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Miejski Zakład Komunalny Sp. z o.o. | Published April 26, 2016  -  Deadline October 28, 2016

1. The contract is for the supply of electricity to the Municipal Department of Municipal Sp. z oo and Technology Incubator Sp. z oo in Stalowa Wola comprehensive agreement, ie. a comprehensive supply of electricity in the field of sales and distribution services to the objects referred to in paragraph. 2 Terms of Reference.

Sales of electricity will take place under the conditions specified in the Act of 10.4.1997 Energy Law (Journal of Laws of 2016., Pos. 266, as amended. D.) And based on the rules for the implementation of this law, in particular Regulation Minister of Economy of 4.5.2007 on the detailed conditions for the operation of the power system (Journal of Laws of 2007 no. 93, item. 623 as amended.), tariff for electricity seller, tariff for electricity distribution services appropriate distribution system Operator ( tariff OSD) Operation and Maintenance Manual Distribution Network (IRiESD) and in accordance with generally applicable laws.

The Employer has a license in the field of electricity generation 29.02.2016 issued by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office (Decision No WEE / 2301/5735 / W / DSW / 2016 / LPO) valid until 31/12/2030.

2. Order will be conducted divided into lots:

1) Part I - supply and purchase of electricity for the facilities of the Municipal Department of Municipal Stalowa Wola listed in "Table 1 - List of Objects for Part I" in Chapter III of the Terms of Reference.

2) Part II - supply and purchase of electricity for the facilities of the Municipal Department of Municipal and Technology Incubator in Stalowa Wola listed in "Table 2 - List of Objects for Part II" in Chapter III of the Terms of Reference.

A detailed description of the contract include the following annexes hereto:

Appendix 5A - A detailed description of the contract for Part I and Appendix 5B - A detailed description of the contract for part II.

Stalowa Wola: Construction of office forester with the necessary technical infrastructure on the plot of Reg. No. 8019/7 within the registration Grębów

Nadleśnictwo Rozwadów | Published July 22, 2016  -  Deadline November 16, 2016
a.ŁAWY FOUNDATIONS The building was designed footings rectangular monolith with a height of 30.00 cm and a width of 45.00 cm, founded on depth - 1.10 m below the level of a native also designed two feet square monolithic foundation with a height of 30.00 cm and a width 65.00 cm, sited at a depth of - 1.10 m below the home ground concrete class C16 / 20, biaxially reinforced mesh or rebar with a diameter of 12 mm, of the steels A - III of 34GS spacing of 15.00 cm. b.ŚCIANY EXTERNAL External walls foundation designed partly with concrete blocks 24,00 cm thick, the wall should be completed wreath designed as a monolithic concrete footings The class provides pillars built of concrete blocks with dimensions of 25.00 x 25.00 cm height the upper surface of the concrete floor terrace. The outer walls of the foundation of the building is designed as a double layer. Exterior structural walls designed with a hollow ceramic thickness of 25.00 cm, end wreath, designed with concrete class C16 / 20 with dimensions of 25.00 x 25.00 cm longitudinally reinforced with four rods with a diameter of 12 mm steel A - III and 34GS transverse stirrups with a diameter of 6 mm bar spacing of 25 mm. The outer walls of the building was designed as a double layer of c.ŚCIANY WALLS Partition walls are designed with ceramic brick, with a thickness of 12.00 cm, cement mortar. Partition walls of the building are designed as a single layer. d.IZOLACJA HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL WALLS UNDERGROUND The building provides the following insulation waterproofing: horizontal -Isolation proof: - Insulation on the benches of the foundation - two layers of bituminous felt underlay or PVC foil - designed for insulation of foundations, - floor insulation - a layer of foil - designed for insulation floor. - Vertical damp proof: - Insulation of bituminous coated twice on both sides of the concrete blocks and reinforced concrete foundation walls of the underground. e.SŁUPY EXTERNAL columns exterior is designed as a brick, the ceramic brick in cement mortar, with dimensions of 25.00 x 25.00 and the amount indicated in the part drawing project. f.NADPROŻA WINDOW AND DOOR sections and the length of lintels shown in this drawing - a lintels. g.WIENIEC wreath designed as a monolithic reinforced concrete C16 / 20 reinforced top and bottom two ribbed steel A - III 34GS and transverse stirrups with a diameter of 6 mm rods with a spacing of 25.00 cm with dimensions of 25.00 x 25, 00 cm h.STROP Combining wooden elements designed with perforated sheet metal, nails and screws and bolts. i.DACH designed the following dimensions of the roof structure - rafters 80 x 180 mm - wall plate 140 x 140 mm - the mayfly 80 x 180 mm, combination of wooden elements designed with perforated sheet metal, nails and screws and bolts. j.KOMINY outlets of flue provided derive vertically upwards, shielding them caps to prevent the ingress of rainwater and stabilizing a string of concrete chimney caps provided to isolate two layers of roofing asphalt from the stalk of the Offset - drip with a maximum width of 60 mm. k.PODŁOGI AND FLOORS spout should be primed before tiling. l.DRZWI and windows in a building designed windows and doors in standard sizes of wooden or PVC higrosterowanymi vents positioned in the upper part of the frame. m.RYNNY and downpipes, flashings as the drainage of roofs designed pipes with a diameter of 100 mm and gutters with a diameter of 125 mm PVC. n.TYNKI OR INTERIOR SURFACES Gypsum designed as cement - limestone thickness of 15 mm. o.ROBOTY PAINTING inner walls provided with emulsion paint or acrylic colors chosen by the investor. p.CIĄGI FOOT - sidewalks with cobblestones q.OGRODZENIE - mesh fence panel - gate with wicket mesh r.OGRZEWANIE AND AIR CONDITIONING - electric heating - electric heaters wall - installation of air conditioning r.INSTALACJA water and KANLIZACYJNA - join water - installation cold water - hot water system - installation of a sanitary sewage system - bezodpływowy septic tank - installation of air conditioning s.INSTALACJA ELECTRICAL - building power cable forester natural - dashboards - the internal power supply line - lighting - Hydraulics installation - lightning rod - earthing framing - lighting external - Surge - equalizing connections

Zduńska Wola: Restoration of the City Park in Zdunska Wola

Miasto Zduńska Wola | Published July 22, 2016  -  Deadline August 31, 2020
Restoration of the Municipal Park in Zdunska Wola: 1) reconstruction and construction of new pedestrian and paved squares leisure and stairs, 2) construction, purchase, delivery and installation of small garden architecture including gazebos, pavilions, picnic, pergolas, benches, information boards, baskets garbage, pots for plants, grids and supports under the trees, bicycle racks and a house for swans, 3) reconstruction of joint replacement of the seal from the ground in the shape of a sealed bottom of the joints and execution tight filter mineral-plant with the construction of the installation of their treatment ie. the pump, filter mineral (construction chamber bridge the technical-large pond) with the necessary installations and equipment, water pipes, drainage and wells and the purchase, delivery and installation of the fountain aeration, construction of bridges / terrace, construction chamber deck of a small, 4) construction connection water and sewerage systems and connection of power to the designed building public toilets, 5) the construction of wells for the installation retrofitting of public toilets, 6) the construction of electrical installations, lighting the park (assembly lantern lighting along with foundations, fixtures and light sources), together with the accompanying infrastructure (cable lines, cable connectors, cabinets, boxes distribution and control), Church, 8) development and renovation of the green, 9) execution of demolition of concrete fortifications within the embankments park, stairs and lighting, 10) construction of storm water drainage, 11) remaining works demolition, 12) planting and care of settling trees, shrubs, perennial plants, plant bulb lawns park, park undergrowth and grass), Note: build public toilets and the installation of monitoring equipment does not fall within the scope of this contract. A detailed description of the order is included in the project documentation and the Technical Specifications Execution and Acceptance of Construction Works, przedmiarach works and the decision to authorize the felling of trees No. SR.6120.42.2015 dated 12.09.2015 r. Issued by the Prefect of Zduńska Wola. The scope of works that make up the felling of trees. 12 m2. The Contractor shall pay for the timber on the basis of the invoice issued by the Employer and the payment to the designated account Employer. Parties allow the possibility of set-off of receivables from the sale of wood from the Contractor's remuneration. Measurement, calculation and thickness gauging. Contractor replenish humus site of the removed tree trunks, 5) clearing land within the removed trees and shrubs along with the disposal of waste arising from the implementation of the contract (branches, wood chips, stumps and residues from removed stumps), 6) Protection przejazdowości with motion control , possible exclusion of traffic; 7) Notification of the difficulties property owners adjacent to the area of ​​works, protection against destruction of fences, etc .; 8) Coverage of damage in case of damage; 52 of the said Act - applies to the felling of trees and shrubs in the period from 01 March to 15 October. Conditions of execution of substitute planting: Planting replacement realize later than 15 November 2016 year. The Contractor is obliged to carry out min. a three-year maintenance plantings substitute, ie until 15 November 2019 year. The implementation of economic trees to adhere strictly to the provisions of the design documentation for the specific conditions of the investment within the impact on natural monuments and Detailed technical specifications - arrangement of greenery. The base of the works. 1) Decision No 632.2015 of 09.12.2015 r. Approving the project and granting construction permit issued by the Prefect of Zduńska Wola. 2) Decision SR.6120.42.2015 of 09.12.2015 r. To authorize the removal of trees and shrubs issued by the Prefect of Zduńska Wola. 3) design documentation. 4) The technical specifications of performance and acceptance of works. Additional information. 1) Employer informs that the indirection will be performed in public space and its regeneration, modernization, construction, reconstruction and expansion. Submitted bills of quantities and estimates with way may not be detailed and are indicative and should therefore include all not included for takeoff elements resulting from the project or not included in the project and necessary for the proper performance of the task. The aim of the description of the embodiments of equivalent terms of the construction project Purchaser shall executive project. The materials and products used for the execution of the contract must meet the requirements of Polish law, have certificates or certificates of ITB allowing their use in public buildings and the declaration of conformity. 5) The selected contractor to sign the contract, the Purchaser shall provide: cost estimate together with a table of merged elements and material and financial schedule takes into account the entire scope of work required to imple
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