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Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance Services for a Solar Farm at United Nations Ente ...

United Nations Secretariat | Published September 23, 2016
1.The UNPD Regional Procurement Office (RPO), on behalf of MONUSCO, hereby invites qualified vendors to submit their Expression of Interest for the Design, Construction, Operation and  Maintenance  Services  for a Solar Farm at United Nations Entebbe Support Base (UNESB) in Uganda.
The UN is planning to outsource the engineering works and services for the design and construction  (D & C) activities of a Solar Farm of a 650 KW with a peak power of approximately 1MWp solar  as well as operational cleaning and maintenance (O & M) of the solar farm  at United Nations Entebbe Support Base in Entebbe, Uganda.  The system shall be a Photovoltaic (PV)-Hybrid system running without batteries and synchronised with the Ugandan national power grid and any existing diesel generators on location.The scope of work / project consists of two major aspects including Design and Construction (D & C) and Operation and Maintenance (O & M)  which shall be undertaken in the following four phases:
Phase 1: Design of the system including study and an Executive Design by the proposer both of which shall  be based on the conceptual Designs, Drawings and specifications provided by the UN. The Executive design shall be submitted to UN for approval prior to any further action.
Phase 2: Construction / installation of the system shall be based on the UN approved design of UNESB solar farm developed by the proposer in Phase 1. The activities in this phase shall include  but not limited to site preparation, supply / installation of the Car park and Sparta Area overhead structures with corrugated sheeting roof, installation of the solar panels provided by the UN on the constructed overhead shelter, electrical works along with provision of all necessary electrical components, supply and installation of all cabling (under or above ground), construction of Medium Voltage (MV) /Low Voltage (LV) substations as well as creation / management of documentation in respect of quality, security, traffic among others.
Phase 3: Commissioning and testing of the system shall include testing the functionality of the solar farm, operating and testing the whole installed system in comparison to the expected performance, testing the functioning of all the electrical systems to verify that the system is correctly installed to function as intended and submission of "As-Built drawings" upon completion of works and final tests / certifications.
Phase 4: Operation and Maintenance (O & M)  to ensure that the PV panels are free of dust, debris and that the installed system is functioning as intended and expected as well as addressing tear and wear promptly for an initial period of 2 years with an option to extend for additional  three one year periods (1+1+1 year) at the sole discretion of the UN.
The UN shall provide the following components for each of the systems to be installed: Photovoltaic panels (PV), Sunny Tripower Inverters, Cluster Controllers, Combiner /Junction Box, PV Panel Mounting system /kit, Gounding kits and Air rods.
The proposer shall be responsible for the rest of the services, labour, transport, materials, tools, equipment and plant required to implement and to complete the proposed project to function as intended.  In addition, the proposer shall supply and install all additional accessories necessary for the system to function as intended and incorporating site specific situations and conditions.
Proposals may be submitted for both Design and Construction (D & C) and Operation and Maintenance services (O & M) or for either of the services.
2. Companies interested in providing the above services are invited to submit their Expression Of Interest, along with the following documents:
a)	Company’s address, contact person, telephone/fax numbers and e-mail
b)	Company’s registration number (if already registered with UN) and UNGM registration number (
3. Companies can only participate in solicitations of the UN Secretariat after completing their registration (free of charge) at the United Nations Global Marketplace (
4. As you express interest in the planned solicitation by submitting the response form, please verify and ensure that your company is registered under its full legal name with the UN Secretariat on the United Nations Global Marketplace ( In addition, the desired Companies MUST have a minimum of 3 years working experience in similar services and magnitude.
5.	Note that companies that have previously submitted EOI for similar services with UN must re-submit full documentation as detailed above.
6. 	Please note, this is not an invitation for submission of proposals. Its purpose is to identify companies that would be interested to participate in the solicitation when issued.
7.	The RPO will examine the outcome of this request for EOI and will consider those companies that have expressed their interest by providing the required information as to their ability to fulfill RPO’s requirement.
8.	RPO reserves the right to change or cancel the requirement at any time during the EOI and/or solicitation process. Thus, submitting a reply to this REOI does not automatically guarantee your company will be considered for receipt of the solicitation when issued. The tender and any subsequent commitment to contract will be issued in accordance with UN rules and regulations.
9.	The Expressions of Interest (EOI) may be submitted by mail/e-mail clearly marked with the inscription “Expression of Interest – “Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance Services for a Solar Farm at United Nations Entebbe Support Base ” and sent to the following address to be received no later than 14th October 2016.
Regional Procurement Office
Entebbe Support Base
Email address:
10.	EOIs not addressing the above criteria to the satisfaction of RPO shall not be considered for the solicitation to bid, if and when issued. RPO reserves the right in selecting the invitees for the solicitation and mere expressing an interest would not automatically warrant the receipt of a solicitation document.
11.	Queries regarding this REOI should be directed to
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