proposed works include the following main elements:

Mechanical and Electrical;


LV Electrical and Generator Replacement — Avon and Somerset Force HQ.

Project Scope

Avon and Somerset Constabulary propose to carry out replacement and improvements to their LV mains switchgear and associated equipment due to the majority of the fittings being time expired or in poor condition.

In addition, the scheme involves the installation of new 800 kVA generator sets to act as permanent standby provision.

Proposed Works

The proposed works include the following main elements:

Mechanical and Electrical:

— Installation of temporary supply arrangements to maintain existing site infrastructure.

— Replacement of life expired LV switchgear.

— Disconnection of existing site generators redundant from these works.

— Provision of 4 No new 800 kVA generator sets.

— Provision of new Un-interruptible Power Supply cabinet to support the existing critical services.

— Alteration of existing site infrastructure.


— New reinforced concrete slab base to form new generator set compounds.

— Timber hit and miss fencing and access gates to the generator compound.

— Associated below ground storm drainage adaptations.

— Provision of new Armco vehicle barriers.

— Car Park road lining.

— Below ground trenching works for the new cabling.

— Associated holes and apertures into the designated buildings.

Tender Escort

Tenderers will be given access to the site for pricing purposes on either Thursday 9.2.2017 or Friday 10.2.2017 between 10:00 - 12:00 noon.


The tenderer shall fully price the specification of works, inclusive of all M&E works, associated structural and builders' work. The identified provisional sums as detailed shall also be included. The tenderer shall also include as stated a 5 % contingency on their total tender figure.


Date for possession of site: 5.6.2017.

Commencement of construction works: 5.6.2017.

Date for completion of works: 15.9.2017.

Length of Contract: 15 weeks.

Marine Rotating Electrical Machinery (MREM) Lot 16 Asset Availability Service Contract.

Ministry of Defence, Ships, Maritime Platform Systems (MPS) | Published March 3, 2016  -  Deadline March 31, 2017
31100000, 31160000, 50532100, 31682210, 42113171

Electric motors, generators and transformers. Parts of electric motors, generators and transformers. Repair and maintenance services of electric motors. Instrumentation and control equipment. Rotors. The contract will be to provide an Asset Availability Service for the following sets of Master Equipment collectively titled Marine Rotating Electrical Equipment (MREM):

**MG Rotors



**Control Equipment

This service will include the use of a set of Government Furnished Assets to assist in the contract delivery, along with the supply of consumables and spares, and to carry out repairs and provide a 24/7 technical support desk to ensure the required availability requirements are adhered to or improved.

The Supply of Catering Equipment

LEIDOS SUPPLY, LIMITED | Published February 15, 2017

BACKGROUND In April 15 the MOD signed a contract with Leidos Europe Ltd to provide the procurement and inventory management of commodity items (as well as the storage and distribution services) historically provided in-house by the Logistic Commodities and Services Operating Centre. Leidos, working with the MOD, will transform the way these services are delivered to ensure requirements continue to be met whilst providing best value for money for the department. The organisation delivering these services is known as Team Leidos. FUTURE ARRANGEMENTS Team Leidos would like to make interested suppliers aware that it intends next year to invite tenders for its Catering Supplies and Tableware requirement with a view to awarding Contract(s) that will commence in early 2018. Team Leidos intends to invite tenders to bid against approximately 650 items. The requirement covers a wide range of products covering Cookware, Tableware, Catering Probes, Fabricated Equipment, Consumables and Electrical Catering items. Some of the items will be required to comply with specified British Standards. PROCESS Team Leidos wishes to stimulate interest, information and views across the Catering market for the supply of this requirement via this Request for Information (RFI) together with other companies whom Leidos believes may be able to provide useful intelligence on our requirement. To aid your consideration a sample list of our current requirement can be provided on request by E-Mail using the point(s) of contact within this bulletin. Team Leidos is seeking information / views and would be grateful if you could answer the questions which are detailed in the additional text of this notice
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