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Dyce Academy Partial Refurbishment of Toilets (7610)

Aberdeen City Council | Published April 12, 2017  -  Deadline May 2, 2017

The works are the partial refurbishment to pupil toilets on Ground, First and Second floor to include new vanity units, urinals and general decoration. Girl’s toilets opposite lift on first and second floor to include accessible toilets. Refurbishment works include structural alterations to form doorways for two new accessible toilets, the careful removal of existing sanitary ware, toilet cubicles, fixtures to walls, wall tiles, light fittings, fans, redundant pipework and doors; the supply and installation of new sanitary ware; new integrated plumbing system (IPS) wall panelling system; new wash hand basin vanity units; new toilet cubicles; linings to walls with treated timber wall battens, 12mm marine grade plywood linings and new laminated plastic veneered wall lining installation; internal decoration work; internal drainage; associated fittings and fixings; associated mechanical and electrical installations.

Linx Ice Arena Dehumidifier- supply and installation

Sport Aberdeen | Published April 21, 2017  -  Deadline May 12, 2017

Sport Aberdeen are currently seeking quotations for the provision and installation of a dehumidification unit at the Linx Ice Arena. The Linx Ice Arena is one of Scotland's premier ice rinks, consisting of a national sized ice pad measuring 56 x 26 metres and spectator seating for 1,100 people. Originally opened in 1992 it had a period of closure from 2007and was reopened for the European Curling championships in 2009. The current air handling units have no dehumidification process, thus the humidity in the air contributes to numerous operational and facility management challenges including the deterioration of decoration, corrosion of lighting rigs, and condensation affecting sound quality. Having an efficient dehumidifier installed would positively impact these issues, and improve the customer experience in terms of air quality, ice quality and environmental impact. Contractors are invited to supply quotes to provide, install and test a dehumidifier compatible with the existing air handling plant. Specifically, the objective is to control ambient humidity to a suitable level in order to reduce such problems as detailed below: 1. The freezing of condensed moisture around the barriers and on the ice surface. This requires the manual removal of the build up around the skirting as well as more frequent use of the ice surfacing machine. 2. By removing the moisture from the air before it enters the ice hall there is no longer a need to have mechanisms in place to remove this moisture, making the refrigeration plant far more efficient and with less run time. 3. Moisture can condense on the walls and on the roof and these water droplets fall making the ice granular in texture. This is a health and safety concern during times where a smooth surface is required for high speed skating. 4. Condensation forms on light fittings and other electrical and electronic equipment such as speaker systems. These high humidity levels can lead to electrical and electronic failures due to the high levels of moisture in the air. 5. The climate feels damp leading to uncomfortable conditions for the skaters and spectators. 6. Mist and fog can also occur, making it difficult to see. 7. High humidity levels increase the risk of corrosion and other moisture related damage to the building fabric such as mould and mildew. This leads to more frequent painting of the building being required
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