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Sewage, refuse, cleaning and environmental services

Gmina Miejska Rumia | Published January 12, 2017  -  Deadline January 27, 2017
1, item 6 of the Act. 

1) Selective receiving municipal waste (in accordance with applicable during the contract Rules of maintaining cleanliness and order in the community Rumia) the following waste fractions:

a) mixed,

b) waste paper (paper, cardboard) and multimaterial packaging (cartons of milk, juice, etc.)

c) glass,

d) plastics (plastics) and metal

e) green waste (grass, leaves, branches, Christmas trees, etc.)

f) ash from home furnaces,

g) waste electrical and electronic equipment,

h) large-scale and used tires,

i) construction and demolition waste.

of all property owners living within Rumi in the sector, including the owners according to the addresses indicated in Annex 3 to the agreement for the sector II.

2) Reception above. municipal waste from containers / bags for waste, with the capacity and the colors specified in the applicable Rules of maintaining cleanliness and order in the commune Rumia, with the frequency specified in the Rules and in the resolution of the City Council Rumi on the detailed method and scope of services in the field of collecting municipal waste from property owners living and managing these wastes in exchange for paid by the property owner a fee for municipal waste management.

3) Organization of the municipality of Rumia point of selective collection of municipal waste (PSZOK) Rumia from local residents living in the sector.

4) The disposal of the waste.

5) Expected number of supported residents living in the II - 20.300 inhabitants / year.

6) Expected amount of municipal waste generated, you will need to pick up and develop in the second - 6.800 Mg / year.

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